What to do when you are feeling sick?

What to do When You are Feeling Sick

In this article we are going to talk about the what to do when you are feeling sick. Today, we  all are busy in achieving our goals, or full filling our to do lists, or may be working early hard and trying to be successful and ace in our careers as well as lives.

We humans have started believing that work is and should be our utmost priority. We have now started considering, work very important and are today thinking about it as our only life goal. Now since, we have started considering work so crazily important, we have started neglecting our health to a great extent. This is something which is legitimately hazardous for each and every one who believed that work is the priority and their health Is not.

Because of such an attitude, our health starts weakening and hence, we eventually end up falling sick. Falling sick can be quite painful for one, in almost every aspect.

What to do when you are feeling sick?

Here are 10 things one should for sure follow, when they feel sick.

1. Take good care

Take good care

When you are sick, the only thing one desires or hope for is, some one taking good care of him or her. Even if you don’t have people around you to take care of you, it’s quite fine. You don’t necessarily  need people around you take care of you. One can even do it them self.  When you are sick, you can take some good care of your self by having regular bath, it  keeps one fresh and energized, and also helps in removing the dirty odour, dirt as well as germs, which helps one be fresh and clean. Cleanliness plays a pivot role in recovering. I done desires to recover fast, thy must follow cleanliness with and around them.

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2. Be with our loved ones

Be with our loved ones

When we are sick, we crave for some sort of attention, in such scenarios, if this attention is bestowed upon us by our  family members or our close friends, we tend to feel more happy.

When some one streamlines all of their attention, towards us we then start feeling emotionally, mentally as well as psychologically stable and strong. This enhances our will power to get back safe and strong. Our close friends and family’s support works wonders on us. While one is with them, there are lots of discussions regarding quite a variety of topics, generally the topic of discussion is regarding ones past life or history, which ends up in a quite funny and a memorable conversation.

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3. Call up your friends

Call up your friends

Calling up your friends while  you are sick is quite a thing. When one is sick and is alone at such a place, where their family members are not available or physically present, then one can simply call up their friends.

Having a telephonic conversation with your friends is legitimately one of the best way to deal with sickness.

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4. Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

When we are sick, our body gives us a signal that something Is wrong in our body, now that we are aware that something is wrong in our body. The first thing we must do is drink lots and lots of water.

Water constitutes approximately 70% of the body. This itself proves that water is a quintessential part of a human beings survival.

In order to prevent one self from making severely sick, one must stay hydrated this is because, when we some person is sick, there are loads of toxins in their body, these toxins could be one of the major reason for making the person very ill.

Now in order to flush those toxins out of the body, water is the best source. The more one drinks water, the  more hydrated they are and the more easily, they are able to cleanse their system and flush out all of those toxins, which harm their normal body functioning.

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5. Have a balanced diet

Have a balnaced diet

By now we all are  aware about how important is water in cleaning our own system and get rid of those malicious toxins. Just  water is not enough. For healing completely, one needs to have a proper food intake.

By having a proper food intake means, having a balanced diet.

A balanced diet,  helps one by providing them with all of those essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for our body to maintain proper health.  

These essentials vitamins and minerals have proven to be quite useful for healing ones body. These essential nutrients provides one with adequate amount of power to deal with and fight all of those foreign toxic chemicals and help one to recover faster.

Due to having a balanced diet, one tends to sleep more. Because of keeping a sick person gets adequate amount of rest. Due to a proper and adequate access to food as well as rest, any sick person can recover quite easily and much before their prescribed time.

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6. Binge on some TV series

Binge on some tv series

This alternative is more beneficial to follow especially for all of those people who are at present away from their home and loved ones. Binging on some famous TV series or some old classic romantic – comedy movies or probably watching some recent movies, there are a lot of thing to binge watch.

When one is sick, they generally take  day off to rest. Watching g their favourite movies or bringing on some  old sit coms.  This makes one mentally happy and even lands him or her in nostalgia in some cases.

If a person is sick, the best for him or her to get out of their sickness is to be mentally happy and sane. This helps the sick person in heling faster. .

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7. Keep Listening to some positive or your favorite songs

Keep Listening to some positive or your favorite songs

This stay positive is not just a quote or a motive, it is a mentality which must not only adhere to, but also strongly follow.

When one is sick, it is quite important for them to be positive. Having a positive outlook and a positive thinking can help any one come out of any and almost every sickness they possess.

There is a strange as well as a divine power in positivity. Positivity heals one completely, be it mentally, physically or emotionally.

A positive outlook helps one gain self determination and helps to fick back to those dangerous toxins, causing them this sickness. One can try to stay positive by listening to different types of motivational songs, watching movies or sit coms which are always about things having a positive outlook or such examples which invokes a positive thought process.  This positive thought process adds as a catalyst for in the reaction of healing thr body.

Thus it is very necessary for the patient who is sick, that he or she must feel positive and have a huge amount of self determination for getting well from their sickness.

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8. Some warm up is good

Some warm up is good

No, don’t worry, I am not saying that u need to have a vigorous work out regime.  All I am saying is that little warm up is actually good for health.

When one is sick, that is because of presence of lot of toxins, now if a sick person does some sort of stretching or some warm up for the say, then due to those activities, he or she will have a proper blood circulation in their body. This blood circulation will bring all of those body functions affected by the toxins back to normal.

Therefore, one must make it a point  to at least do some type of warm up exercises or some sort of stretching.

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9. Be comfortable


I know being sick is not the best way to chill out and relax, but it still is a way.

Since one is sick, then can easily take a day or two off. In those two days then can have a “me – time”, where they are all by their own self. In today’s bust schedule, where every one is working and leading a fast paced life. Having a vacation for some time, is very blatantly considered today as day dreaming. If you are sick, this day dreaming can be converted into a reality of mixed feelings. Mixed feelings because, you are sad as you are sick and happy because you got some time off from work for your own self.   

You can work from home while you are sick. This is a blessing in disguise for sure.

An addition to being at home and comfortable while you sick, u can even have a detox day.

Yes you heard me, a detox day, where in one does all of those light chores, which they could not do earlier. Rearrange their wardrobe or sit in their balcony and trim some plant leaves and watch out for some weeds. Or just simply have a cup of hot freshly and neatly brewed filter coffee. All of these things can be done quite easily and without any kind of load.

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10. Have proper medication

Have proper medication

Now, this is something which is immensely important and easily forgotten. 

When you are sick, you need to have a proper diagnostics of the same. Visiting a doctor is a must to do task, and should be at the top of our to do list.  Visiting a doctor makes you aware about what is actually affecting you? What are the reasons for your health to give up so easily? Have you done some mistakes? Is you lifestyle pattern not a healthy one? And the list goes on…

When a doctor examines us, then he or she haves a check on us. Thy generally prescribe us some sort of medication and instruct us to follow this course in addition with ample amount of rest. This eases ones recovery chances and also provide minimal degree of pain to any patient who is sick.

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