Advantages and disadvantages of wearing Bangles

Advantages and disadvantages of wearing bangles

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and disadvantages of wearing bangles. This article exhibits the advantages and disadvantages of wearing bangles. Bangles are traditional bracelets, which are typically made of various materials such as copper, gold, silver, plastic, bronze, wood, etc. Every married woman wears bangles in India and a single bangle which is worn by men’s on their arm or wrist is called ‘Kada’ or ‘Kara’

Bangles are always circular in shape and are available in different sizes. Bangles can be worn daily, on occasions and festivals. Let’s analyse the advantages first. 

Advantages of wearing bangles

Here are the advantages of wearing bangles:

1. Identifying people

Identifying people

 Of course you can detect people, especially women by seeing their bangles. Rajasthani women’s bangles are broad, bold, embedded with stones and usually of pastel colours. Sikh women & men are easy to recognise as they wear a single bangle Kada which is made up of steel, iron. Gujaratis wear Resin bangles which are red and off-white in colour. South Indian women’s wear gold bangles which have detailed work in it. Marathi women wear glass bangles which are green in colour. Every state in India has its own rich culture which gives us a variety of customs that we can easily make out.

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2. Sanctity of marriage

Sanctity of marriage

Newly married women wear bangles as a sign of her ‘Suhaag’. It indicates the auspiciousness and for the long life of their husband in Hindus. In Indian Hindu culture, the accessories such as bangles, anklets or ‘payals’, the Mangalsutras, toe rings are the mighty expressions. They are worn for luck and prosperity. When the husband dies, the wife removes off the bangles or breaks them to illustrate that she is a widow.

3. Self-protection


Not the bangles but kadas can be used as a weapon for self-protection. 

The kadas are made from iron which can hurt easily. Earlier Sikh’s used to wear kadas to safeguard their arm during sword fights. Kadas are limited to be used only for self-protection, not to hurt people purposely.

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4. Helps in blood circulation

Helps in blood circulation

 Bangles are worn on wrist area that has a pressure point which helps in maintaining hormonal balance. The continuous friction created by the movement of bangles boosts up the blood circulation level. Also the toe rings, rings helps in acupressure, as they press the nerves. It is said that gold and silver ornaments like bangles, toe rings, rings keeps away the negativity, increases vital energy, and protect the body.

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5. Worthy facts about bangles

  • The word bangles came from Sanskrit word ‘bangri’ when means the ornament which beautifies the arm.
  • India’s largest bangle producer city is Firozabad located in Uttar Pradesh.
  • There are mainly three types of bangles, namely-
  1. Jadau bangles
  2. Meenakari bangles
  3. Lac or lakhs

Disadvantages of wearing bangles

Here are the disadvantages of wearing bangles :

1. We can hurt ourselves

We can hurt ourselves

Wearing glass bangles produces jingling sound which is energizing but hurts when they break. Misfortune can take place anytime; glass bangles break easily and cut the wrist and in no time your hand will be full of blood. Glass bangles may injure you badly when the sharp piece of glass pierces deeply into the wrist. Also, the kadas hurt and tear the skin when you hit without knowing the consequences.

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2. Village vendor’s business is threatened

Village vendor’s business is threatened

Big factories produce plastic bangles which don’t hurt and are light weighted. Their production is in bulk which hampers the business of small vendors. Vendors from the village make hand-made bangles from lac or lakh which do not melt and do not cause any kind of harm to skin.

3. Say NO to plastic

Say NO to plastic

Plastic does not break easily but it melts effortlessly. Mostly women work in kitchen near to gas stove; the heat slowly melts and changes the shape of the bangle. We are in that state where we are trying to minimize our use of plastic materials to save our environment. Small steps taken now will aid the environment tomorrow. The smoke produced from burning plastic damage respiratory system when inhaled due to presence of toxic chemicals.

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4. Copper bangles

Copper bangles

When you wear copper bangles/bracelets for a while, you sense itchiness, irritation and redness on your arms. Also, discoloration of skin arises when copper absorbs sweat through the skin. The salts present in copper are natural irritants. This irritation forces us to scratch vigorously and ends up in turning the skin red.

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