Disadvantages of dating a girlfriend in High School

disadvantages of dating a girlfriend in high school

Some of the top disadvantages of dating a girlfriend in High School are discussed here in this article. School is the place where everyone expects their child to study, to learn new things and make one physical and mentally. But there comes a pause in all these things, when one enters into the adolescence age and start getting attracted towards opposite sex. And mostly this happens during the time when a person is in the high school. At that age you can say the students are mature enough to meet other students, approach to them or giving a response to any person approaching them.

To be frank, in high school boys tend to see more aggressive towards making a girlfriend. There are some really fun things of having a girlfriend at high school. But there are various things that may spoil the time period of your school which you would have live in some better way but ain’t able to do so because of having a girlfriend. During high school, one needs to make a balance between all the adventures he wishes to seek and the hard-work he needs to do on different kind of things. It’s one of the important phase of your career and you might not need any kind of distraction from it.

10 Disadvantages of dating a girlfriend in high school

The disadvantages of dating a girlfriend in High School are discussed below in detail:

1. Busy Schedule

In high school, mostly all boys are indulged in the sports. They already have a busy schedule because of the academics, studies and curricular activities and once they make a girlfriend it will be more hectic. The schedules sometimes become so hectic and busy that a boy is not able to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep gives rise to various problems such as headache, lack of concentration and thus doesn’t allow one to give their 100% in their work. Trying to organize the time will become very much difficult in the high school and it’s a an important thing to organize their time.

2. Drama

The moment you get a girl in your life, the sooner your life gets complicated. When a girl enters in your life, it is almost guaranteed that there would be a lot more drama in your relationships now. Even if you think there is no sign of being getting into a drama, your girlfriend will make sure you have to go through a certain drama so as to intensify your relationship. Many girls out there start pulling away or start doing unusual habits to do a breakup but make sure that it is the boy who leaves them so as to gain sympathy and the boy is the one to be blamed.

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3. Money problem

Most of us have no source of income for the money in our time during high school. We always have to rely over our parents to get money. Boys tend to impress their girl and make sure to make feel her that how much they care about their girlfriend by giving hem gifts or going a trip with her. And as usual I’s the boys only paying for the amount spend during a trip. We already have no source of income and therefore, have to ask our parents. Because of this habit of asking parents, boys often get scolded on regular basis as parents don’t want their child to spend money unnecessarily and understand the importance of money.

4. Breakup

As we already know, we are mature enough to get in a relationship during our time in high school. But the worse there is that we are not mature enough to overcome from our breakups if it happened. There will be many moments where you will be able to see your ex either in your classroom, school hall or school ground or any other place inside the school. You will start feeling awkward once you start hearing her name or whenever you see her. Thus your mental health will be affected in a bad way and this is a bad sign for boys. It will not be easy for someone to recover from that as you are not that mature you need to be.

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5. Friendship

Before being in a relationship, it will be your decision with whom you want to be friends and with whom you don’t want. It is applicable to both the genders i.e. with which boys and girls you want your friendship to continue and with whom you don’t want. But after getting in a relationship and the possessive nature of girls make it difficult for the boys to make their friend and especially while making friends of opposite gender. To some extent it is good to have worried about your partner but being over possessive all the time which girls tend to do just spoil the relationship and restrict boys of making their own decisions over choosing friends.

disadvantages of dating a girlfriend

6. Selfish nature

With the age you would be in your high school, most of them there tends to be selfish. Most of them there think of themselves before thinking about others or the people they would be hurting. Many of the girls come into relationship because of this selfish nature so as to take full use of the boys and get their work done. This when known by various boys develop an aggressive attitude within them thus changing a nature of the boy. These things make boys hit emotionally and change their whole perspective of looking towards someone. Also the hormonal changes happening at that moment within the boys makes them more self-centered and thus ruins their life.

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7. Time wasting

Already there is so much work to do for the boys, relating to their academics, curricular activities and sports. Their schedule is already so much hectic and busy. And getting a girlfriend at that age makes their schedule busier. Having a girlfriend at that age and at that particular time of life makes sure that you waste your time on unnecessary things when one needs to be focusing on his career.

8. Tension with parents

This is the age when parents want you to excel in your studies. And at that time if you tell your parents about your girlfriend that will just worsen the situation. You start telling lies to cover up the various situations which arose because of your girlfriend. Your parents start suspecting you and it just increase the tension between you and your parents.

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9. Hurting each other

You will be mature enough to get into a relationship but are not mature enough to run that relationship for too long. You don’t have enough experience to your side which may help you in various different difficult situations which would have arose because of various kind of lies you would have told to your parents or friends or any other in order to hide your relationship. In starting, you will be able to overcome these situations, but there would be a moment when you would end up hurting each other either emotionally or may be physically too as you won’t have enough control on your actions and words.

10. Forgot what you truly are

Just after getting into a relationship, boys usually tend to do things which will make their girlfriend happy. And sometimes to make her happy, they go beyond their limits and start doing things which they have never done in their life. Boys start changing themselves and thus develop their nature to the side in which they would have never wanted to develop. In the end it will be too late for the boys to recover and they would be a different guy than they would have been if they would have just been true to them and their girlfriend instead of just pretending someone else to make girlfriend happy.

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