How To Make Someone Feel Bad For Hurting Your Feelings?

How To Make Someone Feel Bad For Hurting Your Feelings?

In this article we are going to talk about the hurting your feelings how to make someone feel bad for. Humans are social beings. We cannot leave without someone to support us and always want to be surrounded by people who love us and care for us. Everyone has got family, friends and other well-wishers that forms the base support system of each of us and they have had a great role in making us what we are today.

As social beings we are taught to be good and nice to our fellow beings, to respect each other and to look out for each other. While we are mostly driven by our conscience and tend to do what is right, there are times when certain factors like selfishness, greed and maybe even ignorance tends to make us do mistakes. Making mistakes is human nature. Most of the time these are not so serious and can be resolved easily. But when making mistakes one usually ends up hurting someone or the other and this can cause a rift in the relation between the two which is not that easily resolvable.

Hurting someone can be intentional or unintentional. When its unintentional asking for forgiveness most sincerely by acknowledging your mistake can to an extend help mend the broken relationship. But when its intentional it’s the person who is hurt that needs to take action. There are many reasons as to why anyone would want to hurt someone else intentionally, and most of the time its not justifiable.

10 Best Ways To Make Someone Feel Bad For Hurting Your Feelings?

When you are hurt it can cause you to have a lot of negative thoughts, to lose trust altogether, to feel insecure and to distance yourself from people. The distress that it causes can manifest itself as anger or depression or being intolerant. Most of the times this can be avoided if one feels the person who has hurt them has got what they deserved for what they did. Some of the best ways to make someone feel bad for hurting your feelings are mentioned below in detail:

1. Confrontation


One of the best ways to make someone feel bad about hurting you is to confront them with what they did. There is always a chance that the person wouldn’t even be bothering to think what he\she did was wrong. By confronting them you are forcing them think about it and possibly making them feel bad about themselves for doing it. Confrontation also gives the message that you are strong and the next time someone would think twice before playing with your feelings.

Confrontation also has the added advantage making us feel good about ourselves.  It can also ease out the pain and help realize what you are really made of, giving a sense of freedom and independency.

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2. Talk To Them

Talk To Them

Always remember to first talk to the person who hurt you. There’s every chance that he\she might not be aware of how you feel or how hurt you are. Let them know that they are responsible for hurting you and they might even ask for forgiveness right away. There’s always a chance that hurting you wasn’t intentional and if that’s the case talking can really sort out the matter. And it also gives a chance to hear their side of story which, at times, is justifiable.

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3. Ignore


This mighty sound stupid at first but this can really be effective especially in cases where you feel it’s a total waste of energy and time to even think about it. Also there are people who hurt others to grab their attention, to purposefully annoy them frequently. Bullying is one such case. Here the best way of retaliation one can opt for is ignoring the person. Ignoring is way of saying we don’t care and this can really teach them a lesson or two.

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4. Forgive Them

Forgive Them

The best solution is always to forgive. It may seem to hard and unfair at times but the peace of mind that one experiences through forgiving is the best feeling in the world. Also any person with at least an ounce of conscience would feel very much guilty and would be sorry for what they did.

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5. Make Yourself Clear

Make Yourself Clear

Don’t let the person who hurt you convince you that you are the one at fault or that you are over reacting. Tell them that you are hurt and that he/she is responsible. Make him/her realize what they have done, stay strong and make the person feel sorry.

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6. Talk To His/Her Loved Ones

Talk To His/Her Loved Ones

Talking to them doesn’t mean complaining to them. Talking to the person’s family or friends helps you to understand your wrong-doer more. You may understand why he/she did what they did. The family or friends might even talk to the person and let them realize what they did was wrong.

This can help you to maybe forgive the person who hurt you and it might also help that person to understand his fault and ask for forgiveness.

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7. Be Good To Them

Be Good To Them

This is what most of them call the noble revenge. Be nice to the person who hurt you. This can make them feel very guilty of their doing and can put them in a state of regret and self-torment.

Also if it someone who feels happy seeing you hurt then this can confuse them and may finally learn to respect you.

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8. Tell Others What They Did

Tell Others What They Did

Tell others about what happened to you and who did that. This puts a negative image of the person in their minds which can affect his\her reputation. While this may feel like tattletaling, this can be a very good way to make them realize their mistake.

Restrict the number of people who you speak to, to the ones who know the both of you pretty closely. This way it doesn’t feel like gossiping.

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9. Revenge


Most of the time this is not the best option since you can end up hurting that person as well as yourself, even more. But if the way you were hurt is too horrifying to the extent that it had left a permanent dent in your mind, then getting back at them is the only way one can feel better.

In cases of cheating in relationships, abuses etc. it justifiable to get revenge. Most of the time this needn’t be violent. Public confrontation or humiliation is a nice way of revenge.

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10. Live Your Life

Live Your Life

Try to move on from the pain and hurt feelings. Start living your life to the fullest. Go out with people, have some fun and show the people who hurt you that you can be happy again. Don’t let a person who has zero respect for your feelings and emotions stop you from following your dreams and passion. Show that they don’t matter.

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While being hurt is not the best feeling in the world, hurting back does not do too much good either. Acting vengefully can take a toll on you and you may end up hurting a lot of others as well. Therefore always think well before doing anything as being hurt can make you emotionally impaired for a while and any impulsive thought should be immediately discarded.

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