Websites Like OYO : Top 10 OYO Alternatives

Websites like OYO

In this article we are going to discuss about some best hotel booking websites like OYO that are popularly known as OYO Alternatives for booking a hotel room online. Oyo provides a platform where booking of various things like flights, train, hotel, bus, etc. become too easy for a customer. Earlier if you plan for a trip then when you have to reach there then you will able to find a hotel which becomes so difficult to search because at that time the best or good hotel finding is a big task but after Oyo, this becomes very easy. One can easily book their desired hotel, flights, train in just one click, and payment also becomes easy and secure. So all these websites get popular because they provide convenience to the customers for booking. So the topic of this article websites like Oyo that mean, what are the alternatives of Oyo which become a platform for booking flights, hotel, etc.

These websites are in trend because they give various choices to the customers. So here are some websites given below which are the major competitors of Oyo because they are alternative of Oyo.

Nowadays no want to waste their time in booking in-person booking. Now as the technology Increasing so things are changing like earlier for train booking you need to go to the railway station and stand in a queue then you will get the ticket but now you can book your ticket from your workplace, home, etc. Now the life is changing and many couples want to go on a trip like on the new year, on Christmas, etc. but there are many hotels which don’t allow a couple to stay but now Oyo and all these websites provide an environment which is couple friendly so by this they are increasing their revenue.

All these websites are famous because of their policies like customer support, free cancellation, etc. which attract the customer to book their hotels and flights from these websites also they get some discount which is not possible if they book them through station and hotel.

Top 10 websites like OYO

Here is the list of websites like OYO discussed below:

1. Goibibo

Hotels Near Me

Goibibo is another platform in which one calls easily book their desired hotel. Other than hotels they also provide the flexibility to book flights, cabs, buses, trains, etc. Since nowadays couples are interested to plan their vacation but there is some platform that is not secure but under this website, you can filter out those hotels which are couple friendly and safe. They also provide go cash wallet which can be used when you confirm any booking so that you can earn discounts. They are reliable, reasonable too. There are many discounts like 25%, 50%, etc so it becomes very attractive to book anything from here.

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2. Trivago

Best Hotel Review Websites

Trivago on the different phase work worldwide. Like you belong to India and plan to have a trip to Seattle then you can book your hotel easily at a cheaper rate. The best part of trivago is that they only provide deal in hotels so they only focused on a hotel then they will provide higher customer satisfaction because if you are working into 4-5 things altogether then your efficiency rate will become low but if you are doing one thing at a time then you will do that task much better. So trivago operates in the hotel so they will provide much efficiency and can retain their customers much better.

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3. MakeMyTrip

Advantages of booking hotels online

Oyo’s major competitor is MakeMyTrip which is known as MMT because there you can book not only hotels but also villa and apartment, visa, events, train, bus, etc. In fact, you can also select their holiday packages for the complete trip. They also co-operate with the UAE and the USA and if you are planning for an abroad trip then you must try this website. There most famous discount is the MMT discount which provides you with better offers. Other than this, they have a fare calendar, mywallet discount, etc. They also provide a login bonus if you login first time on their website which is attractive.

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4. Airbnb

top ten hotel booking sites in India

Airbnb is different because they work like you have a house in which you are not staying for a longer time and don’t want to have a permanent renter then you can approach this website so that if anyone wants to book a property for a particular period of time they can see your property. It is beneficial for both parties. Airbnb is an international company which basically a bridge between the person who want to put their place on rent and one who wants accommodation for a particular time. Like any other, they also work in India as well as globally.

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5. Stayuncle

how to plan a road trip with hotel stops

This website is doing great because first of all there are many websites that don’t support local id but the stayuncle website accepts local ids also. One unique part of this website that they offered LGBTQ hotels in which you can also go with the same kind of partner without hesitation. Their tagline states their website clearly” couples need a room, not a judgment” which means, they provide hotels that are couple friendly, and because of local id acceptance, it becomes quite easy to attract local customers also.

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6. FabHotels

Top Hotel Booking Websites

This website is also an alternative for Oyo because they also provide a wide range of hotels on their website. They believe in one policy that stays hassle-free, else we pay that means if any face problem then they will pay your amount. They also work only in the hotel industry so they will provide hassle-free service to their customers.

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7. Hotel

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They provide not only a hotel but also apartments, resorts, countryside, holiday homes, etc. Other than India you can select any Destination in the world like Maldives, Singapore, Srilanka, etc. They also provide the flexibility to pay now or later and free cancellation also. So according to their services they can stand in the list of Oyo alternatives.

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8. Yatra

Disadvantages of booking hotels online

Yatra also same as Goibibo in term of categories like they also work under flights booking, cab booking, etc but the different part is that they offered cruise and adventurous trip booking. So if someone wants to plan for a cruise trip then this website is a great platform for booking. They offered a discount in the form of coupons and ewallet cash.

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9. Cleartrip

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Cleartrip website is quite normal and offered the same category as yatra but they don’t provide a cruise trip but you can book your adventure trip through this website. Cleartrip booking gives flexibility in payment mode because now there are many platforms to pay the amount so they accept every kind of payment method.

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10. Treebo

Most Reliable Hotel Review Websites

This website also offers only hotels booking but their services are good like free breakfast, 24*7 customer support, etc. if you face any problem related to your booking then they will assist you as soon as possible. They offered attractive discounts and other than this the hotels which they provide is safe and go through quality check so that their customers will not face the issue.

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