How to make your girlfriend feel loved?

How to make your girlfriend feel loved

Read this article to know how to make your girlfriend feel loved? : Love is the most profound emotion known to human beings, agreed there are many forms of love, but humans choose to express it in a more romantic relationship, with a compatible partner. Having a girlfriend is a very beautiful thing, and it has a lot of advantages as it will teach you how to love somebody unconditionally, love them more than you love yourself. Being in a relationship gives a sense of being loved; it provides a deep source of fulfillment. A relationship makes you feel secure and it is very comforting knowing you have somebody to share everything with, somebody to completely be yourself without any second thoughts.

A mature relationship is the one where you fight, but then have the guts to go apologize to your partner, you do not think of terms like attitude, ego, and selfishness when in a relationship.

Strong relationships have to be nurtured with the utmost care, it has to be respected and looked after like a newly born child. Treating your partner with care, love and respect is very important and you have to treat them as equal for a healthier relationship. Misunderstandings and fights are very common in every relationship, but learning to compromise and letting your foot down is essential if you want the relationship to continue. Psychologists say that communication is the key in every long term relationship; one should communicate and be as transparent as possible with their partner to clear the misunderstandings that may arise.

Patience is a key factor for any healthy relation, good relationships cannot be built overnight. Commitment is the key to stable relationships. One thing to remember here is that men and women have different ways of expressing love towards their partner. Understanding what makes your partner feel more loved and respected can help you navigate away from the conflicts and bring romance back to the picture. Forgive and forget is the best policy if you want to have healthy and long term relationships.

How to make your girlfriend feel loved?

For all those struggling boyfriends wondering how to have an effective and a long term relationship, here are some tips which will help your girlfriend feel more loved and secure.

1. Compliment her

Complimenting your girlfriend will mean a lot to her. Complimenting her on even small things like her new dress or even hairstyle will mean a lot to her. Giving compliment does not necessarily mean you have to lie to her. Your compliments need not have to contain the finest poetry or the most romantic story, a simple and a truthful compliment coming from your heart will make her extremely joyous. Always remember that a compliment coming from “someone special” will mean a lot more than the same compliment coming from some stranger.

Telling her that she looks beautiful means just the same to her as telling her you love her. If your woman thinks the world of you, the smallest compliment from you either delivered personally or even by text will make her day. She will be the happiest in the world. Complimenting can also be done through unsolicited texts, a simple “the dress gets its glow because of you” message will be more than enough to jump-start her day.

2. Give her small yet meaningful gifts occasionally

Giving gifts to your girlfriend is always the nicest thing you can do for her. The gifts you give her need not be super expensive or very attention-seeking. As long as the gift has some meaning that she understands, the purpose is served. Handmade gifts are a great idea, you need not be the most skilled craftsman to make something for her, a simple handwritten card with your feelings poured out on it will also make her happy.

A gift can also be in the form of you doing some of her duties. If you are in a live-in relationship, you can do some of the housework and doing her chores will deliver a huge message to her. Giving gifts will not only show that you care for her but it will also reflect that you respect her love, her duties and her work. It is fine if you do not know what she likes and dislikes. Feel free to ask her what she wants.

3. Tell her she’s the best you’ve ever had

This is true for both men and women, feeling insecure and unloved are very common when you bring up your past stories about other women in promiscuous situations for the past. It is very important that you make them feel special and different. It is always helpful to bring in the sexual memories the two of you have shared to let her know she’s special. Despite all of this, if the conversation does arise, talk to her about the flaws of the previous ones you’ve been with. This will comfort her and let her know you are completely over the ex.

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4. Be the textbook gentleman

Being a gentleman has a greater advantage over the others, it makes the woman feel special and loved. Doing the old school things like opening the doors for her, holding the chair for her, pouring water or wine for her, etc will make any girl feel loved. It will also give an excellent impression about you and they will open up to you much easier.

how to make your girlfriend feel loved and special

5. Be with her

Try to spend more time with her, being with her not means only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Embrace her physically when she’s feeling low, when she’s feeling tensed. This will give her immense confidence and strength and will make her feel more loved and at home. If you really want to know how to make a girl feel loved, body language is everything. Sit next to her, comfort her, hold her hands.

Asking about her day, listening to her problems about her professional life will make her feel more loved. When she’s feeling very weak she has to know that you will be there for her no matter what, and this confidence must be within her. Tell her you appreciate her, tell her you feel thankful for having her company, and all of these must not be mere words, mean what you’re telling and she’ll feel the most loved ever.

6. Be faithful

Being completely honest and faithful is very important to any relationship. Honesty and openness are the two pillars of a strong and long-lasting relationship. Do not lie to her under any circumstances, lying to give her temporary pleasure, you will be causing a huge damage to the entire foundation of your relationships. Never stare at other girls while walking with your girl, because women will be smart and clever to catch it. Also, don’t set yourself up for anything. We all know how fickle the human mind can be. Avoid being close with any girl you otherwise are attracted to. Unless it is unavoidable or you’re a superhuman, avoid engaging in conversations with them.

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7. Remember important dates

Although men are known for having a history of forgetting important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and whatnot, it will be a real treat to your girlfriend if you can remember the most important if not every date. Make sure that under no circumstance will you end up forgetting her birthday, your anniversary, etc. remembering the important dates and doing something special for her on that day will let her know what a loving boyfriend you are.

8. Do something new with her

It’s no rocket science to know that love fades away over time, but this need not necessarily be the case with you. Take your girlfriend out on adventures, go out to places you’ve never been before. Science has proven that having new fun advantages will trigger the release of dopamine inside your brain, this same fluid is responsible for stimulation of love in your brain. Hence, going out with your girlfriend will increase the love you have for her and will make her more loved.

how to make your girlfriend feel loved and appreciated

9. Respect her privacy

It is very important to let people have their own private space, let them have some “me” time. Do not get suspicious about small and silly reasons, have complete faith in your love and the person you’ve loved. Avoid things like checking her phones and messages or check her social media profiles. Do not ask her rude and offending questions about herself. And most importantly, do not think to ask her guy friends to stay away from her, or make her stay away from them. This will only show her that you do not trust her.

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10. Do not manhandle her

This is a very important point to remember, it is very wrong to abuse a woman under any circumstances. Abusing can be physical, verbal or even mental. It is very unfair to do this to them, they let their guard down when you say you love them. But getting abusive with them is no way to solving an issue, no matter how intense the situation gets. Woman abuse is a non-bailable criminal offense and can never be forgiven.

Once you even think of hitting your girlfriend, everything that you have done for her will be a waste of time. Learn to have the patience to sit and talk to her, even if she shouts keep your cool because that’s what a relationship is about. When one person is angry the other has to calm down and make them realize the mistake or apologize for the mistake.

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