Advantages and Disadvantages of giving homework to students

Advantages and disadvantages of giving homework to students

The advantages and disadvantages of giving homework to students are discussed here in this article. Homework, a single word is enough to make students and their parents worry. It is one of the things about which various people have different opinions about it. It’s actually a topic where no matter how much people debate, there will be no conclusions at the end. Some persons out there feel like that homework is important and should be given to students as it makes sure that students have revised everything what they were taught in the school during the school hours. To the other side, some persons out there think that giving homework to students just decrease the quality time a student have spent with their parents.

Therefore, it’s next to impossible to decide whether homework is important or useless and whether t should be given to the students or not. Some even believe that it is just an extra stress to the students and their parents.

5 Advantages of giving homework to students

The advantages of giving homework to students are mentioned below in detail:

1. Encourages the nature of practice

When a student solves a problem again and again, it becomes difficult to practice it for a longer duration of time. It could become boring and difficult also. Therefore practicing same problem again and again irrespective of the difficulty level will develop the discipline attitude in a student which will be useful for the student in his school life and in life outside the school world even.

2. Interaction with parents

The age at which the homework is given is the age at which it’s very difficult to grab the topic taught in school at the first instant only. And here comes the role of parents to play. At home, it would be the parents to help their children to complete their work and it will surely take a lot of time. By giving homework to students, it’s a chance for the students to get involved in an interaction with the students and vice-versa. There would be many parents out there who want that homework is sent so that they may know how much attention does their child need at home regarding studies.

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3. Time management

Just like any other work to do, homework also needs a lot of time to do. Mostly the homework is needed to submit with a day or two. And beside the time limit, there is homework of more than one subject to do. Therefore students’ needs to develop a schedule to make sure all work is completed properly and before the date of submission. This will improve their time management skills too as you never know how much you might need to do in the coming future in a short span of time.

Advantages of giving homework to students

4. More time

The time period for which a class is taken related to a particular subject in the school is usually between 30mins-60mins. The time duration generally varies in all schools but it falls within this time period only. This time duration may not be enough for students to be able to grasp everything whatever is taught in the class. By giving homework to the students related to the same thing taught in class, teachers make sure that students also practice the same things taught at school and thus would be able to grasp what is taught in the school, thus helping them in their studies.

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5. Reduce the screen time

Students spend almost 70% of their day time at home. In their free time, students nowadays spend their time mostly on mobile phones, television, video games or on computers. Spending too much time on their screens may have bad effect on their eyes. Therefore, if homework is given to the students, they will spend a far less time on the screens than they will do if no homework is given to them. Therefore many want their children to get homework.

Merits and demerits of giving homework to students

5 Disadvantages of giving homework to students

The disadvantages of giving homework to students are mentioned below in detail:

1. Playing time reduced

Being always with the books and studying all the time will make you studious and also makes you intelligent. But to develop mentally and physically, a student also needs to spend time on playground. There are a lot of things which a student can’t learn with the help of books, but only by interacting people in real life. It develops social life of the student too.

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2. Physical health

Giving a lot of homework to the students, make them sit at a certain place for a larger duration of the time. This not only reduces their exposure to the surroundings but also make their posture incorrect. Many of the students out there sit in a position or do their homework in a position which makes them feel comfort and these are usually the positions which give rise to an incorrect posture.

Disadvantages of giving homework to students

3. Discourages co-curricular activities

After taking rest and doing all stuffs related to the school especially homework, students are generally left with way less time to discover any other thing or to try any other new things which they would be good at. It may be painting, dancing, skating, music or any other activity in which a student would have excel, if would have got time to practice that and excel in it. Giving homework reduces the time period in which a child would have try new things and could have come to know about them.

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4. Does not guarantee good/high grades

Every student do their homework which is given to them by the school authorities. But still every student does not get the same grades or I should say high/good grades which the teachers and many other persons use as an excuse to give homework to their students. As it is often said, quality is better than quantity, therefore instead of making student study for large duration of time, a system should be made where student spends their time more on quality studying.

5. Encourage cheating

As the homework given to the various students is same, therefore many students just think of copying it from other students once they have completed it. A feeling of develops in them i.e. why to spend your large amount of time spending on your homework (nearly about 1hours-2 hours) when in real you may just copy it after your friend or classmate have completed it and then just completing it under in no time. Now with the availability of the internet resource, finding the answers is way easier too.

Therefore, as it was previously mentioned that homework is the topic on which a debate would keep on go for a longer duration of time and still there would be no progressive conclusion on topic of debate. So, these were some advantages and disadvantages of giving homework to students.

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