10 Most Laziest Dog Breeds in the World

Most Laziest Dog Breeds in the World

In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most laziest dog breeds in the World. “Lazy dog” These are the words that sound mostly by our parents to describe their lazy kids. But it is really surprising if some lazy dogs are living in the world. Dogs are the animals that are named for faith, loyalty, and true affection. Most of the dogs that we see are most active and playful. But some dog breeds in the world that are more lazy. Truly saying, these dogs will snooze under the direct warmness of sun in the very hot afternoon. Among the sounds we made, these dogs never consider about the disturbances. It continues its deep sleep among all the disturbances. The laziest dogs will be very hard to maintain at home. They feel even lazy to get up to eat their foods.

These lazy dog breeds love to snooze on the comfy sofas. They are ready to occupy your beds even. These couch potatoes don’t want to play, eat, and jog with you. They will be perfect for your all-time cuddling partner. Funnily saying the fact, these dogs weigh more due to their extreme laziness. At the same time because of their heavyweight, they feel still lazier. Some dogs prefer sleeping to eating. This article list some top laziest dog breeds in the world.

Top 10 Most Laziest Dog Breeds in the World

Apart from humans, some dog breeds are competing the humans in laziness. Here, the top 10 most laziest dogs in the world are listed.

1. Bulldog


These breed dogs are medium-sized with a low slung body. Their folded ears are very small and have wrinkled foreheads. These breeds are active but once it stops training, it turns into more stubborn and lazy. As depicted in most cartoons, these dogs are the laziest breeds. These dogs are of heaviest weights ranging from 30 to 40 pounds. Because of their overweight, they feel always lazy. They are very greedy in eating. They will eat nonstop if the owners did not care about their food habits. These dogs get obese easily due to their greediness in eating. They enjoy having snooze most of the time next to their owners. In case of missed exercise habits, they have a high chance of getting overweight soon. It is very difficult to expect them in chasing your balls. These couch potatoes are the most laziest dog breeds.

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2. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

These dogs are heavy, relaxed, sensitive, and with more laziness. These dogs weigh up to 180 pounds. Its heavyweight stops them from being active. Though it looks gigantic in its experience, it is a calm-indoor dog. It never loves to jog with you especially in hot times. They feel lazy even to bark the strangers. It is better to say that they are stranger friendly dogs. These dogs prefer to snooze on your laps mostly. But unluckily, their heavyweight does not suit for carrying them on legs. They are not enough immune to fight with health issues. They are the heavyweight, soft comfy pillows that are perfect for their owners in snoozing.

3. Basset Hound

Basset Hound

These breed dogs are bulky and short height with falling ears. They are really tough to maintain because of their heavyweight. These dogs are never fond of getting appreciated by chasing the balls thrown by their owners. They are stubborn and slow nature. They feel lazy to obey the orders of their owners. These dogs are hatred of trainings and exercises. It takes more time for training because of its lazy attitude. These dogs love to eat more.  They snore while sleeping. They search for comfort and a large space to sleep. Some very rare cases of these dog breeds only obey the commands of their owners. They can be used as only heavyweight cuddling mate for their owners.

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4. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Dane is the giant looking but soft natured dog breeds. They are heaviest dogs that weigh range from 100 to 200 pounds. These dogs weigh nearly the same as your weight. They are lack of tolerating loneliness. They have a moderate coat of hair that doesn’t need high care of hair brushing. But they are very sensitive that expect too gentle while training. They need moderate exercise regularly. Otherwise it will turn into the stubborn and the laziest one. The owners cannot expect rowdiness, cheerfully playing from these dogs. They love to sleep more. More importantly, these breeds are stubborn learners. It needs a huge space to accommodate them. By proper exercise and training, it turns into suitable guard dogs.

5. Greyhound


This hunting dog breeds those are slender with long legs. These dogs love racing. Despite it is active in racing, it prefers to sleep on the comfy beds and blankets. These dogs prefer to be independent and quiet inside the home. It is a good calm and indoor dog. It is aggressive with loud noises and tensions. It shows “what happens to me because of that” attitude in training. It needs a large space and a silent atmosphere. They look like a monster with a quiet nature. They are fearful of strangers and an unstable atmosphere. In the lack of proper training, it turns to a couch potatoes. Its laziness stops them from being an active guard. Despite its threatening appearance, they are emotionally sensitive. They are not suitable for apartment residents.

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6. Newfoundland


These breeds are the perfect example for the sweetness. They are sweet, calm, and kid-friendly dogs. These breeds are massive with a heavyweight of 100 pounds. They are perfect students for training while they are young. But once it has grown, they show a lazy attitude in learning due to its tremendous weight. They are fearful of being alone for a long period.  These dogs are hard to lean against your laps because of their heavyweights. It is a heavy dog that occupies more space in your residence. Male Newfoundland is more stubborn to learn. Lack of regular exercise makes them over-weighted very soon.

7. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Chow dogs are quiet and good looking dogs. They weigh more or less 40 to 70 pounds. It will become a good companion to their owners that never be aggressive. These are not more energetic dog to actively play with your kids. They prefer snoozing. They hate being jogged with their owners. They hate to go outside with their masters. They have a moderate tendency of barking and howling. They are more suitable for city-dwelling life. Their blue-black tongues are the special characteristics of their breeds. These are comfy cuddling and napping buddy for their masters.

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8. Pekingese


These cute and adorable dogs are moderate weighed which ranges from 3 to 6 kilograms. These are the breeds that prefer to sleep on soft cushions. They are well-socialized and quiet natured dogs. It is more sensitive while getting scolded by their masters. These dogs are more possessive of their things like foods, toys, and sometimes their masters also. They are loud snorers. They like to nap for a long time. These dog breeds are adorable for their masters because of their expressive faces and fluffy hairs. It is one of the most stubborn dog breeds in the world.

9. Bernese mountain dogs

Bernese mountain dogs

Bernese mountain breeds are easygoing and socialized dogs. They are lazy with training and exercise. It spellbinds their masters with their black coated hairs. They are gentle and non-aggressive dogs. It is a bulky dog that occupies a huge space in your homes. Because of their bulk appearance, they feel laze in training and exercises. Despite their tremendous appearance, they feel fear when they left alone in their homes. These dogs are perfectly suitable for the owners who like to hug and cuddle soft comfy pillows while sleeping. They are the good pillows for their masters.

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10. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

These breeds are the soft and gentle-natured that don’t love to play Frisbee and balls with their owners. These breeds are large and rugged that have a thick coat of hair. Due to their massive appearance, it needs more space in your homes. They are not well-behaving pets with other animals. They have a moderate tendency to bark and howl. They are less tolerating when they left alone in your apartments. It needs a companion over a time. They shed more hair at some season. They are less comfortable on the hot days. They are adorable dog breeds that make their owner comfortable with their soft body.

Dogs are mostly owned as a pet in the eagerness of playing with them. But some dogs never prefer to play with their masters because of their lazy attitude. These dogs are listed on the common behavior of their reeds. But individual training and exercise may differ them from their breeds’ characteristics.  Choose your dogs based on your preference. If you are discomfort of bulky and giant looking dogs, then these dogs are not right for you. These dogs will turn into active by their masters’ proper training. The lazy dogs are the perfect pillows for the masters.

Article by: M.Swetha

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