How to make your Boyfriend feel better when he is sad?

How to make your Boyfriend feel better when he is sad?

Read this article to know how to make your boyfriend feel better when he is sad. Humans are emotional beings and it is natural for them to feel and react to emotions like happiness, sadness, anger and others. Among all these emotions, a person is most affected when he is in a state of acute sadness or depression. Often his entire self-confidence is destroyed in such situations and the person needs someone close to him, to understand him and help him out of the situation.

10 Best Ways to make your Boyfriend feel better when he is sad

Thus the following article reveals the top 10 methods that a girl can follow to make her boyfriend feel better and cheerful when he is sad.

1. Spend Time With Him

Whenever a person is sad, he feels lonely and depressed. So when your boyfriend is sad due to some incident, he must feel down and dejected. In this situation, the best way to cheer up your boyfriend is to spend time with him. It is surely a good method as spending time alone might make your boyfriend feel ore down, depressed and left-alone and the best way to improve his mood and confidence is by spending time with him, speaking highly of him and assuring him that you are always there for him even in his worst circumstances. By spending time with him, talking to him and cheering him up when he is depressed, his mood will surely swing and that will further enable you to deepen the bond between you and your boyfriend, because your boyfriend needs you the most when he is sad or depressed.

2. Get Him To Go Out Of The House

A very useful tip to improve one’s mood and feelings is to make them go out of their homes into the fresh air. So whenever your boyfriend is sad and depressed, you should always attempt to make him get out of his house on the streets and have a walk, or interact with others, accompanied preferably by yourself. It will not be easy to convince him, as a sad person does not normally want to face the world, and rather wants to be left alone in his room. However being alone in the room for too long in a depressed state generally gives rise to further negative thoughts, and one continues to get trapped deep into his mental confusions and negativity, damaging his self-confidence tremendously. Thus try to convince him to get out of the house and have a walk in the fresh air.

It is a very helpful remedy to improve one’s mood as when one is in the outside world, he realizes how petty is his sorrow in front of the huge world and sights of people hustling and rushing, children playing and beautiful trees and birds are generally enough to refresh one’s mind and make them feel better. Thus always attempt to get your boyfriend out of his house whenever he’s sad.

3. Validate His Feelings

The most beautiful feeling that you can give to your boyfriend is that you care for him, and understand his life problems. Therefore whenever your boyfriend is sad, you must attempt to understand his feelings. You must have the patience to hear and understand his life problems and situations and try to cheer him up. While listening to his feelings and reason for his sadness, initially you must appear to feel convinced by all his words and make him realize that there are better ways to deal with the problem than becoming sad and giving up hopes, even if you know that the reality is opposite.

Thus you must make him realize that you can understand his pain and sorrow and understand the reason for his sadness. This will help him feel that you genuinely care for him, and will thus help him to become happy and cheerful as well as further strengthen your bond.

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4. Watch A Comedy Movie

One way to make your boyfriend feel better when he is extremely sad is by accompanying him to watch a good comedy film. This method is very useful as a good comedy film will surely force your boyfriend to laugh and rejoice himself and in the process, he will surely get over his dejection and sadness. It is correctly said by the wise that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ as it enables a person to get rid of all his existing anxiety, depression and sadness and fills his heart with joy and happiness. Hence watching a comedy movie with your boyfriend can help him to get out of his sadness, and start feeling better and optimistic.

How to make your Boyfriend feel better

5. Serve Him His Favourite Food

Serving your sad and depressed boyfriend, his favorite cuisine might help him to rejoice himself and get over the dejection and sadness. It might be effective to swing his mood instantaneously and get over his sadness. Also surprising him with his favorite food accompanied by your love and affection will not only make his taste buds feel better, but will help you realize how much you care for him and this feeling of being given care and importance can surely help him to feel better. Yes, this method might not work if he is seriously upset, due to loss of job or passing away of someone very close to him, but if he is just upset due to reasons like a bad day or test grade or because of being rebuked by boss or teachers, then this surely is a great method to cheer your boyfriend up.

6. Play Melodious Songs

It is practically proven that songs are one of the greatest healers of one’s mood. They possess the capability to provide relief to even the most distressed minds and there is not a man whose soul is not moved by the lyrics of some sweet and melodious song. So one of the best methods to make your sad and depressed boyfriend feel better is to play his favorite melodious and inspirational songs for about a couple of hours, after which he will surely be greatly influenced and inspired. In the process, it will rejuvenate his mind and make him feel much better and optimistic and thus will enable him to overpower his distress and sadness. Thus playing your boyfriend’s favorite songs which are inspiring at the same time, is one of the smartest things to do to make him feel better.

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7. Say That You Are And Will Always Be There For Him

At the time of sadness and depression, your boyfriend desperately requires someone to understand him and support him thus enabling him to see through the hard times. So when your boyfriend is sad and dejected, it is your first responsibility to stand beside him and understand his perspective. You must make him realize that no matter what, you are always with him and will always support him in the future.

You must show your concern over his sadness and his problems responsible for it. Moreover, you need to be very strong and optimistic so that you can cheer your boyfriend even in the most challenging times of his life. So to make your boyfriend feel better ensure him that you are always there for him in any situation, pleasant or unpleasant. 

8. Be Okay With His Silence

Initially, when your boyfriend is feeling sad or depressed, he might prefer to be silent for quite some time. The key attitude at that point is bearing patience and being okay with his silence, even if he is normally very extrovert and frank with you. Your boyfriend might immediately not inform or hesitate to inform you the reason for his sadness and depression, but it is your responsibility to bear his silence with patience and slowly trying to convince him to share his problems with yourself and explain to him that how sharing the issue would decrease the sadness and dejection in his heart and might also enable them to find a solution by collective thinking.

Thus it is essential for you to not force him to talk to you if he refuses initially as in a dejected mood, your inquisitions might further frustrate him and trouble him. Hence patience is the key to make him feel better.

ways to make your Boyfriend feel better

9. Give Him Some Space

If your boyfriend is very friendly and extrovert by nature, it is advisable to spend time with him when he is feeling sad. However, some boys might not have the exact mentioned characteristics and they might not prefer special attention when they feel depressed. Thus don’t be surprised if your boyfriend requests you to leave him alone for some time and give him some space, as it is natural for some people to prefer to stay alone when they are sad and depressed. Such people generally do not like company or influence during sadness and are often capable of getting over the situation by spending a few hours alone and calming their distressed minds. Thus if your boyfriend requests you to give him some space, do not take it personally and allow him to spend a little time with himself as it might help him to overcome his sadness.

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10. Be Patient With Him

When your boyfriend is mentally sad and distressed, he may not always respond to you in the most convincing ways and all methods that you apply to cheer him up might not bring any immediate impact on his mood. During this type of situation, it is extremely essential that you remain cool and patient with him and keep supporting him throughout his entire gloomy and depressed phase. His feeling normal and better will depend upon the amount of patience and support that you can show towards him during the difficult period, and therefore it is extremely essential to be patient with your boyfriend when he is in a state of depression and not take his responses personally, as it is the time that he requires you the most.

Thus the above article contains the 10 ways that should be followed to make your boyfriend feel better when he is sad. I hope these methods work for everyone and everyone is successful in cheering up their depressed and sad boyfriends.

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