How Do You Motivate Yourself?

How Do You Motivate Yourself?

In this article we are going to talk about the How do you motivate yourself? There are moments in our lives when we don’t feel like doing anything. We don’t want to complete the pending tasks, no matter how important they are. Sometimes this happens due to certain reasons like a bad day or a fight with a friend, but sometimes, this happens without any reason. There are days when we feel down and unmotivated. It is okay to not have any reasons sometimes. It’s fine to have some days to yourself when you just want to laze around. But if these days go on for long then your tasks pile upon and you get submerged at the end.

How do you motivate yourself?

As mentioned, you have to complete the necessary tasks to go on with your life and work. These tasks would not complete themselves. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, you have to go on with your life. It’s brutal but this is what life is. And if you have to complete your work, why not do it with your total dedication. If you do your work half-heartedly it wouldn’t be completed with up to the mark standards. When your work is not up to the standard, you would not feel like you have really accomplished something on your own. All you need is some motivation. And you have to motivate yourself. Your tasks are to be completed by you and it is you only who has to worry about completing them. So here are a few pointers which can help you to motivate yourself.

1. Start with something

Start with something

Sometimes, all you have to is start your work. You feel lazy and don’t want to do your work but once you start doing it, you don’t even get to know when it gets finished. Sometimes, all it is about is starting. You begin with your work and your hands know what they have to do and you wouldn’t notice when you completed all your tasks. So push yourself. No matter how you hard you feel that is. You might feel like postponing all the work that is pending from days when you didn’t feel like doing anything. All you have to do is just start. Don’t let the tempting emotions of just lazing around and not doing anything get the best of you. Consider your rational thoughts and get started with those tasks.

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2. Think about the consequences

Think about the consequences

If you don’t feel like starting your work or still not feel like completing them once you have started, you should think about the consequences. Think that if you complete your task with your 100% dedication, you would be appreciated for the hard work and efforts you put in to complete it and if not appreciation, you would at least feel accomplished. Having a productive is in itself very therapeutic. And then think that if you don’t complete your tasks what consequences you would have to face. First of all, at the end of the end you would regret wasting the whole day and then you might get scolded by your superiors at work or teachers because of incomplete work. After that you would have to do those pending tasks along with current tasks. So think about the consequences about both the situations and then choose rationally.

3. Attainable goals

Attainable goals

It is important that you only set attainable goals. It is good to push your limits to achieve success. But you wouldn’t gain anything if you push yourself too much. At the end, you would only be left with incomplete tasks because you couldn’t achieve them as they were unattainable. Trying to do your level best is good but going too harsh on yourself is only going to make you tired and unable to complete your further tasks. Set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve with your set of capabilities. Everybody knows their own skill sets and things they can do easily and also the things they wouldn’t be able to do without tiring themselves out too much. So push your limits only up to a certain extent so that you don’t harm yourself while completing them.

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4. Give your 100%

No matter what you are doing, whether in your personal or professional life, you should always try to do your level best. Everybody is aware of their limits and capabilities and you also know when you are not doing your best. If you don’t feel like doing it, this should be your motivation that you always have to give your 100%. Once you develop a habit of this, you would automatically start introspecting about your actions when you are doing a task just for the sake of it. It is okay to laze around on some days but when you are given a task you should at the very least try to complete it wholeheartedly.

5. Reasons


One of the biggest motivations you can push yourself with is the reason behind those tasks. You might be working very hard to get a promotion or make a name for yourself at your workplace or to get the best grade or to achieve your dream or to make your parents proud. Whatever your reason might be, always keep them in your mind. The motive behind so much work that you have taken up or given to you. You live your life for a reason and you should always remember it. We are nothing but lifeless bodies if we don’t have dreams and ambitions we want to achieve. Those reasons and your desire for a future that is better than your present are the biggest motivational thoughts you can have.

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6. Eliminate distractions

Eliminate distractions

When we are trying to complete our tasks, we all have some or the other kinds of distractions that make us lose focus. For some, it might be watching a show or the fear of missing out on social media posts. It can be anything depending upon what you like doing in your free time. Either you can distract yourself using those things or you can twist your distractions into motivation. Let those things that make you want to leave your work be your motivation to complete the tasks.

Think about it like this, the sooner you would complete all your work, the sooner you will be able to do what you like doing. If you have a deadline to meet you would keep thinking about it even when you are watching your favourite show. What’s the point of that? So complete your work and then do whatever you want to do.

7. Inspiration


There are people in our lives we look up to. We want to be like them or be in their places. We develop the emotion of envy in our hearts and minds when we look at that person enjoying their lives just the way we would want to. Instead of feeling jealous, try twisting your emotions into inspiration. Look at them but also look at how hard they would have and still are working to live a luxurious life. If going up on the ladder of success gives you luxuries, it also comes with a load of responsibilities. You have to deserve those things in life that you want. You have to work for them. Not everything in life comes to you on its own. Try to get inspired by those people and work hard to reach where they are standing.

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8. Exercise


If the tasks you have to complete involve physical activity then you must keep in mind to keep your brain active as well. Although your brain would automatically be active if you are working on something important but it needed to be mentioned. If the tasks you got to complete involves only brain activity and no sort of physical activity then that can be one of the reasons of your foul mood. So try taking a short walk to refresh your mind for it to start working at its normal speed again. When we are physically lazy, our brain also gets the message that it’s free time and it has nothing to do and you would want to leave all your work. No need for an intense workout; just half an hour walk in the park or your own terrace would suffice.

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9. Keep everything handy

Keep everything handy

When you are feeling unmotivated to complete your tasks, your brain would find reasons to postpone everything. Even if it as small as not having a pen with you when you needed it. Your brain would start making excuses but you have to remain rational. You should know what is important and needs to be done. So to avoid this situation, before you have to sit and start working,  think of everything that you might need while doing your tasks and keep it handy.

You might get lazy when you have to get up in between and get that one thing that you require. For this you might think that you would get up later and get that thing and then you would start working. This would delay everything and you might not be able to complete everything on time. So keep everything handy so that you cannot make excuses later.

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10. Ask for help

Ask for help

Sometimes you take a lot of pressure upon yourself thinking that you are alone who has to complete everything. So always remember that you can ask for help. All you have to keep in mind is to learn from that person you asked for help from. They might not always be there to help you out, so you have to become competent enough to handle similar things in the future. In fact, if you do not feel any motivation even after trying all the methods out there, if you are still feeling low then you can also seek medical help. Always feeling low and tired can also be a cause or symptom. It is not to scare you but for your own good; what harm can be done if you only get checked once. It would clear all the doubts and you can focus on trying to motivate yourself.

These are some of the methods you can try to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like doing anything. Good luck!

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