Benefits of Kissing and Hugging

benefits of kissing and hugging

The benefits of kissing and hugging are discussed here in this article. We all know that kissing and hugging are beneficial. I will elaborate 5 points each of hugging and kissing to make you guys know about their benefits.

Top 5 Benefits of Kissing

The benefits of kissing are mentioned below:

1. Releases feel-good hormones

I believe many of us might have heard about this. Kissing releases feel good hormones. When you kiss someone both the person feels good. They feel more enthusiastic. There is a positive vibe that both the person gets. Can you believe just a normal gesture can actually give you positive vibes and can make you feel good. Also, the best part about these feel-good hormones is that they have great healing abilities.  This can lead to more positive mental health behavior.

2. You get more attracted

It is believed that kissing makes the other person even more attractive. You feel more compassionate about the other person. So, a healthy couple should not be stress about the fact of getting bored of their partners. This is kind of an exercise which will make your partner even more attractive.

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3. Reduces stress level

It is believed that kissing reduces stress level. Everyone is stress with their lifestyle, with their works or some or the other thing in the world. Kissing is something that can reduce your stress level. It is also believed that reduced stress level could actually lower your cholesterol level. We often forget about our healthy in our daily life because of all the pressure that we have on our heads. So, your cholesterol can also be maintained. This is scientifically proved that it lowers the stress hormone cortisol throughout the day.

benefits of kissing

4. Reduces allergy symptoms

There are many people out there who are allergic to many things. It is believed that kissing also reduces the allergy symptoms. Allergies are always irritating and everyone wants to get rid of it. So, the activity of kissing can also reduce the allergy symptoms.

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5. Boosts immunity

It is believed that kissing your partner on lips can exchange bacteria; either good or bad. If bad bacteria are exchanged then the person might fall sick but if good bacteria are exchanged then it helps in boosting the other person’s immunity. It actually makes the person feels fresh and the person then works with increased immunity and works much enthusiastically. So, this practice can make you work more nicely.

Top 5 Benefits of hugging

The benefits of hugging are mentioned below:

1. Lower blood pressure

If you hug someone you feel relaxed, you feel that all your stress is relieved that reduces or lowers your blood pressure. That means it gives you a normal blood pressure. Everyone is stressed in today’s world every second person have abnormal blood pressure. This is such an effective exercise. You simply hug your partner, mother, father, children, best friend and your blood pressure goes back to normal. This is actually a good exercise for the people with low temper it will actually reduce their temper and the person will be again back to normal.

2. Improve sleep

Many of the youngsters as well as adults are facing the problem of lack of sleep. Many have insomnia. This is such a disappointing fact that everyone owns a house, a car or whatever the luxury they crave for but they do not have proper sleep. Lack of sleep is usually caused due to stress. Hugging your partner can actually make you sleep well. This is such a cute gesture and it improves your seep. This is very important especially for this generation because we have tons of works to do and we need sleep to work properly. So, hugging can do that for you.

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3. Reduce pain

This actually works! When you are in pain and you need someone by your side for emotional support and someone hugs you that actually makes you feel really good. It reduces your mental pain. It makes you feel that someone is there by your side to motivate you, support you. That’s all a human mind and heart requires. A person that is always by your side, who just hugs you and suddenly all your stress just vanishes. That’s all we need. That is what makes us feel satisfied with life, we do not feel lonely. Loneliness slowly kills a person from inside. So, next time you are in pain just go and hug any person you love.

benefits of hugging

4. Reduce anxiety

Take an example that you are going for a meeting. Obviously, you will have a lot of stress and anxiety. This is the moment that we all are extremely worried we need someone to increase our confidence level and to make us feel relaxed. If you have your partner right there with you and they hug you and wish you luck and make you feel more comfortable, believe me your anxiety level will definitely reduce and you will feel much better and confident. This will help you in two ways; one, it will increase your confidence and two, it will make your meeting go very well.

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5. Gives positive emotions

This is one of the best benefits of hugging. It gives you positive vibe and positive emotions. You feel that you always have someone by your side and that is the cutest and most important part of any relationship. This makes you feel even more happier, gives you a lot of energy and also makes you enjoy every bit of life because you are satisfied and confident about the face that you always have someone by your side. This is very important for a healthy relationship. Trust for the other person is highly essential. And hugging makes you feel that, hugging while your partner is upset, sad, happy, excited, etc is very important as well as cute. These were a few benefits of hugging and kissing someone. And the above benefits are scientifically proven.

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