What Should I do On My 50th Birthday?

What Should I do On My 50th Birthday

In this article we are going to talk about the what should i do on my 50th birthday. Birthday is the special day for everyone, whether it’s a 5 year old child or a 50 year old person, all want to celebrate and enjoy their birthday, but the ways of celebrating it are different. Celebrating your 50th birthday is a milestone in your life as you completed your half century. But the question arrives that how someone should celebrate its 50th birthday, as all want to make it special.

Lot of you is thinking to celebrate or spend your 50th birthday in a different way but is confused that what you should plan for your 50th birthday. So here we are with some new things and ideas that you can do on your 50th birthday and make it more special. In this article we are going to tell you about 10 things that you can plan for your birthday and can enjoy your day in a special manner.

10 things to do on 50th birthday

Here we are going to discuss about 10 things that you can do on your 50th birthday and can make your special day more special:-

1. Spend the day with your family members

Spend the day with your family members

Completing the age of 50th is the milestone of your life which you cross with lots of ups and down and in those ups and downs your family always supports you and makes you stronger. As time run very fast and when you look behind then you recognize that in our busy life, where we all are busy in jobs, work and in earning money forgot to spend time with our family. So this 50th birthday you can plan to spend the whole day with your family and relatives and make your and there day special by celebrating your birthday with them. This plan of birthday gives you some time to spend with your family and relatives.

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2. Plan a trip to the place that you always wanted to see

Plan a trip to the place that you always wanted to see

We are too busy in our work and day to day task that we forgot about ourselves, about our plans and trips that we always wanted to do in our life. But on your 50th birthday you can take out a little time for yourself and can enjoy your birthday weekend at a place or a city where you always wanted to be. Go to that place and enjoy your weekend at hotels, streets, restaurants, foods and try new things there.

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3. Throw a costume themed party

Throw a costume themed party

Completing the 50 year of life is a celebration, and if you are a party person and enjoy throwing parties then on your 50th birthday you can take your parties to another level by making it a costume themed party. Decide a theme for your party like old Bollywood, villain characters or whatever you want to themed your party. Invite your family, friends, and relatives with themed costumes and enjoy your birthday in a different way. This costume theme party will make your birthday special and the guest will also feel excited to attend the party.

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4. Camping with friends

Camping with friends

We become so much busy in our life after having a job and a family that it become quite tough for us to take some time out of our busy schedule and can meet our friends from school and colleges. We always want to revive the days we spend with our friends in school and colleges but these plans always remain incomplete in group chats and phone calls. So, this year on your 50th birthday take out some time for your friends and plan out a campaign with friends. Go to the forest or to the mountain, whatever place you prefer, set a tent, do some bonfire, and spend a whole day with your friends talking about old memories and enjoying your day with them. A 50th birthday spend with friends is the most beautiful way that somebody can enjoy its birthday.

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5. Go to a spa

Go to a spa

Job pressure, family responsibilities, and the day to day work, makes you so much busy that you’re even forgot about yourself, the high stress of your regular work and life make you physically and mentally tired, so it is really important that you plan something for yourself on your birthday. If you are a peace loving person and want to spend your special day by giving relax to your mind and body, then plan for a spa. Book an appointment at a nice spa for yourself, and have a good massage. Gift yourself some relaxing time and a stress free day on your 50th birthday.

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6. Spend some time in orphanage

Spend some time in orphanage

There are lots of things to do on birthdays. Every year we throw party for our birthday and spend times with our family and friends and enjoy our day. This time on your 50th birthday try something different and enjoy your day with those, who don’t have families. Plan your day with orphanage children and make there day special by giving them a party on your birthday. Choose an orphanage, go there and have some fun with those children, you can also take your family and friends along with you and enjoy there with those beautiful children.

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7. Feed someone

Feed someone

Every year you spend lot of money to throw a great party for your friends and family on your birthday, and every year there are lot of people who die out of hunger as well. This time on your 50th birthday try something good for others, feed those people who are poor and suffering from hunger. Go and find some beggars, poor people nearby you and feed them with delicious food. If you don’t find any poor person around you then you can talk to some NGO’s who are already working for this and can feed poor people. The happiness you get after feeding hungers is the world biggest happiness one can have. Along with feeding them you can also donate them some clothes as well. The help that you provide to those poor people will definitely going to make your 50th birthday a special one.

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8. Get a complete makeover

Get a complete makeover

This year on your 50th birthday try something different. There are lots of people out there who get bored from their day to day life and want to try something new and different, then a look makeover can be helpful to them. Go and take an appointment of a saloon and get a complete makeover. Try a new haircut, get a facial, massage, or whatever makeover you want to do. Go to shopping try different clothes, shoes, and accessories. Choose something funky and trending and enjoy your 50th birthday with a new look and try something different.

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9. Go to a fair

Go to a fair

Going to a fair and spending and enjoying your day there, is everybody childhood memory. It is a childhood memory where you have lot of fun and enjoyment and you always want those days back in your life. So on your 50th birthday revive your memories and plan a trip to a fair with your friends or family. Go and enjoy roller-coaster, have some great rides, enjoy buying candies and funky toys. Just do whatever you love to do in fair when you are a child.

10. Do some spiritual things

Do some spiritual things

Being spiritual gives us peace and comfort and lot of you out there want to relax and enjoy your day in a calm way rather than having parties and travel plans. If you are a peace loving person and enjoy spiritual things more than having parties then you can utilize your 50th birthday by planning something spiritual, like going to temples, having prayer at your home, or do some meditation at your home or with a meditation group. Do whatever you like as a spiritual person and enjoy your day in a peaceful manner. Doing these thing provide you peace mentally as well as physically.

So, here are we with 10 things that you can do on your 50th birthday and enjoy your day in a different manner. Now it is your choice that what you want to do on your 50th birthday, you want to spend it with your family or friends, or want to feed people and spend time with orphan children, or you want a spa day and a spiritual thing, or you want to travel to a new city, or you want to enjoy your day at fair or in a saloon. Just think wisely that what you miss in those 50th year and still want to do in your life, then plan your special day accordingly to fulfill your emptiness and enjoy your day.

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