Which Job is the Least Stressful?

Which Job Is The Least Stressful?

In this article we are going to talk about the Which job is the least stressful? Did you know most of the Indians suffer from hypertension, migraines, depression and even insomnia? What could be the possible reason one might ask well it is living a stressful life. The definition of stress according to Google is “Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure.” Now what is the mental or emotional pressure coming from that is being talked about? It is observed mainly in young people who are working. Working is a part of everyone’s life at one point everyone has to work to earn for themselves and their family.

Now due to these reason that is, earning enough for feeding yourself or your family, providing basic necessities, having a house to live in or either providing good education for your kids. It is a basic human instinct that people want to provide nothing but the best for their families. Some people live a stressful life right from their childhood for reasons being no proper home, shortage of food, running on low income, toxic surroundings and abusive families.

Which job is the least stressful?

For people being already dealt with this is becomes extremely hard to survive a stressful working life as they already have a lot of responsibilities. Apart from this workaholic people suffer a stressful life to the reasons being similar either being successful or earning well off. But what people forget to realize is that having mental peace should be their number one priority as some of us do not realize how deadly living a stressful life can be. There is a part of stress in every job and career field but some of them help you live a little less stressful life and below mentioned is a list of them: –

1. Writers


Writing is a hobby of many people and some even make it big after being recognized like the Harry Potter series writer J.K. Rowling. The benefit of being a writer is that you get to choose on which topic do you want to write and you get to do that from the comfort of your home. Writers are also in demand as storytelling or explaining a visualization through a piece of writing is extremely tough for writers it is easy to do so that makes them highly sought after. Publications and companies reach out to writers for writing books for them at times too.

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2. Librarian


If you have fallen in love with being around books and have good sorting or management skills then being a librarian is what you can look up to!  Librarians are present almost can be found anywhere where there are books in abundance like schools, colleges, universities and companies.  Being a librarian also gives you a in-depth knowledge of books and various writers.

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3. Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor

With the immense craze of being fit, fitness trainers are in popular demand. Since, yoga itself is advised for stress or taught how to cool down your brain being a yoga instructor is just an added bonus not for your students but you as well. It lets you be fit, relax, help in achieving good physique and calm down your brain all this while you can help others to have the joy. Yoga is also a regime of international residents too, through this one also gets to inspire and teach other about their Indian culture.

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4. Freelancer


Freelancing is a field where you get to work from home and cater different companies at once. Being a freelancer is good way out from having to rush to office and have hassles in between. You get to work from home, through the comfort of working either day or light that is flexible working hours. Freelancers also get to utilize the best of their days and get to choose when they want to be on a holiday and for how long.

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5. Model


Being a model is a dream of many people and why should not it be? Imagine getting paid for your confidence, good features and ability to be flexible enough for numerous photoshoots. Models are required are many fields even in the ones who do not think about, like being a face of a brand. Due to many social media apps you can also become one without prior experience or having a certain weight or height, these models are called ‘influencers’ and they are equally sought after too nowadays since social media is one of the biggest platforms and helps people reach millions through their fingertips.

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6. Astrologers/Tarot card readers

Astrologers/Tarot card readers

People are often curious about what will happen in their future and if it is something bad how to avoid it, getting to know about their past life and even get advices on what to do in a certain way that leads to success. Thus, astrologers or tarot card readers are needed. They can guide or warn one and if there is a way to be safeguarded from something bad, everyone would like to know it. Sometimes their telling is extremely beneficial for a person which helps him or her have a stable life.

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7. Jewelers


The business of fine jewelry for many people is hereditary like either their forefathers started it or fathers. Being a jeweler also lets one experiment with their creativity and come up with new designs. This profession is a type of career that will never become underrated since jewelry is required in each phase of life and celebrations. They are also a great investment which makes people them and safe for future purposes. Not just fine jewelry but imitation jewelry is as popularized as well because it provides an added bonus to any outfit like a cherry on top.  Unisex accessories are being introduced as well that makes the jewelry department a big hit among youth. Different types and styles are being introduced to provide jewelry for every person and their aesthetic.

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8. Tutor


With so many exams all around the year it is tough for one student of any age to search all the study material and revise it. Tutors are great for young minds as they are teachers but a little friendlier and home tutors teach you through the comfort of your house and at your preferred batch timings. Since it is not possible for student to do all the research tutors are a blissful help because not only, they tell you what is important enough to understand they provide you great tips for an examination as they are already aware of the pattern of it. Tutors can be found for any field easily nowadays as there is online classes available too, you can interact to the best-known toppers or experts and seek their guidance.

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9. Painters


 Even if people are not art lovers or like to paint, they will prefer to decorate their house by putting up art pieces. Art is found in every place. Drawing not only help decorate a plain wall but also are used to enhance the aesthetic. Painters are valued all around the world and every field. People require art in every aspect of life and they sometimes do not even realizing it, from company mascots or logos to paper designs everywhere a little touch of painting or drawing is visible. Painting is not limited to canvas or paper only nowadays many people have taken it digitally to make paintings. Digital art is being highly popularized as well.

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10. Youtuber



YouTube is an educational platform that is used by millions of people. Youtubers can work on that platform either as part time or a full-time job. This platform caters a variety of fields for people to browse through like technology, fashion, art, designing, culinary, beauty etc. Also, the platform opens a gate to many possibilities for people to learn. Not only learning but it is great for entertainment purpose too. Many people watch YouTube to kill time and watch something.

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Every job has its own cons and pros. But it is up to you too as it depends on you how to handle stress and work under pressure. Management is necessary for one to establish themselves, especially stress and time management. Now this does not mean one gives up on working hard. Hard work is as necessary one to survive as basic necessities like food and water.  Working is not limited to living a life that is free from any form of struggle, pressure or stress. Everyone has a struggle period that should be fought courageously for a better outcome in their life. People should not get demotivated if they face a failure or period of extreme bad opportunities. Be content with what you have is another set of skills people should develop, greed is not something which will help you succeed and understand the difference between determination and greed.

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