Advantages and Disadvantages of using Email for Communication

advantages and disadvantages of using email for communication

Advantages and disadvantages of using email for communication are discussed here in this article. So, you can come to know about the demerits and benefits of using email for communication. Communication not only conveys your thoughts but it is a way to flow out your emotions. In this modern 21st century when everything has gone digitized, mode of communication is also not an exception. Starting from 2004, the conventional way of calling people have changed a lot till now.

Now the latest social media platforms have globalized the communication system. Most of the part is of emails. Yes you read it right. You might be thinking that why I have chosen email over facebook. Everything has got its own merits and demerits. The five fingers of your left palm are not the same. Are they? Every finger is unique and different from the other one in its own way. Similarly, every mode of communication is equally very important and must not be underrated. The present corporate world knows nothing except email for sending important business related information. This is also a good thing as so many paper is getting saved and consequently the trees are getting saved.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using email for communication?

Here in this article, we are going to present you some advantages and disadvantages of using email for communication that will for sure change your mindset regarding the way you think emails today. But just like every coin has two faces, similarly it also has some demerits. Starting with the good thoughts, following are the some advantages of using email as a mode of communication :

Advantages of using email for communication

The advantages of using email for communication are discussed below:

1. It is free

It is completely free. Yes you don’t have to pay any sort of service charge or any sort of taxes. Once you are having an internet connection and you are online, it is completely free. Many of you might not agree with me over here as the net charges are not free. You have to pay for that. But what I think in this ‘ jio’ era everyone is having an internet connection right. Even the poor person who cannot afford a smartphone is also having a jio phone which also has an internet connection. So, I think internet is not a problem right. If internet is not a problem then sending an email is also not a problem.

write a short note on advantages and disadvantages of email

As it is completely free, most of the people will go for it first. Also if you are very tensed that sending an email might consume 50 MB of your daily net package then you are completely wrong over here. Yes, it consumes the minimal of the net and also has a very fast sevice. It is the human nature that we human beings always go for that alternative option that give us the same result, more rapidly in less time and also with minimal resources consumed. If these criterias get fulfilled then it comes the safety of nature. To your surprise, email cater to both your needs and that is the sole reason behind its so many users.

2. Speed and its global reach

Another important feature of emails is that its very high speed of sending the information and its reach to whom you can send. Its global outreach allows you to connect you to many persons and that too professionally. A person sitting in Kolkata can easily talk or have a conversation with his employer residing in New York. You don’t even have to pay any roaming charges or any sort of cross sea tariff charges. It has the ability to convey your message just in a fraction of second after your pressing of the ‘send’ button.

This is only possible as its in built softwares converts the information typed or the files or photo or video attached into their corresponding bytes or kilobytes or megabytes and then send each byte by byte. Therefore, no manual work is required in carrying or conveying the information. The bytes has a separate mechanism to assemble at the receivers end and in this way the same information is transferred from one person to the another in a much fast way.

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3. Good for the planet

Yes it is the most important advantage of using emails for communication. Hand written letters are written on white paper and we all know paper is obtained by cutting down the trees. Though the recycle process has helped a lot in saving the trees. However, emails are a great boost to the process. Just think what would have happened if each of the business letters and call letters and resignation letters were written on white sheets instead of sending them by email. We couldn’t even see a single tree also. It is one of the best advantages that emails are providing us by saving our nature and ultimately saving us.

advantages and disadvantages of email in business communication

4. Information at your fingertips

It is more easy to organize your mails then to organize your letters. Organizing your letters will also consume your space and time both. But on the other hand, google’s in built softwares help by creating many folders and placing the appropriate document at the appropriate place. You can also customize the settings according to your will and can very easily arrange your mails according to your wish. Email users can also search for your mail or star mark the important mails to get  that whenever required instead of searching the shelves, all the cabinets and all the corners for an important letter.

You can also prioritize your mails just by seeing the subject of the mails and work accordingly. Also there is a spam folder where you can keep all your trash mails that you would not be requiring and can select the whole folder and delete them all just with a single click. Once, you are used to this amazing thing, you won’t be writing those letters again and would be thinking more rationally.

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5. Leverage

It is another major advantage of using email for communication. Its meaning is that email also allows you to send or forward the same message to more than one person just with a single click. Suppose you have something that you want to sell to other companies or you are having an idea and want other big companies to know the same then the best option available to you is using email which will not only save your costly money but also your precious time too.

Hope you have very well understood the advantages of using email for communication purpose. But in the starting only it is very clearly mentioned that here in this article you will also be getting the reverse side of the coin. So below are some of the disadvantages of using email for communication purposes :

Disadvantages of using email for communication

The advantages of using email for communication are discussed below:

1. Emotional responses

This is one of the major disadvantages of using email for communication. There are often some emails that we get which make us angry or sad. It is not possible to react or to send the same emotion back at that very  moment. These lack of immediate reactions may have a life long effect on the person. Nowadays in this busy corporate world emails are only thought to send some important business related task or to have some important business conversation. Emails also lack the personal touch. There are some emotions, some feelings and some words which are better unwritten. The emails can never convey that sort of messages and thus its use is only restricted to the business world.

disadvantages of using email for communication

2. Misunderstanding

Since the emails cannot be edited once sent or cannot be deleted if the wrong email is sent to the wrong person. Therefore it may lead to many misunderstandings. There are many people who does not even give it a proofreading before pressing the send option and consider this as their wastage of time. Such emails might have some words, some phrases that are incomplete or some wrong words which might lead to a dispute with the person sitting at the other end.

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3. Spam

Just like when your phone is ringing for a while and you come hurry to receive it but then you see it is the company or some promoters promoting their business, the kind of irritation and frustration is same while dealing with your spams. If your email is not well organized then your inbox will be full of these things and in the go you may miss some very important notice. If you are not having a well organized separate spam folder then it is very difficult for you to separate them and to delete them at an individual level. This will also kill most of your precious time. So, this can be considered as a disadvantage only if you are negligible.

benefits of using email

4. Pressure to reply

It is not the problem of any particular individual. It is the common psychological response or nature that whenever an important mail is there in your inbox your urge increases to give it a reply.

5. Viruses

These are certain things which everyone knows about and does not require any separate definition to speak about. But the interesting point to be noted is that viruses can also be transferred from one infected computer to a fresh new computer through emails. Thus, you need to carefully check your mails before sending and after receiving it,  both the time.

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