How to identify Real And Fake Friends?

How to identify Real And Fake Friends

Read this article to know that how to identify real and fake friends in life. Since a person starts going to a school, college, university, and attend meetings, parties, marriages, his social circle naturally widens. While in school days everyone just want to increase the quantity of friends rather recognizing their quality. However, as we grow up it becomes the dire need to identify the two-faced persons. Where real friend deserves your half soul, a fake one must have no space in a relationship. There is no mechanism through which we can identify a person, whoever is coming into our contact but yes, there are some exclusive methods to test your group of friends.

How to identify real and fake friends?

We are going to discuss 10 best ways to identify real and fake friends in this article. The person embodies with kindness, generousness, and trustworthiness is often exploited by others. Remember, self-awareness is also an integral part of life, so identify yourself too. Let us discuss some traits of a real and toxic friend through 10 topmost ways to identify real and fake friends in your life:-

1. Test Your Friends In Your Hard Times

Everyone faces happy and sad moments as ups and downs are an integral part of life. Although you are able to cope up with the difficulties, yet give a chance to your near and dear ones to take out the best solution for you. If they are standing against your troubling moments, it means they have guts to show their friendship power. Sometimes, some people whom you think are the closest ones, do not give you quality time. Giving time does not mean only free eating, drinking, and hanging out.

It also implies the time when you need them, their company, their support, their luxury, their affection, their compassion, their kindness, and their love. Whoever is showing his best to not let you lose anywhere, you should also never step back from them. He is the precious one, who really know the meaning of friendship. This trick and your troubling time are the best filters to throw out a bunch of fakers from your life.

2. Check Whether You Are Improving Or Deteriorating In The Company

It is a fact that surroundings play a pivotal role in determining all aspects. Friends, parents, relatives, colleagues, and teachers are the part of the surroundings. Notice your social circle as well as yourself. If you are spending most of your time with friends, start evaluating your behaviour, performance, and interests, then pick out any amendments towards success. Unfortunately, if you think that you have put not even a single step on the ring of a successful ladder, it means you need an instant change. You should change your preference towards people before they latch on you. The person who celebrates your achievements, always wait for your betterment, improve your mistakes, and scold you in your wrong deeds is the real partner to make you a real learner.

3. Check their status behind your back

Some people seem overall the best but they show their true colours when you are not in front of them. The most common threat of fake friends is backbiting. When you come to know your secret, which you have shared only to your best friend, from the third person, the disloyalty hurts you internally. The so-called friend who condemns you and leave you no weakness behind while broadcasting like a radio is an unworthy. Immediately start keeping yourself away from the one, who is buttering before you and disrespecting after you. In order to keep yourself emotionally as well as physically safe, limit your social circle up to genuine friends who will never embarrass you.

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4. Check whether the friend cares of you or not

Everyone needs someone who cares about his/her health, studies, interest, business, happiness, sadness, problems and so on. A real friend should be optimistic towards friendship. If there are any faults with you or you lacks somewhere, the friend should be the fulfilment rather than the deeper injury to dismiss your feelings. A real friend should accept the person along with all flaws and goodness without boasting. If your friend is really caring about your emotions, he/she will never underestimate you on any minute and any place, whether the situation is a competition or a group of colleagues sitting together.

For instance, suppose you want to lose your weight in one month, and your friend is tempting you to accompany in consuming hamburgers, a pizza, and cold drinks. He/She is not conscious about your health and prefers to only fulfilling his/her isolation despite knowing about your goals. Though it is day to day example, having deeper meaning, it reflects the true identity of a fake friend.

How to identify Real Friends

5. A real friend would trust you blindly

Friendship needs the best investment of trust. The moment when one side says “no” to others in the most demanding situation, the relationship gradually begins reaping its legs. If your friend can trust you blindly and you can also trust on your friend blindly, undoubtedly, your bond is authentic rather only mouth say. Production of suspicion means damage to trust. Damage to trust means the ruin of friendship. The strong belief in support of a friend builds up confidence. Standing powerlessly in front of 10 people, your confidence boosts at the moment of the entrance of your real friend’s shoulder. Identify the level of trust i.e. confidence, which you gain after gazing on your friend.

6. Test a friend through demanding money

This point will seem to you awkward but trust me money is the factor which makes or mars relationships. Any friend will give you anything but when the time comes to the money- the most precious considered thing, displays the true picture. It is a fact that one should not demand money from a person if want to continue the friendship. In case, if you are yearning to know the reality of any particular friend, demand some amount of money and share an imagined story of your financial struggle.

Your real friend may handover the same asked amount with trust on you for retrieval. Then, your work should be returning the same money at the same moment to him, hug and promise for your best tries to nurture and maintain the friendship. However, do not think that the one who manipulates the matter on demanding money is a fake friend, personal problems can also be the reason. After properly analysing the fact, come to a final decision.

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7. Notice The Trait Of ‘Jumping Priorities’ Of A Fake Friend

This thing usually happens that when a person finds a better friend, he jumps on the latter and leaves the previous one. Wherever he observes more benefits, without considering abandons the person, who have though sacrificed myriad things for him. Fake friends will promise you plenty times to cultivate the friendship, however, they do not take time in breaking their promises and becoming vulnerable towards new friends, especially, who are more productive to them.
Remember, if you have identified any fake person, aware of his/her friends who will most probably embodied with the same traits.

Fake Friends Change Friends.

8. Aware of the people who are using your kindness

If you are financially strong, myriad chances are when people demand your attention. On the other hand, if you are too kind to say ‘no’ to anyone, fake people again exploit you. They demand one thing and another. Taking note of your weaknesses, they dump your image into the pool in order to heighten the level of their hierarchy. Some cheap friends can emotionally or physically hurt you to entertain themselves by taking advantage of your kindness, especially when you always give them a favour by just thinking them with a viewpoint of a close friend.

How to identify Fake Friends

9. A Real Friend does not hesitate to introduce you

The person who can introduce you in front of his family, friend circle, and other near and dear ones does not keep any doubt regarding your qualities, attitude, and behaviour. He knows or want to know deeply. A boy or a girl promises about the lifelong process but when the friendship demands no barrier in revealing each other’s identity in front of their parents, many relationships come to an end. They start emphasizing on each other’s faults and step back without considering the seriousness of any side. Thus, you must know that whether your friend is able to prioritize you leaving behind past mistakes or not.

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10. Equality In Sharing Information

Initially, showing a great interest in you .i.e. asking many questions about your privacy, a person may want to deceive you. After gathering your personal data, strengths, weaknesses, and limits by insisting you through a sweet tongue, that detector can harm you greatly. If you are not sure about his intentions, work on revealing his real identity, background, and some same parts which he has asked you.

Be ingenious, not fool.

Summing it up, after meeting with the 10 best ways to refine your relationships, I am sure nobody can hurt or deceive you. If you have lost all friends, unfortunately, who all were fake after reading this article, do not worry. Remember- a genius always walks alone towards success.

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