How Do Toppers Study?

How Do Toppers Study?

In this article we are going to talk about the How do toppers study? We all are in that phase of life where there is nothing more important than studying. Studies are the only way for a bright future. However, every time, we end up being average students. Have you ever gave a thought, why this would be happening? What is so unique among toppers that they always top the examinations? We always try to become the topper, but we don’t know what strategies do toppers follow. We think that toppers are born with some extraordinary power, but it is not reliable. They instill the habit of studying since their childhood. 

How do toppers study?

You might be thinking, how do toppers study? They are very disciplined and organized. Toppers prioritize their studies because they plant the seed of achieving something pretty prominent in their life. If we ask them to choose between any family function or fun trip and their studies, they will opt for studies without giving another thought. It is their quality that makes them extraordinary. We learn, but toppers love doing the learning. Do you want to know what strategies do toppers possess? I have listed down the ten distinctive qualities that make them meritious.

1. Spend most of their time with books

Spend most of their time with books

Give a visit to your class topper’s house. I am sure you will find them doing something very different like reading a novel, newspaper or anything that could enhance their knowledge and understanding. Rank holders not only converge on the curriculum. They use textbooks only for the outline, and for reference, they go through so many other publications. Toppers love spending most of their time with their books. Ordinary students generally have best friends, but these toppers make books their best friend. It is the reason why people call them bookworms. Being a bookworm is not wrong, but studying only the things included in the curriculum is of no use. It is expected from you to know worldly affairs.

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2. Study without shortcuts

Study without shortcuts

You people skip reading the chapter. If there are five chapters in the syllabus, you hop one or two chapters. You choose the path of shortcuts while they replace the shortcut with complete study. They don’t take chances. Toppers aim to write everything that appears on paper. And the day before the exam, they do revisions. As soon as they get the timetable of the examinations, they start preparations. So all their studies are done till the day before the exams. Think for yourself, does this happen to you too? Or you fail to end your syllabus till the time of the exam?

3. Proper time management

Proper time management

It is the specialty of the toppers that they don’t feel bored while studying. They work according to their schedule. Those people plan what they have to read on which day. They don’t waste time in deciding the subject or topic. They make use of every minute till they go to sleep. They focus on quality than quantity. So that whatever they learn, they must not forget that in the long run at least till the exams. Those people give 10-12 hours in a day to study in their schedule.

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4. Persistency and dedication

 Persistency and dedication

Persistency is the key to success for them. Even if these students top the exam, they don’t care, and they don’t stop studying. They start planning for the succeeding exams. They know that no exam is last. They have to keep continuously cramming till they get success with satisfaction. Toppers know their final destination, and hence they keep struggling every time. Once you top and you are on cloud nine. And you stop studying further and keep chasing your previous success. Enjoying your success is okay, but it is wrong to keep singing praises of that success every time. So, start planning for your next hurdle from the very next time as you cross one barrier successfully. Study with complete dedication and unstoppably. 

5. Understanding what they study

Understanding what they study

Toppers memorize less and understand more. While giving any competitive exam, one can’t learn anything by heart. Only your understanding will take you towards success. When you ask them to resolve any of your difficulties, they will answer them efficiently and promptly. They make sure to keep their concepts clear and solve all their doubts on time. They don’t hesitate to ask the mentor or docent. Only formulas, diagrams, and equations need to be mug up. Other than this, if you sit and absorb the solutions, then you can’t be the topper. So, study in the way the toppers do.

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6. Practicing


Toppers are habitual of sitting for more than three hours at one place. That is why it becomes extra effortless for them to sit in the examination hall for many hours. They keep solving the papers within the time limit. And so, practicing in this way helps them to maintain speed while writing during the exam. Practice helps in building the graph of improvement. They keep improvising themselves. They learn from their mistakes, so the same should not happen further. What all aspirants do, they keep on polishing their powerful topics and feel convinced. But toppers brighten their weak concepts. They don’t give up easily makes them stand out.

7. Handwritten notes

Handwritten notes

Why do other students always ask toppers for their notes? We try to gather the notes at the last moment. But toppers always have their self-created notes. They stick to them and end up saving time. Their summary is very uncomplicated to understand, but for them only. If you think that if you study from topper’s material, them mark my words, that you cannot. Create your self-summary notes, and assuredly you will be one of the toppers if you do it in a precise manner. So, be your teacher, easily explain yourself and get ready with your colorful handwritten notes. Use color pens to make it even more modest. 

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8. They avoid distractions

They avoid distractions

Toppers never waste their time in unproductive activities. We all know distractions are everywhere in mobile phones as well as people. Most of the toppers avoid distractions such as relationships, web series, and social media. All these things, when not used properly, influence one’s perception. Henceforth, toppers don’t allow the presence of them. For them, only their goals matter. Their dreams hold them and keep them away from disturbances. But you can use social media for learning tricks or for obtaining additional study material. Youtube can prove to be very advantageous for any competitive or school exams. Excessive use of anything is harmful.  

9. Punctuality


You have to be punctual concerning any work you do. Because once the opportunity is gone, it never comes back. Toppers never let the opportunities slip out of their hand. For instance, if they have one month in their hand for preparation, they make use of every second. What you do when you have one month? You plan to study, but thinking that you have a lot of time on your hand. You keep on delaying and sit to cram at the last moment. That is the reason that makes toppers top the exams. 

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10. Smartwork and hardwork

Smartwork and hardwork

Toppers not only do hardwork but also they do smartwork. First, they understand the paper pattern and study examination-oriented. And when they surmise, they can learn something more. They put their step out of the box and start thinking about gaining knowledge. They commence with hardwork, and when they understand that they are good to go, they initiate doing smartwork. For them, hardwork is for momentary victory, and smartwork is for future accomplishments. 

The participant in the competition has already won. You are already toppers. So, all the wannabes buckle up and rouse up your inner topper. The people who come first are also human beings like you. They aren’t aliens. I have disclosed all the topper habits. All you have to do is understand and bring it in yourself. You are intelligent to know your worth. If you put your energy into righteous works, then you will get high-grade outcomes. You will get many recommendations to become the topper but prefer that readjusts you discreetly.

Don’t overburden yourself. Do as much as you can. Otherwise, it will affect your health. If you feel depressed, take the help of your parents. No one can lift you positively. If you are a school or college student, you can keep yourself cheered up by sports, musical instruments, or anything that fascinates you. If you are struggling with AIR, you have to stay positive and study the way toppers do. 

All the best!

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