What are the Characteristics of a Physically Healthy Person?

What are the Characteristics of a Physically Healthy Person?

In this article we are going to tell you what are the characteristics of a physically healthy person. We have all come across those super-fit men and women on social media with their six-pack abs and their toned muscles and wished we could also have that kind of body. Being healthy is especially important and we must take out enough time from our daily schedule and devote it towards our health and wellness.

Many people neglect their health due to work stress or other activities, and this will only go on accumulating and cause your health to get deteriorated before you even realise it. There are many signs with which you can identify how physically healthy a person is and what his/her current state of mind and body are in. You are wholly responsible for your body and your health and anything that happens to it is because of your negligence towards your health.

What are the characteristics of a physically healthy person?

We are only as healthy as our body and mind are, and we are required to give enough care to ourselves and keep our body nourished. Many signs indicate if a person is physically fit or not because it is an overt feature unlike our mental health. Some of the characteristics of a physically healthy person are stated here.

1. They have flawless skin

They have flawless skin

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it can describe a major portion of who you are and how healthy you are. It is the first thing that reflects our health and can say a lot about it. Physically healthy people have the most flawless skin, which is very fresh and glowing. They keep themselves hydrated and the result of that is clearly shown on their skin. It is smooth and you can see how healthy that person is just by having a glance at their skin. People who are not very physically fit, tend to have dry skin characterised by patches of different tones especially across their facial region. They even tend to have excessive darkness around their eyes which is not the case in physically fit people as they maintain a proper sleep cycle, giving their body enough rest.

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2. They have a balanced BMI

They have a balanced BMI

Your Body Mass Index is the right way to measure how physically fit you are. Because it relates your height and weight and gives you exact results, your BMI is especially important. Many people do not realise how unfit and unhealthy they are due to the repeated performance of several undesired habits. Once your height and weight are in a proper correlation, it will automatically reflect in your health and will portray you as a physically healthy person.

Disproportion in your weight and height leads to an unbalanced BMI which is a major indicator for unfitness. People who are physically healthy will have an exceptionally lightweight on their feet and will feel freer rather than being pulled downwards. This shows that they have a balanced diet and keep themselves nourished by having healthy and nutritious food.

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3. They are highly interactive

They are highly interactive

Your physical health and fitness plays a major role in shaping your personal lives and how you interact with the people around you. Not only does it increase your socialness with people, but it also makes you more open and enjoy these conversations with others. You feel much more light-hearted and feel free to talk to anyone and everyone. You automatically strike conversations with people and become an eloquent speaker. The person start developing an affinity for social events and become more interested in mingling with different people. Your physical health just makes your aura so much better and makes you happy. You become more outgoing and jovial in your mannerisms and keep the conversation flowing.

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4. They have strong nails

They have strong nails

Your nails can say a lot about you as a person and about your physical health. Physically healthy people have strong and sturdy nails which do not chip off easily during activities. Their nails do not crack in the sides or get bent easily because they have a balanced diet and take care of their calcium intake in order to ensure strong nails, teeth and bones. On the other hand, people who are not that healthy, have nails that are very fragile and can get chipped off easily and bend as they grow. Strong nails are the characteristic of people with good physical health and it is easily identifiable by a glance and touch of their nails. The kind of food you eat says a lot about your health and your physical appearance, so choose wisely.

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5. They are extremely confident

They are extremely confident

Confidence radiates off these physically healthy people. They have taken care of themselves so well and kept themselves in good shape making them prouder of themselves and this makes them even more bold. They are extremely comfortable in their skin and feel happy in their body and that is translated into confidence, which is shown in their behaviour, communication and much more. Anyone who has taken care of their physical health will not have anything to worry about and can flaunt themselves in a very glib manner. They develop their inherent charisma and it creates a good aura around them, naturally drawing more people towards them.

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6. They are very proactive

They are very proactive

Physically healthy people are super active in nature and they don’t have a very sluggish approach to life. They are exceptionally light on their feet and get things done very efficiently. They are highly proactive in nature and do not postpone things to the last minute and get things done very smoothly. Their activeness is reflected in their behaviour and it can be clearly seen how healthy they are. Generally, people who are not healthy have a sluggish approach to everything and have an inherent laziness in them which they cannot get rid of. The difference between a physically healthy and unhealthy person can be clearly captured just buy the way they work and the amount of proactiveness they show during their work.

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7. They have healthy hair

They have healthy hair

Physically healthy people have thick and silky hair. Their hair is not dry, and it does not have split ends. People with dry hair, that lacks lustre are not extremely healthy. Your hair is a major indicator about your wellness and being. The way your hair is reflects how well-maintained and nutritious you are. Voluminous and lustrous hair is a major characteristic of your body responds to your food intakes and habits. Their hair is thick, and it is shiny and has a smoother texture. It responds well to moisture and there is minimal breakage. Physically healthy people will have greater elasticity and your entire bunch of hair will have good movement.

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8. They maintain a good posture

They maintain a good posture

Your body posture and body language speak louder than your words. It is particularly important to maintain a right body posture in order to avoid any future consequences and bodily ailments due to the continuous maintenance of a wrong body posture. Healthy people are more aware of they stand and sit and keep their shoulders road and avoid slouching. Continuous slouching can result in the development of a hunchback.

Even the way they sit is extremely healthy for their bones and maintain a straight back against a wall or chair, which will avoid any spinal curvatures. Physically healthy people always keep this in mind  and are involved in proper exercising and stretching which as well gives their body the perfect posture. Most of us tend to sit and work for long hours. In order to avoid any problems due to this, you must give your body a break in regular intervals and enough time to relax and calm their body.

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9. They are highly flexible

They are highly flexible

Physically healthy people have a great flexibility, be it bending or stretching. They keep their body and muscles at work by exercising regularly and keep them stretched. Because of such continuous practice, their body becomes accustomed to being more flexible and they can stretch much better than any ordinary person. This flexibility is lacking in people who are not physically fit because they do not indulge in regular exercise and eventually make their body stiff and rigid. This way you can easily differentiate from physically healthy and unhealthy people as it becomes very evident who can be more flexible and who is stiffer in terms of their body movements.

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10. They have the right balance between mental and physical health

They have the right balance between mental and physical health

People these days are so engrossed in their work that they tend to forget to give ample amount of time to their mind. Your mental health is as important as your physical health and any slight disturbance in one of the two can cause a misbalance in your mental and physical health life. They have an equanimous lifestyle and maintain the perfect balance between their mental and physical health. This way they lead an overall better life and stay healthy and happy compared to the rest, who tend t neglect aspects related to either mental health or physical health.

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Be it your mental health or physical health, it is extremely important for every individual to give equal amount of care to both and keep their needs and requirements as utmost priority. There are several ways to improve your mental health and physical health and each way has its own benefits. Depending on your body and mind, chose what you feel will be most apt for you and follow that path strictly without any negligence. After all, health is wealth.

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