How Can I Find A Job Quickly?

How Can I Find A Job Quickly?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I find a job quickly? The nature of the job market has always been fast paced and dynamic. Covid 19 pandemic has considerably added to the competition in the job market. While there are more openings for positions in the job market, the rate of hiring has proven to be inversely proportional to that number. The pandemic has brought with it uncertainties and Job seeking happens to top the list.

Natalie Paloski, a student at Cornell University shares her experience of how this low rate of hiring in the face of increased job openings contributes to stress levels and increased uncertainty as one goes on and on giving multiple interviews and interview rounds only to later realize that they have not made it!

How can I find a job quickly?

While all this may exacerbate stress levels, especially for newly graduates, there is always a smarter way to tackle problems in hand through creativity. This can be one in the following ways.

1. Networking


When it comes to professional life, it is not about what you know; it is about who you know. Networking is king. Therefore, it is very important to form valuable connections on the way. Making professional friends, not just taking the benefits from them but giving them your contacts, resources etc. can prove helpful to you in the long run. You never know when you would be needing someone’s help and if you have been helpful to them in the past, it would give you brownie points and in turn they will help you in progressing your career. They will perhaps help you connect to the source you need in order to find a job!

This can be done online and offline. Surf the web for virtual networking events and register to them to meet professional people. Building connections on websites such as LinkedIn can go a long way for it helps companies notice you and the number of connections affects your credibility.

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2. Online Job websites

Online Job websites

The nature of the world has gone from real to virtual. The process of in person hiring is almost out of the picture. This means that there are no walk-in interviews that happen as much anymore.

 But hey! This is not the end of the world. Companies are still hiring, and businesses are still going on because work never stops. Companies post their listing on their own as well as other websites that act as a medium to connect employees and employers/ recruiters. Register to these websites and upload your resume. Apply to the listings that have been posted on the website that match with your qualifications/ needs etc.

You can also apply to the companies that are hiring on their respective websites or email them asking for job openings etc.

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 3. Get creative

Get creative

With an increasingly competitive job market, it can get quite tricky to find jobs because openings are exhausting at the speed of light. Sticking to conventional ways wood does not make the cut anymore. One needs to find new ways of doing thighs through creativity.

With the formidable power of technology, it is possible to not only apply for jobs in one’s own town/ country but also globally.  

With remote employment opportunities, you can be sitting in Bulgaria working for a US MNC. Be Diligent and look through such opportunities by digging deep into the World Wide Web and who knows you may find your desired match! 

If in case there are no jobs you could find in your desired sector, be open to finding jobs in other sectors where you could apply your existing skills. This not only opens various options in front of you but also expands your horizon in terms of work experience and dynamism along with getting a secure employment. 

4. Internships or contracts

Internships or contracts

The best way to enter an industry you have no experience in is through internships or contractual employment. This is one of the best ways to gain experience and at the same time evaluate if this particular industry is for you or not.

Companies pay a stipend to the interns and at the same time you get practical real life experience. Through this experience, you not only gain experience but also invaluable soft skills and technical knowledge that increase your chances of thriving in a work environment.

However, know your rights as an intern before starting with the work because senior employees of companies generally unleash the load of work on young interns and can make them work full time with unfair pay. 

A temporary internship or contractual employment may also end up in a permanent employment opportunity as many companies hire the interns that are efficient and competent because that is what they are looking for. 

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5. Work with your university/ school

Work with your university/ school

This is one of the best and quickest ways for freshers to make fast money. Many universities have various job openings and prepositions and since the students are already familiar with the university/school environment, they are preferred. This can prove vital in increasing your work experience and you can always move to another job!

6. Referrals


The best jobs are not often posted online or let out by the organization itself. They are circulated through an ongoing dialogue by the people already aware. Someone knows someone who knows someone who happens to know of a job that you want. Therefore, it is very important to be proactive and stay in contact!

Daniel Roth, the editor in chief of LinkedIn (one of the largest professional networking platforms over the web) points out to the observation that The most popular way to get a job is through referrals and connections.

That is to say that there are more chances of someone getting hired in a particular company through the word of mouth of someone who is already working in that particular company and vouches for you.

“Your network defines your net worth”. How many people you know in the industry you are interested in can play an important factor in getting a job. 

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7. Cold calls

Cold calls

“Life is full of opportunities if only one is out there looking for them”

Do not hesitate to reach out to companies to ask about job vacancies/ openings. The chances are that the email would go unnoticed for many days until you receive a response and you NEED to be patient. Do not get disheartened and keep trying. Keep sending cold emails asking about job openings. You might even want to try to make cold calls to the company. Keep trying and something will surely pop up that is in your favor.

I know a friend of mine who kept sending cold emails to Stanford University and finally got offered an internship. So never stop trying!

 8. Recruitment agency

Recruitment agency

Interviews are all about putting on your best front and selling yourself. If you are not about that, recruitment agencies can be a good fit for you. You apply to the agency, they manage your profile and link you to the job best fit for you because they have a wide network of employees and employers. The payment they take is commission based and if you are willing to make this investment, the agency has most certainly got you covered and will help link you to your dream job!

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9. Job fairs

Job fairs

They are also known as career fairs. This is an event where large numbers of employers and job seekers meet seeking each other. /it proves to be an ideal place for job hunting. Surf the web or career expos in your area or online and register yourself.

You can ask about the company requirements, job details etc, directly for the employer. Get their contact information.

This is the place where you could scrutinize and see what job suits you by directly speaking to the employer.

10. Be your own boss

Be your own boss

Entrepreneurship sounds like a heavy word right?

If you are really passionate about doing something unique and being out of the box, entrepreneurship may be your ideal choice! Everyone wants to sustain themselves. Why not do it on your own terms?  There are many schemes and investors looking to fund young start ups with a unique vision and idea that would help make a difference and bring about a change. Not only this, but an entrepreneur is his own boss and also provides employment to other people.

It takes Passion, patience and persistence but is definitely worth all the effort that comes with bringing a vision from imagination to reality and reaping the benefits of your work!

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