Short Story About Losing a Father with Moral Lesson

Short story about losing a father with moral lesson

There was man named Rajesh who lived in Bhopal. He belonged to a lower middle class family. He had three children Aman the eldest who was 20 years old, then Kamya 18 years old and the youngest Shivam 15 years old. Rajesh lived with his wife, parents and three children in Bhopal. He worked in a private company. His father and mother were retired and his wife Sukriti had to leave her job as she decided to take care of her children and in-laws. So, the only working man in the house was Rajesh. It was very difficult for him to earn a sufficient amount of money and provide a great grand life to his children and parents in the era of such high inflation. Thou, Rajesh always walked on the right path with all the molarity taught by his parents he never let himself distracted towards any wrong path.

Short story about losing a father with moral lessonFather the Inseparable strength

Short story about losing a father

He always taught the best thing to his children so that they grow as a good human being. But, Rajesh never left his hope. He worked very hard day and night to earn money, to provide his children a better education. Everything was working out anyhow, but Aman never understood the value of money, he never respected his father’s work, he always wanted more and more money just to have fun. Rajesh and Sukriti taught Aman a lot of time to value money, to be satisfied in whatever he had. But, Aman always compared his financial status with his other friends and asked his parents of money every time.

Rajesh tried a million times to make Aman realize that he was the eldest one among the three children, he need to understand everything minutely as seeing him his younger brother and sister will react. But even teaching Aman many times it was of no use. He disrespected his father’s work, he disrespected his father’s earnings and overall always felt shame of him. He never introduced his father to his friends as he felt that his father worked in a small private company and earned a very little amount of money whereas, his friend’s fathers were quite wealthy people.

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His rude behaviour always used to hurt Rajesh, as he always tried his best to make his children’s life a good one. He was giving his children the best education possible from him, so that they can build a bright future for themselves. But not a single thing changed Aman’s mentality. His did not listened to anyone neither of his parents nor of his grand-parents. The only good thing was they always taught good things to their children, so there was no effect of any stuff Aman did on Kamya and Shivam, Kamya was a very intelligent and understanding girl, who never let her younger brother Shivam to learn anything wrong. She also tried to make her elder brother Aman to understand the value of money and to respect their father. But as always Aman did not even tried to understand anything.

One day, something unusual happened, it was late night the time was almost 11:00 pm and Rajesh did not returned from his office. Everyone was worried except Aman that Rajesh was too late to return home. Then, a person from Rajesh’s office arrived at their home and informed them that Rajesh and his two friends passed away in an road accident while they were returning home. At that moment the whole world of Rajesh’s family was shattered, their life was almost ended at that moment.

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After few months, everyone were trying to recover from the worst incident occurred in their life, as all the savings of their life was almost finished. Rajesh’s parents health were not good, so that they cannot work to earn, Sukriti cannot work outside as she had to take care of her in-laws and children, but still she did not lose hope she started sewing business from her home, as Aman was the eldest son of that house he should have tried to help out by doing something and supporting his house’s financial condition, but still he did not understood anything. Where Kamya decided to do something for her house, she stared taking tutions, she also suggested her mother that they can start a tiffin business from home, where Sukriti will cook with the help of her mother-in-law and daughter and Kamya will also deliver the tiffin.

So, the earning of the house was only from Sukriti’s sewing, her tiffin business with the help of Kamya and Kamya’s  tutions. In all these work Aman never helped or supported, as he never understood that in what grief his family was living. He always used to spend all his time with his wealthy friends. One day he got to know that his friends were just using him for their work, as they were very rich and Aman never had money, they were also talking that  Aman never respected his father or his work so how can he ever get something good in return, they were basically making fun of him.

Aman got too upset after listening them, he then realised that how horrible was his behaviour with his father, he never understood him, never respected him, never spent time with him even after his demise, how rude he was with his family members and he even never tried to help them in any way ever. Then he went home and saw something he never saw, as did not used to live at home in day time, he just came home to sleep or to take money.

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He saw that his mother was cooking and then sewing, his grandmother and sister were packing lots of food in tiffin as well as her sister were teaching kids and after teaching and packing the food, his sister went to deliver them. He was very angry on himself that, why he never understood his family members, why he never supported his family members. Then he decided that being the eldest it is his responsibility that he should support his family and take responsibility of all.

He then applied in many companies for jobs, but as he had not completed his education, he did not get a good job still he got one job. Then he decided that he would deliver the tiffin too, to help her mother and teach more children to support his sister. Working day and night made Aman realise that how hardworking his father was, who always worked day and night for the happy future of his children and he never understood him. He was regretting on his deeds a lot. But he decided that now he will become a responsible person and started his job as well as he would help his family members in their work.

Together the whole family started working and together the three children Aman, Kamya and Shivam continued their studies also. As it is said that hard work pays off, and one day all three of them achieved a very good position in their life and lived a happy life ahead.

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Moral of the story

This story teaches us something which we do not realise in our real life, that is the importance of father. Our father works hard day and night for the sake of our future, he provide us all the facility but we take him for granted and do not understand him. In this story, Aman did not respected his father ever nor respected his work even after his demise he did not understood the facts of the society and one day he got to see the real face of the world and understood what exactly his father was trying to teach him but he never ever tried a bit to understand  him. Even after disrespecting his father many times, his father never stopped working for his children. Afterwards Aman understood that father is the only person, who can do anything for their children even after their own children abandon them.

Aman understood one more thing that every work has equal importance, nothing is small or big. We just need to do our work and hard work and the day will for sure come in our life when our hard work will pay us.

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