How to make someone feel wanted in a relationship?

How to make someone feel wanted in a relationship

Read this article to know how to make someone feel wanted in a relationship? : Whether it’s about friends, life partner, or family members, showing them your love and affection and tells them how much they are important in your life is really important task in a relationship. The fast and working life make us so much busy that we mostly forgot to appreciate, to express our love and affection to our loved ones. So, it’s become really essential for us to take out some time from our busy life and spend it with our loved ones and remind them that how special they are and how much they are matter to us. So, in this article we are going to discuss few ways by which you can make your loved ones feel wanted in a relationship:

10 Best ways to make someone feel wanted in a relationship

Here we are going to discuss the 10 best way in which you can make someone feel wanted in a relationship:

1. Ask them about their day

I know its sound little boring, as most of us know that what ours loved ones do all the day. But asking them about their whole day, like what they do today in office? How their day in the work place? Did they enjoy their day? And many more question, which make them feel that you are interested in knowing about their day and they will feel free to express their views. It also show that you give importance to them and you want to know about them and these few simple questions make them feel prioritize, and they we feel light and happy after sharing their whole hectic day with you.

2. Listen to them

In the daily busy life, we forgot to listen to those people who are most close to us. We start ignoring them by avoiding their talks, or by procrastination that “we will talk about it later” or “handle it by yourself don’t ask me.” These things start creating a distance between you and your loved ones. So it’s really important to take time for them and listen to them that what they want to tell you or want express you. So, always take some time from your busy life and listen to your loved ones, and make sure that you look interested in their talk and want to listen what they want to say, because ignorance and avoidance can only make a negative impact on your relationship.

3. Don’t criticize and complaint about everything

We all know that it is not possible that we all are agree on same things, so it’s really easy in a relationship that we start criticizing each other or start complaining about everything, which may spoil the love in your relationship. Everyone have a different thinking style and a different perspective and it’s true that you both may not are on same boat, but criticizing and complaining is not the solution. You need to be patience, and need to understand each other point of view, and if you even don’t like it, at least don’t citizen it. Try to talk instead of criticizing. And not complaint about everything single thing because as like you they are also trying and putting efforts to make your relationship work.

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4. Appreciate them for their every single achievement

Achievements play a very important part in our life. Even a small achievement, enthusiast us and prepare us for bigger achievement. It’s really important in a relationship that you value the achievements of your loved ones and appreciate them every time they achieve something, no matter it’s a small achievement or a big one, just tell them how much you are happy with their achievement and how proud you feel for them. It will make them happy and give them a positive vibes and push them to work hard towards their goals.

How to make someone feel loved in a relationship

5. Respect each other opinion

Different people have different opinions as people have different perspective, and different lifestyle about everything, so it’s very common to have differences in opinion but these opinion should not affect your relationship in negative way. It’s really important how you are taking their opinion and how you are reacting on them, never make fun or ignore their opinion, its make them feel bad and unworthy in the relationship. You don’t need to change your opinion according to your loved ones or neither they need to change their opinion according too you. Just listen to them and respect their opinion, try to understand what they want to tell you.

6. Accept their family and friends

“Accepting” plays a major role in any relationship, accepting your family and friends the way they are, and accepting the people with those they want to spend their time is an important part of relationship. Whether it’s your partner or your friend, it’s really important that you accept their family the way it is, changing them and criticizing them can lead to relationship breakdown. Nobody wants that their partner or friend criticize their family and friends and it’s really important that you value them and their family and friends too and accept them the way they are. This will help you to make a stronger bond with your loved ones and make you closer to them.

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7. Open up about each other choices

Everyone wants that there partner or their loved ones should be aware about their choices, but without telling each other that what you love and what you don’t love, and what are your choices and preference it is not possible. So always try to clear up about it that you always know what are the choices and preference of your partner or loved ones are, and they know what choices and preference you have. Make sure you do your work and task by considering their choices too, like decorating your room must have your choice as well as your partner choice too.

8. Compliment them

In the busy and hectic life most of the time we forgot to compliments our loved ones. If you really want that your relationship work well and the affection between you and your loved ones always increase then It’s really important for you to compliment them on their dressing, looks, on their work, on their cooking, or whatever they do. This is the easiest way to tell them that you notice them, you adore them, you love them and appreciate every single effort they are putting in their relationship and how beautiful they are and how much you are happy to have them in your life.

How to make someone feel needed in a relationship

9. Show your affection

There are lots of people who know that how much they love their family, friends, and partners, but are unable to show their affection towards their loved ones and are suffering from complaints that they don’t love or appreciate them. It’s really important in a relationship that you make sure to show your affection towards your loved ones, as the way it is possible and as much as you can show, by hugging them, telling them how good they are doing, talking to them, compliment them on their looks or on their dress, gift them, surprise them, spend time with them or whatever the way you can appreciate. It’s really simple to show them your love by small gestures which show them that how much you care about them and make them realize that they are important for you.

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10. Let them express their emotion

A relationship is called good when you and your partner both can express your feeling with each other without thinking that what other going to think about you. Whether they are sad, happy, and angry or even when they are unable to express how are they feeling, just let them express their every emotion and listen to them what they want to tell you. This will create a good bonding between you and your loved one and they feel free to express their emotion in front of you, which make your understanding better and relationship good.

Above we discuss about 10 best ways by which you can make someone feel wanted in a relationship. A relationship can be good when you and your loved ones have good understanding and share healthy bonding, for this the relationship should be like a mirror where you can share and express every single thing with your loved ones. But sometimes in busy and hectic schedule we forgot about our loved ones and indirectly ignore them and hurt them. But with these basic ways you can rebuild your relationship with your loved ones and make your bonding stronger, you just need to take care some points in your mind like listen to them, don’t ignore them, compliment or appreciate them, tell them how important they are and spent time with them. I know for some of you it sound quite tough but your little effort can make your relationship happy and beautiful, so start making them feel that you want them.

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