Why We Should Be Punctual?

Why We Should Be Punctual?

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Reasons Why We Should Be Punctual. Generally, punctuality means being everything on its very pre decided and adhered time. It is often said that we should be punctual and do every little thing punctually. In schools, we often are made to write essays on this topic. This is the value which we are taught in elementary school, in higher studies, also in the college and even at our workplace. It is not mere a word but a value which stays with the individual throughout his life. Whether it may an office meeting or a marriage ceremony, a party or any event, one who is punctual always gets appreciated. Punctuality hence is the value which shapes our reputation and something which defines our professionalism and social values. Each one of us should be very punctual.

10 Reasons why we should be punctual

There are a lot of reasons to be punctual. In all the phases of life, it is very beneficial to be punctual. Those benefits from each aspects are explained herein:

1. It is the key to succeed

It is the key to succeed

There can be no exclamation if we term success as the synonym of punctuality. It is seen that people having higher punctuality level tends to be more successful in their respective life and make their living comparatively much better than the lazy fellows. Punctuality is not a thing that can be attained overnight or a week, it is a proper process of transformation from a un-regular personality to a well developed routine in life which further lead to a key of success in every individual’s future.

A student always taught to be sincere during his school life, to do his job of study on time with full dedication the motivate behind this course by his educators is to built the sense of regularity in him and try to make him understand what role does being ‘on time’ mean. It require only 21 days to make a habit but to carry it on is something a challenging task.

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2. It shows how trustworthy you are

It shows how trustworthy you are

Punctuality helps in building your personality in some another sense which is never being neglected by the society, when a student who is supportive to his colleagues, teachers and all those peoples living around him it creates a good image of him in front of them which totally reflects student’s level of punctuality towards all those people and yes it creates a trust of all those people with that particular kid. It sounds more like unrealistic but in real life anyone can expression it very easily and can also figure out the advantages of this trustworthiness from his peers.

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3. Effects Integrity

Effects Integrity

It  primarily means to promising yourself for the purpose of doing the work to be finished in the given period of time. Now to run from yourself is the habit of most of the people in this world they either commit more then what is their caliber or they don’t even know what is their strong zone of work or what not is. To commit someone is to challenging your own self for completing the task in the shortest way possible because they do not give you much time to prove yourself on any chance, the reason is very simple as no one in this competitive growing world wants anyone else to tackle him on their place.

So to in order to prove yourself correct to the world you should be first be truthful to your mind, your objectives must be clear so that you won’t get into any trouble regarding decision making or either performance of any task. It basically prepares you to for unforeseen bad situations.

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4. You are known by it

You are known by it

‘Your behavior reflects your personality’ what you do does not matter in your childhood because no one there to judge you on those parameters but it get started with flipping of calendar over and over. A kid is always been put to a give up zone but a matured person is always judged by his course of action. What he performs! What he speaks to the seniors these all questions are raised by the society by the people who are there to make you better and worthy full in life.

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5. You are Respected

You are Respected

 As the great William Shakespeare said “better three hours too soon than a minute too late” these lines are not of much sense for being creating respect for a individual but it makes a deeper impact in the mind of third person. Who can figure you out of anything you do. You can never judge who when and where can test you on any of your activity and in what sense it may cost you, which is also totally unknown.

Now, this all impacts when one is not in condition of being to prove himself as ideal personality for the society or in other words as a punctual man. If you are having a habit of being to the place before the given time then it totally defines how seriously you are taking that event and how much important is that person to you. These all small thing make a high impact and hence results in a positive side.

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6. Authorities can rely on you

Authorities can rely on you

If we talk about the corporate sector it is very difficult for the one to make its position among valuable people of that firm. This can be achieved by either ways first which is most common and is seen performed by most is to butter the superiors to be their favorites and mark themselves in the good books of seniors, which is as it sounds is never a good option at a certain point of time they can caught you and hence you can be even fired from firm, so the other way is to make yourself eligible and punctual by your work performance which will impact them good as well as it will also help you to make yourself permanent and win the confidence of your seniors.

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7. Shows your self-management

Shows your self-management

Management is something related to your discipline and maintenance of work performance along side. It shows how you react to the adverse situations at the work place and your personal life. It always become more typical for the person to make correct decisions as responsibility grabs you the thinking power and decision making starts responding opposite ways. Making them in control is the key of self management.

Study says that people working in a nine to ten hours of job tends have more pressure of decision making hence they get start getting anxiety, workload pressure etc. So here management of mind is must for individual.

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8. Professionalism and dedication towards task is highlighted

Professionalism and dedication towards task is highlited

Getting into a work for a long time can make you perfect in that work but it can’t make you professional it can only be achieved through dedication on that work. Now the dedication doesn’t mean of having some long sitting for doing of work it is simply giving your time towards that job hence it results in the better way. The more inclined towards your goal the more you will be able to get good skills in that work. It built yourself for the tougher conditions and can be tested on different scales through that.

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9. Builds Self confidence

Builds Self confidence

Punctuality builds confidence in you to get things done in right sense and in correct order. Confidence and over confidence have slight difference in them as punctuality can either make you confident towards work or over confident. It is seen in many people they are much confident in their work this reflects that they preferred punctuality in past hence their work confidence level boost up by it.

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10. Makes you civilized

Makes you civilized

To achieve the desired goals, to have about what you have dreamt in your life, and to fulfill all your dreams, you need to be successful. And punctuality plays a very important role in shaping the career of a person. All these achievements are possible when you are serious about it. You have to be punctual and order to be more cultured and civilized, which definitely would help you to achieve great things in your life. If you are late everywhere and delay everything, there are no chance of you to be respected and worthy of the praise of the society. A uncivilized person, is not respected and considered as unreliably, whether he may be a student or a professional. This is the main drawback of being uncivilized, uncultured and non-punctual.

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Punctuality hence, is important and vital in every phase of life. A punctual person is respected everywhere and the one who people think is reliable. It is the very significant feature of the punctuality that it helps you in every phase and every aspect of our life. This is the true and very essence of the life. A punctual person always succeeds. Try getting it in your life and see how life and your attitude towards it changes for the good.

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