What do women want in a relationship?

what do women want in a relationship

What do women want in a relationship ? : The answer of this question is explained here in this article. A relationship is not just mere talking and chatting with her every day and every night. A relationship is not a connection of threads, that whenever you like you tore this and whenever you like you tie it with a knot one again. A true relationship is the connection of two hearts, the connection of two loyal and honest souls. In this modern era of breakup, it is very difficult to find a true loving soul.

A person who will understand your emotions, your feelings, and will truly care for you. Women being the soft and tender gender are more sensitive towards their emotions. So, understanding their psychology becomes very necessary if you want to continue the relationship. Not every woman wants your money, nor everyone wants fashionable dresses and diamond jewellery and not everyone wants you to not look at any other woman. Its often said that it is very difficult to understand the women’s mind. So,  if you are also the kind of person who doesn’t want to have a breakup or want to be in a relationship, then this is the place for you.

Here in this article, we are providing to you the top 10 ways by which you can easily know what is there in your counterpart’s heart and what she craves for. The sole reason for writing this article is you, your development and your’s partner’s development. We all know when two souls are connected then they can understand each other very closely, they can also solve the problems of their individual life. This is of course not a rule book that you have to follow otherwise she might get rude to you. This is basically a simple guidebook that you can try in your relationship based on the psychology of your partner and understanding her.

What do women want in a relationship?

10 things that women want in a relationship are mentioned below:

1. An Innate Closeness

Closeness does not mean only physical closeness. It can also be an emotional closeness. It can also be mental closeness. If you are residing in the UK due to some work and she is in India for a couple of years. If you are with the right person then nobody and no godly force can separate you too. Contrastingly, if you two are in the same room in the midst of a gathering which know you too very well. But even then if you are not looking at her or talking to her or not present by her side just because you shy. Then it is a red signal. Then it shows that you are ain’t that close to her. She might not like your this nature and might have a doubt regarding your courage which may worsen the situation.

2. Signs of certainty

I would give an example. Suppose you are working in a private company as a technician. You are very well aware of the hard work that it will require and most preciously your precious time that it will be consuming. So, you will be expecting money or the salary accordingly. But suppose the owner tells you that the salary is not decided yet but you will be surely receiving the same at the end of the month or the end of your work. What will be emotions, what will you do now? The case with your women is also the same.

what do 50 year old woman want in a relationship

She will for sure be looking for the signs of certainty that the relationship where she is devoting her time and most importantly her emotions and her affections. It is often said that a girl’s heart is just like a glass plate. Once it breaks down it is impossible to rejoin it, impossible to regain the trust. So, whatever is that in your mind, make it very clear to her. Whether you want to grow this relationship and turn this relationship to some future goals that you would like to achieve as a whole. Or whether this relationship is just for time being.

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3. Clarity of Thought

This point is very much related and linked with the previous point. If you are certain about somebody, then this thought will be very clear in your mind. Consecutively, this thought will be displayed in your action. It can be any sort of actions, it can be talking about her and talking about the future plan, it can be by giving her some surprises, surprise by doing something. It is often said that our words, our actions often speak our mind. So, if you lie to her also then again it will clearly be displayed in your actions.

4. Courage to act

This is another point that is very much connected or linked to the previous points. If you are certain about somebody and are committed to spend the entire life with her only then it will be reflected by your actions. This thought will be very clear right in your brain. As soon as these things occur, you will never ever look back or think twice before doing the act.

what do women need in a relationship

Many people often say that love makes a person mad. Of course, it makes you mad but it is not your mental disease it is your courage to do anything for your partner. If you shy or give any other social, emotional or any other sort of reason for doing something which clarifies your thought then it is a warning. Then your relationship might not be a true relationship and can follow the latest trend of breakup.

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5. Constant Communication

We human beings are so much different from other organisms and the thing that makes the difference is our ability to communicate. The word ‘communication’ is very different from the word ‘talk’. Talking can be random and it is a mode of communication. Whereas on the other hand communication is a much broader term. It is used to convey your feelings, to transfer your emotions, to show your expressions. Communication with someone who understands you not always require those regular chatting or late-night video calls. While for some, that could be a way of letting your emotions flow but at the same time for others, it can be a silent way of expression without saying anything just by saying it through their actions.

6. Gentleness of touch

You are a man right? But are you gentle enough to win her heart? Are you a gentleman? This and respect for your partner are the two most important things that you should always keep in mind to strengthen your relationship.

what do ladies want in a relationship

7. Patience to understand

Your patience should overcome the mountains. Your partner looks keenly to you on how will you react or keep the patience when she is being rude or you two have a recent small clash. If you were in the relationship just for time being then you will never miss such an opportunity to break up. But if it is a permanent relationship then give it the required time, give her the necessary time and just come close and sort out the problem because in a relationship two souls unite to help each other and to solve each other’s problems.

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8. A Sense of Control

You have to take the lead. Yes, many of you might confuse this with women empowerment but believe me the majority of the women want their men to take the control and to take the major decisions. So, you should also act accordingly. If you see that she is a bit disappointed then move ahead, take the lead and ask her and also try to motivate her a little or at least show your humorous skills to make her smile at least.

what does a woman want from a relationship

Always support her and be the strong shoulder where she can cry her heart out and be the handkerchief to wipe her tears.

9. Mutual Respect

If she is showing the love, the affection and the respect for you then she might also be expecting the same image from your end too. Your women don’t want Sunny Deol or Hrithik Roshan as their husbands. All they want is that a person who can give them some respect for which they crave for. You have to do nothing for this just put yourself in her position and just imagine all sorts of things that you could have aspired for. Yes just give her that much thing, that much space, that much time, and most importantly that much respect. Also never try to cheat her.

Try to understand where she is wrong and tell it her directly on her face so that she might correct herself. Initially, she might be angry at you but later when she will realize the fact then this will increase the respect for you in her heart and your relationship will become stronger. Don’t even try to say her mistakes to any other woman or any other person. This is a very bad habit and if somehow she comes to know about it then, your relationship ends over there itself. So, respect is very important in every relationship and it must from both ends.

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10. The art of consistency

It is very difficult to get any consistent thing. Our brain is a very naughty person. It cannot even concentrate on a particular thing for more than 7 minutes. The art of consistency is nothing but maintaining the same love, same feelings, same care that you took in your 30s even when you are 85.

what do women really want in a relationship

Now, I hope it’s quite clear to you that what do women want in a relationship from a man.

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