Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Solar Panels

Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Solar Panels

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and disadvantages of using solar panels. There are many sources available to generate electric power. Solar panels are the type of source that is used to generate electricity. Sun is the resource that provides energy abundantly. Sun is the source of solar energy. It is the free source that supplies an enormous amount of photons per second which is called solar energy. The solar energy is available every day without any demand. In this era, the supply of electricity to everyone is a critical process. It needs several raw materials and it is expensive. So, the freely available energy is started to utilized properly that helps in the on-demand of electricity. Solar panels are used to convert the photons from the sun into electrical energy. The solar panels absorb the rays from the sun and convert them into electrical energy. Using solar panels reduces the consumption of fuels enormously. Nowadays, most of the organizations, homes, industries had started to use solar panels for their daily need of electrical energy. Solar panels became a trend because of its all-time availability of solar energy. And also it consumes less cost than other sources of electrical energy.

Though it has several uses when comparing to other sources, it also has some disadvantages. In real-time, its implementation has several drawbacks. Some drawbacks are unavoidable for any resource in the world.

Advantages of using solar panels

There are several advantages to use solar panels which are listed below.

1. Continous availability of source

Continous availability of source

Sun is a renewable resource. The source of energy used in the solar panels is the solar power. The sun produces solar energy continuously. So, the solar panels do not need any raw materials. And the availability of solar energy is continuous all over the day except night times. There will be no scarcity for the source of power for solar panels. The energy will be produced by the sun in day time largely. The energy produced by the sun at day time will be utilized at night times also. So, there will be no demand for source. The source will be continuously available till the sun is available. So, the production of electric power will not get affected.

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2. Eco friendly

Before choosing the source of electricity, there are several factors should be considered. The important factor is that its effect on nature. The usage of solar panels is eco friendly. The major disadvantage of using other sources of electricity are its hazardous nature to the environment. For example, the generation of electric power through nuclear factors has a severe effect on nature. Because it emits hazardous gases and materials to nature. The other sources of electricity have harmful nature to the environment. But the solar panels overcome this drawback. It is using solar rays as the source to generate electricity. It does not emit any hazardous gases like Carbon-dioxide and so on. So, the solar panels are friendly to the nature. It does not create any radiations which are harmful to the nature. It is a  pollution-free source of electricity. So, the usage of solar panels is largely advised.

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3. No transmission cost for raw materials

No transmission cost for raw materials

The raw materials are necessary for any kind of source that is generating electricity. The other sources of electricity such as thermal, nuclear need some kind of raw materials. These raw materials may not be available nearer to the industries. But in the case of solar panels, the rays of the sun are used as a source. The sun acts as the raw material here. The rays are generated from the sun and it is instantly used by the solar panels. So, there will be no transmission charges. The transmission cost of raw materials is completely avoided here. It is one of the biggest advantages of using solar panels.  The transmission cost of electricity also reduced by using solar panels. The solar panels are installed near to the home, organization and industries. So, there is no transmission cost.

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4. Reduced electricity cost and consumption

Reduced electricity cost and consumption

The solar panels will reduce the consumption of electricity tremendously. The solar panels will continuously supply the power which results in reduced electricity consumption. And also, it does not use any electricity to produce energy. At day times, the solar panels continuously supply energy to the houses, organizations and industries. So the usage of electric current is decreased. And ultimately, it will result in decreased electricity charges. It is a profitable source which prevents money and resource getting wasted. The ultimate goal of installing a solar panel is to decrease the electricity bill.

5. Lower maintenance cost

Lower maintenance cost

Once the solar panels are installed in the houses or industries, it does not need any frequent maintenance. It does not cost for maintenance. There are a huge amount of solar panels are available in the market which needs rare maintenance. The maintenance cost is comparatively low than other electricity resources. The solar panels will provide lifetime utilization with less cost. The utilization will be over several years which is not possible in other sources. There will be a need to renew the solar panels after several years. So, there will be no difficulties will be faced in maintaining the solar panels over a period.

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Disadvantages of using solar panels

Every source has both advantages and disadvantages. Though solar panels have several advantages, there is a necessity to face some disadvantages in using them which are mentioned here.

1. High installation cost

High installation cost

Despite the solar panels helps in reducing the electricity bill, its initial cost is almost high. The installment cost of solar panels is the highest one. It needs several processes to install in the places where it is required. It is expensive to install solar panels. The user should more money to install a solar panel. It is necessary to install additional requirements such as inverter, battery and so on. Though its maintenance cost is low, the additional requirements result in an expensive investment. The availability of sun at the installation area should be the primary consideration. At sometimes, the installation of solar panels in the buildings requires re-architecture of the building. It will result in additional costs for the installment. It is expensive when compared to other sources.

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2. Depends on weather

Depends on weather

The solar panels are mainly dependent on the sun. So, the changes in the weather will affect the generation of electric power ultimately. It is known that the supply of electric power on sunny days will be maximum. But on cloudy days, the generation of electricity will be severely affected. The real problem of using the solar panels will be faced during winter and rainy days. There will be reduced electric power generation at those times.  It is an unpreventable effect caused by solar panels. There is no assurance for reliable weather all over the day. And also at night times the availability of solar power will get reduced. So there is a need to install pieces of equipments like batteries to maintain the power supply at night.

3. Difficult to manufacture solar panels

Difficult to manufacture solar panels

The solar panels will generate electric power with considerable cost. But the manufacturing of solar panels needs high cost. The solar plates are difficult to manufacture. It leads to the release of some toxic gases and materials while manufacturing. The solar cells are required in huge amounts. This will result in high financial investment. Despite the usage of solar panels is eco friendly, the production of solar panels is not environmentally healthy. The production of solar panels and solar cells need huge manpower also. The wages for laborers involved in the production of solar panels are also in consideration.

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4. Space consideration

Space consideration

The installation of solar panels needs a large space. Space consideration is the important criterion in the installment of solar panels. The larger solar panels require a larger area to install. Apart from solar panels it occupies space for its additional requirements. The amount of power generation is directly dependent on the area installed. It is difficult to find large space for the installation of solar panels in the crowd populated areas like Mumbai, Hyderabad and so on.

5. Need of importing solar panels from other countries

 Need of importing solar panels from other countries

The solar panels are difficult in terms of production. India is still facing hurdles in the production of solar panels. So, there is a need to import solar panels from other leading producers. It will result in import costs. The availability of solar installers in India is very less than in other countries. India is still backward in the production of solar panels. When demand increases, there will be difficulty in importing solar panels from other countries. The installation of solar panels also needs experienced laborers. This is also one of the quite challenges which our country is facing.

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The usage of solar panels is practically economical. But its efficiency is still in the question mark. It is an accepted fact that the solar panels do not have high efficiency than other renewable energy resources. Any energy sources will not be utilized fully.  Certain limitations are there in using solar panels. But the improvement in technology will be increased by the usage of solar panels. So it is impossible to decide that the usage of solar panels are completely useless.

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