Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Most beautiful islands in the World

In this article we are going to discuss about the most beautiful island in the World to travel. We have created this list of top 10 most beautiful islands in the world so that you can know a lot about the places that you must visit once in your life. When summer starts, most people like to spend their vacation in a place where everything is distant from the routine.

Some people like to experience adventures in the place which is a feast for the eyes. In the plan of vacation, most people’ favorite destination is the most beautiful island. The question of why to choose the island as a vacation spot is the common one. The answer is it is the place with sizzling surrounded waters, giant waves, enchanting natural beauty, the patch of sands which are the values to spend the vacation more adventurous. Islands are the place where you can admire the enchanting beauty of the world. The place where you can relax yourself for your happiness, create incredible memories, and experience the world’s most beautiful mesmerizing nature.

There are approximately 2000 plus islands are in the world in which some are uninhabited. Every island attracts the tourist with its mesmerizing beauty and awesome atmosphere. Despite the 2000 islands in the world, some top islands are famous for its fascinating natural beauty. These islands are the perfect tourist destination for your relaxation where you can experience the thrilling water sports, majestic mountains, kinds of flora and fauna, and varieties of seafood. This article helps you to choose the perfect island destination for your vacation by listing the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Islands are the perfect destination to capture the spellbinding beauty of the nature. Here, I list the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world.

1. Maldives

The most beautiful island embedded with 1192 islands stretching in the Indian Ocean is absolutely the Maldives. It is the perfect place for experiencing the most mesmerizing beauty of nature. It is the place with the most romancing environment which is best suitable for the couples. The place with bluish-green sea waters, Planet’s five percent of reef,  sunrise, and sunset that colors the sea into orange, chilling temperature, Coolest breeze, uncountable resorts,  different cuisine to spend our time in the most relaxing way.


This island is named for its highest presence of Coral Reefs. The watersports like diving, canoe rides, windsurfing, bouncy banana rides that gives a thrilling experience to visit them under the water. Several luxurious beach resorts that offers famous spa therapy where you can relax after experiencing the thrilling and mesmerizing nature of seas. It is the perfect place where you can taste the famous Maldivian snacks such as Maskaashi, Dhufun, Theluli  Banbukeyo, and Garudhiya fish soup. This is the most beautiful island that gives the experience of the most romantic environment.

2. Fiji

The most beautiful island in the South Pacific Ocean with diverse environment and culture. It is one of the famous islands in the South Pacific ocean for its enchanting beauty. It is comprised of 332 islands in itself in the Melanesian country.  Fiji is the perfect spot with turquoise waters, adventurous scuba diving, Coral Reefs, majestic volcanic mountains, and luxurious resorts. The perfect place to experience the tropical marine climate.


The culture of Fijian is the most welcoming and warm-hearted. Fishing is the perfect time spending work for these people. After experiencing snorkeling and diving, the staple kind of seafood made of raw and cooked prawns, lobsters, and crabs. The relaxing spa messages, entertaining world-class golf, adrenaline rushing adventures, and beautiful beaches are the best things that strengthen the points to be the most top beautiful and favorite island.

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3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most reminiscent and famous Indonesian islands in the world. It is most famous for its forested volcanic mountains surrounded by beautiful beaches. This is an island well-known for its yoga, meditation, rice paddies, and scuba diving. It provides the perfect trekking experience in the Mount Batur.


The places like Ubud, Uluwatu temple, Kuta reveals the spiritual beauty of the Bali island. The coral reefs add strong security to the sea waters. The island with perfect climate and sightseeing nature and beach resorts with delicious plates of seafood make the tourist feel like Bali as a paradise.

4. Santorini

Santorini is the most beautiful island in Greece. This island is filled with towers of cliffs, bluish seawater, cultured villages, erupting volcanic rocks, and fascinating natural beauty. In winter times, this island turns into the garland of wildflowers. The place where you can see the most beautiful stunning sunset in the world.


Snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking are the best watersport activities available here to spend the summer with chilling life. Santo wine is the world-famous wine that gives the delicious taste. The churches standing against the sea show its spiritual side. The archeological site, Perissa’s black sand beach adds more beauty to this island. It is a beautiful island with steeps and cliffs that you can see in your dreams.

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5. Seychelles

It is the most delightful island that stretched over the East coast of  Africa in the Indian ocean. This island comprises of 115 small islands with the spellbinding beauty. It is blessed with green tropical forest, bluish sea waters, yellowish sunshine, cool breezes, and luxurious resorts. The stunning beauty of beaches on this island mesmerizes its visitors. The restaurants with Indian, French, English cuisines make the tourists to taste the ever mouth-watering dishes.


It is an island with more Coral Reefs which can be explored through diving. The famous water sports like Scuba diving, snorkeling entertains the tourist with mot adventuring experiences. The island with extraordinary marine ecosystem that provides the world-famous marine national park. Heaven for the people who wish to enjoy the nature at its bottom.

6. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of the top honeymoon destination filled with romantic and mesmerizing environment. This dazzling paradise is filled with crystal clear water, lagoons, attractive sunsets, powder sands that make the island perfect for the tour with privacy. The aerial view and overwater houses are the most welcomed reasons to visit this island. The enchanting view of Mountain Otemanu adds extra beauty to this island.

Bora Bora

The popular lagoon excursions, fishing, snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, shark feeding are the most adventurous activities that can be experienced in the Bora Bora island.   The overwater Bungalows on the beautiful beaches of Bora Bora island gives the classic experience in enjoying the beauty of the sea at its peak. The perfect destination with the perfect atmosphere to tempt the tourists.

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7. Palawan

It is the most beautiful island in the Philippine. Blessed with emerald-green sea waters, the patch of sands, limestone peaks, varieties of flora and fauna, and amazing marine ecosystem. A long underground river with limestone cave is the best place that can be explored here. This island covers the 1780 islands within it.


The beaches with pristine waters and white sands fill the place with its extraordinary beauty. Dining for the lovable and delicious seafood in the Coron is the best experience. It is the heaven for wreck driving lovers.  The delicious dishes from Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong can be tasted here. The best island for nature lovers that fills the place with natural beauty.

8. Kauai, Hawai

It is one of the Hawaiian islands well-known as ” The Garden Isle”. This island is filled with blissful beaches, rainforests, cliffs, hikes, bays, and enchanting nature. The beauty of the island lies in the several flora and faunas, and bluish seawaters.


Kauai coffee is one of the world-class coffee that should be taste once in a lifetime. It is one of the wettest places with gigantic waterfalls and rainforests. Experiencing the classic sunbathe is the best thing to do in this mesmerizing island.

9. St. Lucia

This Caribbean island is famous for its extraordinary beauty. It is the top leading Honeymoon destination in the world.  Its beauty does not lie in it bluish water but it lies in the tallest palms present in these islands. The tower-like palms attract the tourists by its dramatic view. It is the best place filled with coconut palms, crystal clear seawaters, Coral reefs, the enchanting view of Marigot Bay, and Pitons.

St. Lucia

The famous Dolphinarium in the Pigeon Island fills the visitors with extreme joy. The classic botanical gardens on the island is blessed with kinds of flora and fauna. The nature trails and beauty blessed resorts increases the chances to be the most beautiful island.

10. The Cook Islands

The beautiful island that stretched over the south Pacific ocean with 15 islands in it.  The beautiful view of Aitutaki in the Cook islands strength the beauty of these islands. The strengthened culture and hospitality welcome the tourists. The lagoons, volcanic peaks, the blissful beaches filled with palms are some reasons for the question of why this is a beautiful island. The place with the best classic shopping areas, kinds of seafood, with several restaurants and bars. The place where one can experience the world-class beauty of nature.

The Cook Islands

The extreme beauty of nature Is predicted in the islands. Nature reflects its enchanting beauty in the form of islands. The places with the sea, plants, wildlife, and delicious dishes are enough reasons to enjoy the cherishing memories in these places.  Experience nature’s art in the form of water and sceneries in these islands!

 Article by: M.Swetha

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