How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special On Her Birthday ?

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special On Her Birthday ?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to make your girlfriend feel special on her birthday ? Birthdays  are always special isn’t it ? Now when birthdays are of our special ones its more special. Having a person who could make you feel like home is a different vibe . Let us see some of the ways you could make it a precious moment. As we know we are stuck in our houses due to the lockdown , its tough even to think about doing something which would make your girl special. Girls always love surprise and guys usually are behind at it. So do something this year with lots of effort and love .

How to make your girlfriend feel special on her birthday?

 Simple or extravagant no matter what you do it will make your girl feel special . Lets see some of the ways in which the her day wouldn’t just be a birthday but the best birthday.

1. Flowers


Flowers itself is a way of expressing love and deep emotions . And giving it to someone you love is a different feeling in all together. Isn’t flowers a all time favorite for every girl. In the world of digital wishes , be the one to gift her some flowers . You don’t know her favorite flower ? No worries , roses and orchids are never out of fashion . A bunch of flowers with a smiley would be the best start for her special day . Tell the kid next door to gift her the flowers if you cant go by your self. That would be really sweet a kid with cute smile and bunch of flowers waiting at the door ,right?

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2. Cards /Letters

Cards /Letters

A simple hand- written note , which would make her smile for the whole day . Getting notes or letters from a lover is always special ,especially for girls. Most of the people are not good in expressing , but man its her birthday she deserves to feel blessed and special to have you in her birthday. So cute small cards ,chits or letters would help you in real. Keep it real. Note down your memorable moments with her, add some humor and jokes . Tell how special she is by pointing out small lovely things she did for you .

3. Gifts


We all are stuck in this pandemic and if you cant meet her often , this is the best you can do gift her something online. Gifts like soft toys they would just love it, but don’t complain later that your girl love the soft toy more than she loves you ! Gift her a favorite color dress ( your choice) ,if your girl love earring’s gift her a pair of them ,her happiness would be boundless. Many simple gifts you would find online nowadays . At the end , as said add a small note to it . Frame some of her favorite photos of you and her together and gift them . Add life to the photos by saying how happy you looked while clicking that picture.Gift her a dream catcher and tell her a her dreams would be fulfilled . .

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4. Dinner


Make the ending special , by taking her to dinner . Dinner at your own small private space. Under the open sky , a small table with rose petals , a candle and her favorite food . This is the moment the girl will fall all over in love with you again. Hold  her hands and apologize her for all the mistakes and ignorance she faced by you during your tough moments. Promise her not only a lifetime but also a good time.

5. Shopping


Most of the girls would say yes for shopping . And during this lockdown , there is no option to take her out . Do make it special by gifting all the gift vouchers you had . Take her too a shopping that too ,online. Wouldn’t that be easy and different ? Your girl gets to buy herself her favorite and you just sitting and watching her happiness? Pamper her with love and gifts by online shopping. Gift her something by yourself and also let her decide to get something for you.

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6. Digital wishes

Digital wishes

Every girl like attention from her guy. Make cute videos of her , collages , get messages from her close people and wish her online. Tag her ,post a picture and write a paragraph for her and she would go through it 100 times. Those little things she did for you , and you didn’t notice at that time , thank her for those little things.  Use hashtags to mention the sweet and funny moments with her.Ask her friends to sing a song for her. Her from being a child to a beautiful woman journey pictures can be used.  Make a zoom call with her and her whole clan singing and screaming wishes for her. It would look so cute , especially in this lockdown to see the whole clan together.

7. Midnight call

Midnight call

You cant meet her up? Don’t think too much call her at midnight sharp that too video call man ,set up your place with a frame of you both together , show it to her and tell her how much she mean to you ,looking straight into her eyes. And by the end  I guarantee she would be in tears ( happy tears ofcourse) .

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8. Cake


Bake a cake ! Can you ? If yes what are you waiting for , go to your nearest store and grab the things you need to bake a cake . Getting to eat a cake a cooked by your guy would be the best any girl could imagine for. If you cant bake a cake , then order for her favorite ones.  Balloons and cakes are what make a birthday seem like one. So don’t think twice , do it. Cute soft toys with it to go. Use some of your creativity and make cute things like a house or a heart.

9.  Ride with my future bride

 Ride with my future bride

If you sure about the girl you are in love with , tell her to wear some jogs and hope on to the backseat and always hold your hand for the journey of life. Take her to some peaceful place or to your favorite place and let her know her importance in your life. Click her pictures while doing silly things. Take her to nearby cafe propose her to be your life partner! Isn’t it perfect? Of-course it is ,  imagine your girl saying yes to you  . The day will not be just her birthday anymore , it would be the best u- turn , best ride of your life.

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10. Express


Expressing feelings , is what today’s generation lack. We never appreciate if we like it but we always find the faults in it . So for a change , admire and express your true emotions and thank your girl ,for existing in your life.  Pamper her with love , shower her with gifts. And listen to her small talks. Be a good listener , might be annoying sometimes , but remember she is your girl and you have to listen to her. Sing for your girl , no matter how bad your voice is she will love it.

Wish her with her favorite things. If she reads , gift her a book. Also, If she is artistic , gift her all the things required , if she is into makeup stuff gift her some of her favorite brands. If you are her favorite make her smile by doing the things she actually wanted you to do for her. Express your love by writing or say it to her honestly and truthfully. Put some cheesy effects to it. Dance with her making it more romantic , bring her flowers and wine and dance till you both are tired . Look into her eyes and say she is the best and beautiful. Make her feel special , by telling her she would never be alone .

Birthdays come every year. But we cant keep a count on them and making it memorable is in your hands . So tie your shoe lace and get ready for some real action events . These are some of the ways in which your girlfriend will feel special and lucky to have you. These are not just ways ,but a door directly to stay in there heart forever. Do try them . Best of luck !

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