What Are The Benefits Of Having A Part Time Job As A Student?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Part Time Job As A Student?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the Benefits of having a Part Time Job as a student? The starting point of every child on the road to adulthood is different. Some kids are born into silver cutleries and life of pampering, but many more are in homes just as a warm and loving but not as rich. As a famous personality once said it is not your fault that you are born poor, but if you die poor, you are the to blame. In the world of internet anyone can rummage through loads of information and advertisement and find the perfect job.

Earning money at any time of the day is possible for even school students while juggling work and studies. Jobs from the comfort of their homes to physical work are in abundance for those who are actively searching for it. by finding yourself a part time job, enjoy the luxuries of life that you cannot have before without draining your parents’ pockets.

What are the Benefits of having a Part Time Job as a student?

Financial independency is any students dream. If you are ready to put aside your laziness and procrastination even for just 2 to 3 hours a day you will never regret it. Find out what transformation you can expect by having a part time job below.

1. Pocket Money

Pocket Money

For how long do you want to beg to your parents to buy you the latest gadgets? Part time jobs give you that extra cash for your leisure activities. There are many opportunities available but not many to fill the demand. If you keep searching for the opportunities that best fill your time and, A student on an average can earn anything between 1000₹ and 20,000₹ per month. Being a student, you have a lot of expenses, from heavy tuition fees to daily commuting expenses. Instead of feeling guilty to ask more money from your parents start earning. There are many fields in which you can try your hands in. call center jobs, Swiggy drivers, Ola, Uber, Data entry operations, SEO experts, Coders, Content writers, Video editors, Social media marketing are just a few of the many options available to you.

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2. Drives away boredom

Drives away boredom

Spend your vacations productively. Think of all the hours spend staring at the ceiling wall laying in bed, how about earning few bucks during that time. Part time jobs gives you something interesting to do in your spare time with monetary rewards. Anyone who have worked part time can vouch for this, no day is the same. Especially in jobs directly involving your clients. You get to have an enriching life experience. Part time jobs are an opportunity to meet similar minded individuals from very different backgrounds than you. Meeting them could change the very perspective you have about life. You can form lifelong friendships.

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3. Develop Professionalism

Develop Professionalism

When you are employed, there are a set of qualities the employer expects you to deliver from the quality of your work to the ethics behind it. as a part timer you develop these skills early before entering a regular workforce. This gives you an extra edge over others. You would have better adaptability to the work environment. This even gives you chances of incentives and promotions. It is always wise to select part time jobs in areas nearer to your dream job. This will give you a peak into how your future work environment will be at an early stage. From proper demeanor in person and online to high competency is expected of a professional. This can be achieved through part time jobs.

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4. Connections


Life can put you in strange and hard situations from which it could be hard to get out. If you have the right connections, you could crawl your way out. Jobs in general gives you exposure to all kinds of people in different levels of social and economic ladder. Establishing good relationship with them benefit you in the long run. Be in good terms with your employer. Maybe the most important connection is the HR heads of the company you part time at. They can recommend you in the future for a job, give you referrals, introduce you to other executives and important people. Even if maybe your new connections cannot themselves help you, they could use their own circle to help you in anyway. Some chance encounters are truly life changing.

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5. Time management

Time management

There is nothing as cruel as time in life. Missed opportunities due to procrastinations will be a regret forever. if you are a school going or college student who struggles with delaying your work then you must try part time jobs. Most part time jobs are energy and time intensive with less payout, therefore you would have to push aside all the laziness in the race against clock to complete your daily work tasks. You would have to follow a strict schedule to balance both your academics and the job. The same will make you better at time management. You will find that you won’t postpone your activities and will be performing them in an efficient manner with prioritization.

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6. People Skills

People Skills

We need inter personal skills to survive in today’s setting. Be it offline real-world interactions or virtual interactions. Good communication skills will take you places when you enter your full-term professional environment. The ability to mingle with everyone of all ages is difficult to acquire. A student usually has interactions with peers of age similar to him. When you are part timing you have to interact with people of all ages and gender. Knowing how to communicate respectfully with all age groups is always a plus point when you enter your professional life. Managing different types of clients and employers requires a knack which a part timer can attain through his work experience. It will also make you a really interesting person. You will have lots of exciting stories and memories to share and making friends will be extremely easy for you.

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7. Confidence


Confidence is built in youth. By undertaking part time projects, you form the ability to project yourself outside your regular comfort zone. Daily interactions with people, reporting your work etc= develops language skills and hence improves confidence. You won’t be fearful of interviews in the future anymore. Prior work experience improves your leadership qualities. The financial independence you get will build confidence big time. When working you would automatically come out of your shell.

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8. Money Management

Money Management

Money does not grow on trees and as a student part timer you would have your early taste of this truth. You need to put in your blood sweat tears to work and the money you get may not be as rewarding compared to your efforts. Such a student will learn and value the hard work their parents are putting in to earn money. Since it is the money you earned through own determination, I bet you wont waste it. Students will develop money saving mentality early on before their actual career starts.

As an adult you will be better at budgeting. Chances are you will not fall in debt traps. Students will also get knowledge on banking and investment options available. Most of the students who work as part timers spend all of their energy and time which they could have spend having fun with friends. The sacrifices they have made to be self-reliant would not allow them to waste money ever again.

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9. Interesting CV

Interesting CV

Resume building is a long process. Start your professional journey ahead of everyone else and impress your interviewers. While your friends have no experience, you can standout and shine in recruitment process. Pursuing temporary jobs in the field that you want to work in greatly helps. If you want to be employed in IT sector full time, then start your resume preparations right now. Learn cloud computing, cyber security, data science, block chain technology, artificial intelligence and so on.

Get certified in them and start earning money while you study by doing independent projects. Never stop learning new things and put them to right use by freelancing. Do you want to be in event management industry? Then work in all sub spheres of that industry from catering, delivery, decorations, coordinator, Planner and so on. No job is too small. Your recruiter will know that you are very serious and mature about life and will be a good asset to them.

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10. Career Path

 Career Path

Not everyone has their whole life planned out. In fact, many students don’t know their life goal and ambitions until after they have chosen the wrong stream after board exams or after enrolling in the wrong college for degree. People realize a little too late what they want to do with their life. Working as a part timer, trying new fields and testing new waters and going after your passion you would have a strong idea of the sense of direction you want to take in life. The more early you are aware of your dreams the better you could streamline the path you need to take. By the time you are 22 or 23 years old you would be more aware of the domain that suits you the best and would also be having some amount of experience in the same too giving you the leverage over others.

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