Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Earphones

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Earphones

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Earphones. New generation are ruled by various technologies. We cannot complete a day without using various technologies , that much technologies have influence on us. As technology grows, people changes accordingly, thus result in the increase of use of technologies. Rarest of rare people will not use a smartphone in this age.

Each and everyone will have a smartphone, maybe more than one. As technology rules us, there is a decrease of face- to- face conversation, all the people like to be in their virtual world. Most of the people like earphones which take us into our own world. Earphones are also an electronic device which we use frequently. Earphones have become an inevitable part of our daily life. Using earphones have many benefits and harmful to us. Using it efficiently, depends on whether it may become harmful or benefit for us. Let us see some of the advantages and disadvantages of using earphones:

Advantages Of Using Earphones

Among technologies, the smartphone may be the most useful technology by people. Even if people forget their key, they may not forget their smartphone. That much influence is there for smartphone on people. Earphones are best friends of the smartphone, that always accompany with them. Like the usage of smartphone people also get addicted to earphones. Earphones have many benefits, let us see some of the benefits of using earphones :

1. Easy to use

Easy to use

We like to use advanced technology to make our life more easy and comfortable so if you are using earphones for playing music or calls, it itself has buttons on it for pause or play music and also for pick or end the call. Earphones are easy to use which does not have any complications. In the advanced form of technology, there are earphones such as Bluetooth headset or earbuds, which are wireless and can be used comfortably.

2. Can easily carried

Can easily carried

In markets, nowadays there is availability of earphones largely. Both wired and wireless can be easily carried and are can be brought without any difficulty. Carrying earphones with you while travelling or any other thing is not difficult. Earphones are less weight and portable. So people can carry them with you while travelling into longer as well as shorter place for listening music or easiness of calling. As we would not like to carry phone in all way and attending a call or listening to music so earphones makes it easy.

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3. Feel comfort

Feel comfort

Earphones are very much comfortable to use. We can use it for long hours without any discomfort. Nowadays, earphones are made according to the comfort of users to reduce the pain while plug in to your ears. While using earphones we may feel uneasiness because of the pain feeling in-ear. But earbuds used in earphones help us to reduce the pain and we are able to use earphones for longer hours.

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4. Sound quality

Sound quality

The most important benefit of an earphone is its sound quality. Earphones produce best sound quality. The earphones are designed in the way that sounds are capture inside our ears. Thus feel can experience best sound effect. As we play music, we feel that sounds are made from inside our self. While using earphones we could experience best quality of sound , which make us to enjoy the music well. The quality of sounds produced by earphones may vary according to the company which they are produced.

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5. Reduction of noise

Reduction of noise

Best way to free from external noises and disturbance it to plug in your earphone and listen to music. Earphone helps to reduce noise around us. As we plug in earphone we may not hear external noises. Not all earphones remove external noises completely. The removal of noise depends usually upon the production of earphones. Even though some earphones cannot remove noise, but it can reduce the noise for our better experience. Using of earphones benefits us with reduce of disturbance and noise around us. Even if we are recording anything it helps to avoid the background disturbances that are caused.

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Disadvantages Of Using Earphones

Since earphones are easy to use, many people are addicted to it very much. Addiction of earphones cause many problems on people. It mostly cause health issues. As usage of earphones has benefits it also has many disadvantages too. High usage of earphones may lead to severe problems. Let us see some of the disadvantages of using earphones :

1. Ear pain

Ear pain

Usage of earphones cause many health issues. The main problem caused due to usage of earphones are pain in ears. We feel severe pain in ears after long use of earphones. We may also feel some kind of vibration or ache in certain part of the ear. Not only longer usage of earphones cause problems , listening music loudly also results in the pain. It is better  to not use earphones for longer hours or play music loudly. As these kinds of  activities continues it may lead to serious issues. It even infection can be caused and sometimes it can lead to hearing problem.

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2. Forget about real world

Forget about real world

Already the 21st generation are ruled by technologies. Now people got a way to escape from real world in to their own world. As usage of earphones increasing they forget to communicate with other people. People are not even aware of what is going around us while they plugged in an earphone. Many people even met with accidents by crossing roads or paths by plugging earphones deeply into their ears. Some noise removal earphones cause problem as people use it they may not hear anything other than sound from their earphone. Old days , people will communicate each other especially while travelling. Nowadays we could only see a new kind of species , like people who plug their ear buds and fly away into their own world.

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3. Hearing loss

Hearing loss

Earphones provides best sound quality. But the continues use of earphones lead to hearing loss , which may face problems later. Longer hours of use may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss , which may turn us into complete deaf. Playing loud music in earphone also result in hearing loss. It is safe that if we play music in average sound which does not become a problem for our ears. Continues use of earphones also result in hearing loss. It is better that to remove earphones for a while and not use it frequently. Avoid using earphones that can go directly into your ear because such earphones may cause damage for ear drum which gradually lead to hearing loss. The usage of earphones also increase ear wax. If these ear wax become increased it may cause hear loss.

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4. Effect on brain

Effect on brain

Earphones are an electric device that worn on ear to listen music or to make calls. Since earphones are an electric device , the high amount of usage f it causes many problems , including the brain. Brain is the important part of our body. Any cause of damage results in severe problems for our body. Earphones usually generate electromagnetic waves which risks brain very much. Loud music also cause damage to nerves which may result in giving nerve signals. The inner ear of the human body has a direct connection with the brain , so a cause age or infection cause to the inner ear also affects the functioning of the brain.

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5. Ear infection

 Ear infection

People are really addicted to earphones. There are some people who even can’t live without earphones. Result of continuous use of earphones , lead to many ear infections. There may cause infection for ear or in any part of the ear , which may even make the user to become deaf. We may share earphones with others for listening to some kind music or other. This action is quite friendly but we may get infected from the germs of the other people. Sharing of earphones results in the transferring of germs from other people to us. Not only using others earphones or sharing earphones with others make us infected, from our own earphones we may get infections. It is important to clean earphones regularly. There will be many germs which get in to our ears while we using it. Sanitize earphones , this may keep us from getting infected.

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As we see both advantages and disadvantages of earphones , we get an idea that how efficiently we should use it. Earphones benefits us lot , as it provides us our own privacy. We can use earphones at anytime, anywhere as it can easily carried and can use it comfortably. But as every coin has two sides , usage of earphones too has its own merits and demerits. Demerits if earphones cause many severe problems such as mentioned above. So while using earphones we should care about not to get addicted to it and use it efficiently. Not only earphones cause addiction, addiction to evey technology cause problems.

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