Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a Nuclear Family

advantages and disadvantages of living in a nuclear family

The advantages and disadvantages of living in a nuclear family are discussed here in this article. Our homes are a place which plays a major and crucial role in our life. “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. Truly said that. 4 wall homes are turned into houses by our lovely family members in it. We see ourselves involve into better a person in the house we live. Our family act as a major “support system” in the society we live. Our parents and siblings which are known to be our main family are the whole and sole of us on an individual scale. Family brings us love, care, understanding, and mould us to be a better human being.

When it comes to types of families there are mainly two types: Nuclear family and extended family.

Nuclear family stands under the precise set of family members, those are parents and a sibling or two. Where as…extended family is a type where relatives/close relatives are involved along with the parents and siblings. Both types of families have their own pros and cons. It’s about the locality the family lives in, perspectives and mentality be they keep, that  lead to their certain conducts.

As India is a country of traditions and brotherhood, most families are found to live in an extended family. This can lead to increase the amount of love among the family members but can also be reason for huge arguments and disagreements.

merits and demerits of living in a nuclear family

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a nuclear family?

Talking precisely about the nuclear family, it comes up with Advantages and Disadvantages of living in a nuclear family.

Advantages of living in a Nuclear Family

The Advantages of a Nuclear family are explained as follows:

1. Controlled expenditure

This is a beneficial advantage of a Nuclear family. Having a controlled expenditure contributes to many of the aspects in general. In nuclear family, as there consist less number of family members, it leads to less demands and precise allowances. The finance that is needed in a nuclear family is way lesser than finance that is needed for an extended family. Many of modern married couples see to it that they have a nuclear family. This makes everything easier for them as well as their relatives. More than that, such couples tend to have a realistic perspective towards things and which is why they such type of a family is a preferred choice.

2. Comparatively more freedom

Living in an extended family takes a lot of efforts to have permissions and agreements for most activities. But on  contradictory, nuclear families include only parents as authority. Usually, the parents of the house make sure that their children are being at comfort and has reasonable restrictions on them. On most of the times, only modernly married couples choose nuclear family and so they can draw limits to their children in terms of freedom. But when it comes to extended family, the parents and the child of the house is pressured with a few rules and regulations which can create arguments. Where as nuclear family allows more freedom to their children and themselves.

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3. Lesser the members, lesser the problems

“Two many cooks spoil the broth”. This proverb sets here the best. Family having less number of members in it, can live peacefully. Privacy can be given to each one in the house as there are not a lot of people present. Privacy is something which is becoming important for each one of us. Less members in family can tead to less stress and less amount of expenses, lesser unwanted talks and precise actions. Problem increases with the increasing number of members in the family. It leads to stress in the family and cold wars. Cold wars are something that Indian family have very casually.

On the other side, people living in nuclear family have  very less chances to deal with cold wars and such situations. Too many heads can mess up a task at home, too many heads would not lead to a single conclusion.

advantages of living in a nuclear family

4. Well settled

Nuclear family always have a chance to move whenever and wherever they feel like. For whatever reason it may be, child’s education, workplace, and so on. Nuclear family are usually well settled because of easy mobility with the family members. As there are not more than 4-5 members in a family, it’s not a big deal to shift a place and therefore they are well settled. Moving in a 1 bedroom hall kitchen doesn’t make a nuclear family deny the option. This kind of family can comfortably adjust amongst themselves with ease and love. Vice versa is not possible with the ease and comfortability.

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5. Required amount of space and understanding

Nuclear family members can be the best at understanding each other intensely. They are the only who with whom life is shared on daily basis. Each member of the family know each other in and out and this can be a major advantage to understand the person. We get to know instantly about their mood swings, body language, non-verbal language and unspoken words. This comes after leaving for decades together. Only family members are the lucky ones to understand and know a person how they are. This creates a sense of understanding and reliability. It makes trust amongst each other grow on a larger scale.  Required amount of space to their respective children is provided as most nuclear family believe in practical thoughts. The space concept is seen to be lacked when it comes to extended family.

These were a few necessary advantages of a nuclear family.

Disadvantages of living in a nuclear family

Heading towards the Disadvantages of a nuclear family:

1. Possibility of lack of love

It’s basic; as lack of knowledge and confidence, have their own negative effects, so does the lack of love, mainly from the people who mean a lot to a specific person. In this case, family (i.e. parents), and if a child’s family is too busy and moreover, if he/she has no other sibling, that’s when this is mostly experienced. Specifically, compared to people with less human interaction, family love might negate all the sad feelings, but if that’s not present, then the child could feel leaden with stressed and might feel unloved, unwanted or unimportant. Which might eventually lead to worsening of health or sleep deprivation.

2. Too much attention

On the contrary, if too much love and affection is given to the child or children, it might spoil their mannerism, their way of paying respect and their attitude towards life, in general. If one particular child gets whatever he asks for, since no elders are present to correct or check on the parents, the parents might be the reason for their kid to grow into A spoiled brat. This creates a sense of indiscipline in a child which is unintentionally given by the parents itself. Parents usually think they should always fulfill their child’s demand, but while doing this, it can head towards the spoiling of their own child.

This is specifically when we need their elders, in our mordern day houses, to summon, our elders and prevent the next generation from turning into arrogant, self centered, brats.

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3. Feeling of loneliness in regards to relatives

As we’ve talked earlier, about the lack of love and affection; that could be negated just by the presence of relatives, grand parents or parent’s elders, in general. Relatives can be solid mood boosters and can have a positive impact on the child’s mental health, if he/she is going through a tough time/phase. The light heartedness in the vibes of the relatives would make the kid’s life lightened up again from the doom caused cause of the parents. Also when the kids argue with the parents, they got no one to back them up even when their right, so relatives or grand parents could be the perfect teammates for that!

disadvantages of living in a nuclear family

4. Lack of Role Models

Fights between the parents could affect the kid in many ways. The kid might drown into insecurities, take rash decision, get depressed or might start doing stuff that should not be ideally done. There are high chances that if the kid is watching his or her father beat his/her’s mother, then he might grow up to be the same man as his father was. Lack of a role model if both of the parents are awful at parenting, might have some serious effects on how the kid is gonna turn out to be. These uncareful behavior might take some serious jabs at the child’s or the children’s life and the way he takes his decisions and proceeds with his future.

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5. Distance between relatives and family

Since it’s a nuclear family, the relatives may live far from the family or atleast not in the same house. So physical and mental distance is bound to be born between them, be it intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, Distance between relatives and parents might really affect the relationship of the kids with the relatives, even if the kid doesn’t want to or dislikes that distance or just the way things are, in regards to their relations with the relatives. This might lead to the kid sneakingly trying to talk to them, and this goes for everything. If the parents will restrict the kid/kids to do anything to a high extent, then they might not even think twice before keeping stuff from their parents later on in their life.

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