Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most beautiful countries in the World. Travelling across the globe is hands down the most alluring experience that one can have in a lifetime. Earth is indeed a very beautiful place to travel around. Some countries are a little more blessed with a plethora of scenic beauty, spellbinding architecture, and exquisite cuisine. For the peripatetic, it is not a very challenging task to decide on a country to choose as their next travel destination, but for all you first-time travellers it is always a head-scratcher to fix on a country to travel to. Whilst some want to travel around to try different types of foods and wine, others want to go around for the scenic beauty.

Some want to see the architecture around the world and the well-designed facade and others want to go around for their adrenaline to get pumping. Isn’t it a wonderful experience to go to new countries to meet new and nice people, try their food, etc?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Here are personally the most beautiful countries in the world that are totally worth a visit!

1. Netherlands


Netherlands is the country located in the European continent and shares its borders with Germany and Belgium to its east and south. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam and is the most beautiful city worth paying a visit. It is famous for its Keukenhof gardens which most of us would have seen in a lot of films. Netherlands is informally known as Holland, and the most commonly spoken language is Dutch. There are a lot of beautiful cities and villages that showcase heaven on earth. The lovely cottages, the thick woods, and the home for the famous artist van Gogh. The capital city Amsterdam is famous for the picturesque canals over the Amstel River. It has very nice cafes, excellent nightlife and very welcoming hosts. Rotterdam is the next big city that you can visit, followed by Delft and Maastricht. These are just some famous cities. Every village, every town, every street is worth seeing in this country and hence, is on top of our list.

2. Philippines


Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia. They are known for the widest variety of wild fruits and the abundant beaches. There are over 7500 islands in the country and is the world’s largest archipelago. Three of the top 10 biggest shopping malls are located in the Philippines. If you are looking to get away from all of the noise and human hustle, then the islands and ocean-facing houses located on the island of Philippines is the way to go. It is the perfect retreat for all the nature lovers. If you are very much into water sports, then the Philippines offers you the widest varieties of sports with trained instructors at very affordable rates. It is also known for Boracay, the only place with a white top beach and a view of the very beautiful Mount Luho. A fun fact is that there is an entire island just for starfish out in the Philippines. Plan a proper itinerary according to your interests to make your trip a very memorable one.

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3. Germany


Germany is a western European country with a population of almost 8.3 crores. Despite the dense population, it is well spread out and will make sure they don’t give you a single reason to complain. Germany has a lot of small towns and villages that offer the perfect romantic backdrop for you. The colourful houses, the medieval castles, the never-ending vineyards (this explains the tasty wine), and the huge churches are must-visit places. Germany has a lot of hills and mountains perfect for backpacking through. They have the most authentic coffee available in the small towns of Fussen. The small town referred to as the “sleeping beauty of Moselle” is a very beautiful town. Every corner, every sector, and every house is picture-perfect. The whole town looks as if it was made to make sure your followers double tap on the images. There are other beautiful places like Rakotzbrucke, the Geierlay Bridge, etc which are attractive tourist spots.

4. India


India, the land of wonders, the land of rivers, the land of mysteries. This is a very diverse country lying on the continent of Asia. With varying demographic and geographical conditions, every state in India is worth a visit. Despite its huge population and colossal poverty, India is a very beautiful country. From the hot deserts of Rajasthan till the cold deserts of Ladakh, from the cold mountains ranges of Kashmir till the low and humid regions of Kerala, the country will never fail to surprise you. The varied languages spoke, the attires worn, the type of food they eat is very different from state to state. One thing they all have in common is the love for people, the kindest hospitality, and the never-ending smiles you will receive from Indians. Despite having regional languages for every state, they all can speak Hindi and English so communication will not be a problem for any tourist. The beautiful temples of Varanasi, the beaches and dry fruits of Goa, the street foods of Mumbai the green forests of Kerala definitely reserves a place for India on your travel bucket list.

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5. Switzerland


Switzerland despite being famous all over the world for its handmade chocolates, there are several other things worth visiting. For travellers it is suggested that they buy a Swiss travel card that entitles you with unlimited access to the train rides for commuting across the country and save a fortune. Switz is the home of one of the most expensive streets in the world, the Bahnhofstrasse. This is the perfect place to buy a gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend or even for your wife and kids. Some of the world’s luxurious brands have their outlets here. In the city of Bern, make sure you pay a visit to the Zytglogge, an astronomical clock from the 15th century. Bern is also the house of the renowned scientist Albert Einstein. This is overall, a very fairytale country which is so surreal yet every bit of it is true.

6. Italy


The one thing that comes to almost all of our minds when we hear Italy is its mouth-watering cuisine. Be it pastas, pizzas, desserts, etc. Italy has won over all our hearts with their food. The capital city of Italy, Rome is known for its unquestionable architecture of the classical old churches and buildings. We all have heard of the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” well giving a visit will make that clear to you. The roman colossal, originally built to be an open-air theatre is now a wonder of the world. Every historian’s paradise is Florence. The city is known for its renaissance art and architecture.  Da Vinci’s “Annunciation”, Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture are all hail from the city of Florence. On the whole, this is the country with a lot of tourist spots.

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7. Azerbaijan


This is a relatively smaller country when compared to the other countries on our list. With the capital city Baku, Azerbaijan is famous for its fire mountain locally called Yanar Dag. This is a naturally lit fire that has been burning for almost 65 years now. This is a tourist spot and is worth a visit. It is also worth noting that this is one of the first Muslim countries with the very first operas and open-air theatres. Azerbaijan is also known to have the cheapest public transport in the world, and the stay is also cheap. This means that you need to make huge savings just so that you can afford a trip to the country. Another very famous attraction in Azerbaijan is the formula one Grand Prix that happens there every year. Stars from all over the world come here for the Grand Prix.

8. Latvia


Latvia is a country present in northern Europe surrounded by Russia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Latvia is present on the coast of the Baltic Sea which is a great site to see if you happen to visit there during the summers. Riga, a city in Latvia is a must-visit once you reach there. This is a beautiful city with stunning locations to explore. It is also famous for St Peters church which has a pretty iconic view from any corner of the city. If you happen to visit during the month of July, the best city for you would be Sabile. Filled with hectors of vineyards, you might just be there at the right time to attend the annual wine festival. There are a lot more beautiful cities like Talsi (the town of nine hills), Kuldiga (known for widest waterfalls in Europe), Pavilosta, etc.

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9. Montenegro


A country in the southeast Europe is the perfect and the cheapest country to visit in the whole of Europe. This little county is famous for a lot of things both manmade and naturally built. For instance, the infamous horseshoe bend in the lake Skadar, is one of the most scenic, beautiful and unique places to visit once in Montenegro. The capital of Montenegro is a city which is a paradise for all the foodies. The country is filled with huge castles and fortresses which will make it seem as though you have come to the sets of Game of Thrones. It is very ideal for photographers as the whole country will be posing for them.

10. Monaco


Monaco is a small country bordered by France on three sides and the fourth guarded by the Mediterranean Sea. This is a very rich country because of the heavy taxes that were levied upon the citizens back in the 1860-1870. This filled up the treasuries of Monaco making it a supremely rich country for its small size. Because of its rich history, it has attracted a lot of rich people too, with the total residents of around 40000. The per capita income of Monaco is approximately 2.1 million dollars. Despite all of this, it is not that expensive as a country to visit. You may find a lot of celebs and bigshots when you casually stroll across the streets of Monaco. Monaco is also known for the formula one race that happens in this sparkling city every year. 

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