How Can I Be A Good Son?

How Can I Be A Good Son?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I be a good son? Son, it is not just a word. It is a whole world for their parents. Son is the proud of their parents. Parents have lots of expectations from the son. They always think that he will be there in their old age. He will be the support in their bad time. When a son born in a family, the expectations of parents are too much. They want that their son will become the most successful person in the world and the best son of his parents. Parents spend their all saving on the education of their child. They are always stand with him.

How to be a good son?

Parents do all the things for their son. So, it is necessary for son to become the best son for their parents. They spent their all income on you. Thus, it is your responsibility to behave good with your parents and fulfil all their expectations, dreams and desires. Here, we will discuss top 10 ways to be a good son that everyone should have to follow to keep their parents happy.

1. Listen to your parents

Listen to your parents

The first and most important thing which you have to keep in your mind that always listen to your partner. They will always speak for your good. It is the general problem of parents that their son not listen them properly. This will really hurt the parents. If you want to be a good son of your parents then always listen what they are saying and act accordingly. Your parents will be really happy if you listen them and work accordingly. When parents are talking with you listen them properly and do not check your mobile or not do anything other. It is not the responsibility of only parents to listen your demands all the time. You have also responsibility to listen them properly.

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2. Share all things

Share litle things

Parent feel so good when their son shares all the experience with them. Always share what’s going in your life. Always share your life goals with them. If you have some problems related to study or anything always feel free to share with them. They will definitely pay attention to your problems and give the top most priority to solve them. If you share all your thoughts, emotions and ideas then definitely your parents will be happy and always stand with you if there is any problem. Always try to share all your secrets with them. It will make your bond stronger. Thus, if you want to be a good son of your partner then always share whatever going in your life.

3. Spend time

 Spend time

Good son always spends some time with their parents. If you want the tag to great son of your parents then take some time to spend with parents. Really, that time is the most valuable and precious time of your life. There is complete relaxation in your mind when you are with your parents. Son have lots of work and responsibilities but if you are not spending time with your parents then there is no reason of doing such work. Try to make a schedule in which you spend some time with your parents. You can do anything in this time. You can talk to them and share your problems with them. You don’t know that how much they are happy if you spend time with them. Spending time with parents is always a quality of a good son.

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4. Show gratitude

Show gratitude

From the birth of son, parents do lots of hard work in the upbringing of their child. They are standing like a wall for their son. They can do anything for their son. They take care of all the things from your good food to quality education. They give their life to make your life best. So, it is the responsibility of the son that at least he expresses gratitude and say thank you to them. There are many ways to express gratitude. You can give them gifts, cards or anything which they like. In short you have to say thank you for whatever they do for you. Do not think that it is worthless to show gratitude. They will really happy and also shows them that you really care for them and really grateful for all their efforts and hard work.

5. Help them

Help them

Parents have lots of work. If you help in their work then it will be a good gesture. There are lots of work you can do. For example, help in cooking food, help your father in their office work, help in cleaning the house etc. Your helping is not end there. Always take care of the health of your parents. Always remember them to take their medicine in time. Take them to the hospital for their routine check-up. Don’t forget they have done billions of things for your health, now it is your responsibility. Helping son is the best son of the parents. Always stand with them and present anytime when they need you. So, if you want to be the good son then never step backward to help the parents.

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6. Update them with new technology

It may be possible that your parents are not familiar with new technology and electronic gadgets. They struggle to operate them. So, it is the golden chance for you to be the good son in the eyes of your parents. You can teach them how to use laptop, mobile. You can teach them how to order online products and avail many services at home. You can also teach them about net banking and phone banking which can save them from the regularly visit of the bank. Don’t forget they teach you everything about this world and if you know anything which they don’t know then it is responsibility to teach them. Modern technology makes your work easy. If you teach them about this then they stress and their workload also decrease.

7. Do activities with them

Do activities with them

This is another way to be a good son. You can do many activities with your parents. You can watch their favourite movie with them. You can also plan a picnic with them. You can go for a walk with them. Doing activities with them makes them happy and your bond will become stronger. Doing such activities with them show that you care for them and love to spend time with your parents. If you are a son then don’t think to do all activities with dad. Do activities with your mom equally. You can help them in cleaning home, cooking food etc. Always show equal love for both. You cannot become a god son by giving your time and love to only one. Mom and dad both are equally entitled for your love and affection.

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8. Don’t argue with them

Those sons who continuously argue with their parents are the worst person in this world. You never try to think about it. It will really hurt them that their son is squabbling with them. But this is the common problem of current generation. They start the argument for little things. They don’t even care about their emotions and feelings. They don’t deserve even the ‘son’ title. If you are arguing with your parents then this shows that you are not respecting your parent’s words. Thus, always mark one thing in your mind, never do argument and disrespect of your parents’ words. They are always thinking for your good.

9. Make them laugh

Make them laugh

Parents have lots of stress and tension. They pretend to show that they are very happy. Behind their happy face they are hiding so much tension. So, it is the responsibility of son to make them laugh. Laugh fades away the stress from our mind. There are many ways to make them laugh. You can tell them a joke. You can show them the funniest video from social media. It is true that this laugh will not helpful in long term. Their stress will come again after some time. But for a short time, they forget all their stress and laugh, this is the biggest thing. This also shows that you help them in reducing their stress and you also feel tensed when your parents are suffering from stress.

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10. Make your parents proud

Parents do all efforts to make you a better human being. They suffer a lot for you. Their motive is just to make you a better person. Parents have only one dream that their son will make them proud one day. Thus, it become mandatory to fulfill their dreams. This dream cannot fulfill in one stroke. You have to do lots of hard work. It takes lot of effort and time to make your parents proud and it takes a moment to make your parents feel ashamed. So always do all the things wisely. You are representing your parents. It is your responsibility to make your parents proud. If you are successful in feeling them proud then you definitely become the good son of your parents.

The tag of good son cannot earn in one stroke. It needs lots of effort and continuous care of your parents. You cannot repay whatever your parents do for you. It is priceless. Always remember that parents are more than God for their son. Never forget that they do billions of things for you. Now it is your turn to help them, laugh them, teach them and makes them proud that he is my son. Here, we discussed top 10 ways to be a good son which you must follow to make your parents happy.

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