How to convince a married woman to sleep with you?

how to convince a married woman to sleep with you

How to convince a married woman to sleep with you? : The answer of this question is written here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to convince a married woman to sleep with you. It is not always outward appearance or conversation but it also depends upon your body language on how you attract a married women. Correct body postures can surely be of help and can change your life. When you approach the woman of your dreams, at once she starts reading your body language before conversing. There are various kinds of body languages, here are some them have a read.

How to convince a married woman to sleep with you?

Now know ” How to convince a married woman to sleep with you?” by reading about the 10 things to keep in mind that are written below:

1. The eye contact

The most important point about attracting a married woman without a proper communication is the eye contact. When you directly look into her eyes while talking, this shows that you are really interested in her. But if you move your eyes here and there, then she is sure to get offended and not get attracted towards you. Eye to eye contact is the main point of non verbal communication; it also increases one’s confidence level. In addition to this, through your eyes she can know whether you like her or not and on the other hand you’ll be able to know whether she is interested in you or not.

how to persuade a married woman to sleep with you

2. Appearance

Now, it’s a true fact that we should not judge anyone by the physical appearance, but a minimum etiquette is required to impress someone. It is not like you need to dress up like a prince charming or like some rich guy but dress like a gentleman. Give an update to your wardrobe with some fresh clothes. Look fresh and presentable, cut your hair properly, shower nicely and use a good perfume. Married women always tend to first see how much a gentleman you can be and they don’t like cringy dressing style.

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3. Confidence in body language

Convincing a married woman to sleep with you is also about body language. You just can’t hop into a conversation with your hands in your pocket and hunched soldiers. This shows how much of a casual behavior you have and no such women will like it. Be a confident gentleman and have confidence in what words you speak out. Put your shoulders back, keep your heads up and hands to your side. This shows courtesy and respect towards any women and they will like it for sure.

4. Friends matter

When a women is really interested in you, she keenly observes on how you spend time and behave with your friends. Be chatty around your friends, have fun with them, help them and talk with them nicely. Friends can help you maintain your self-image in front of her. From your behavior towards your friends she can make out roughly about what kind of guy you can be.

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5. Eyebrows

Many of you all might not know but eyebrows matter a lot when you are in conversation. It plays a major part in attracting women. Suppose during a conversation you raise your eyebrows too high then she may think you are rude or annoying. Now, if you do not raise them at all anytime then she might think you are bored of her. Through your face she will understand everything. So, don’t raise your eyebrows too high or too low, raise it enough to show that you are really interested in whatever she says.

how to tell a married woman you want to sleep with her

6. Avoid forcing a smile

There are many situations at times when we fake a smile forcibly just to go on with the conversation. But such behavior can actually be harmful as women pay attention deeply while in a conversation and they might not like this kind of forced behavior. When you force a smile it automatically gets reflected in your eyes and they can understand it. When its a fake one try to give a genuine smile or just laugh lightly to ease up the situation.

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7. Smile more

Women love it when men smile genuinely. A smile is the most major thing which a woman fetches in a man. A gentle smile can take off the guard of a woman which she has when you approach her and it can just melt her heart right away. Women find men’s smile really attractive. But smile like you actually are smiling naturally, be gentle and presentable.

8. Lean into her when you talk

Don’t show extra interest towards her and just lean into her right away. But when you are conversing with her halfway, slightly lean onto her and look into her eyes showing that you are interested in whatever she says. Don’t lean back totally and sit casually, it will only show how much you are not interested in her and she might not get attracted towards you at all.

how to get a married woman to sleep with you

So, at first don’t lean towards her suddenly but slowly, slowly as the conversation goes deeper slightly lean towards her.

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9. Share interests

You won’t really know her interests until you pay attention to whatever she is interested at. If she loves to visit pubs then you can visit the same pub too, just to give her sudden company. If she loves to visit a certain mall often then you can visit that mall too or even hangout together in a restaurant. Having same interest might let your women get attracted towards you. Women will get attracted towards you knowing that you guys share the same interest and at the same place at the same time.

10. Physique

It does not mean having a muscular body but it means to have a soul which knows to show affection and care. Women always search for love and care in men, they look towards their man for protection. Most women are attracted towards men who know how to take care of themselves rather than being dependent upon others. You should know how to value yourself and have confidence and not just showing off your abs and skills. You don’t need to hit the gym for hours a day but once you start taking care yourself, women will automatically start getting attracted towards you.

Now I hope you have got understood “How to convince a married woman to sleep with you?”

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