Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World

Most Popular Festivals in The World

In this article we are going to discuss about the most popular festivals in the World. Festivals are the most looked forward to the time of the year and being in a world with such a diverse population, we are exposed to a variety of cultures and get a chance to celebrate each one with a zeal of enthusiasm and excitement. There are more festivals than we know and the motive and intent behind each are so unique. It is an occasion where people from different walks of life come together and celebrate their common beliefs and practices, in unity and spread joy and positivity.

Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in the World

Here are some of the most popular festivals celebrated across the world.

1. Christmas


This is a festival celebrated almost across every corner of the world, by people of different religions, because of the joy-giving and happy atmosphere it creates. It is full of love and every single day of the Christmas season is so special and unique. Be it the tradition of Santa Claus or the secret gift exchanging, to the carols and decorating attempts of the tree, everything gives room for love, joy, and throws in bundles and bundles of togetherness in your way. The aroma of the variety of delicacies prepared fills the air and keeps your mouth watering and wanting more.

The season along with the warm hugs and greetings along with the plethora of food and gifts makes it a wonderful time and makes you closely knit to your loved ones. It is a beautiful festival, aesthetic in terms of its view as well as the emotional impact it has on the minds of all the people who celebrate this festival. It is the festival of giving and loving and brings different people together and gives you beautiful memories to cherish forever.

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2. La Tomatina

This is one of the most happening festivals, celebrated in Bunol, Spain. People from different corners of the world visit Spain during this time just to be a part of this grand and fun-filled festival, giving you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. With almost around a hundred metric tonnes of tomatoes being thrown, people lose themselves into the fights and keep the attacks coming. The tomatoes are accompanied along with an incessant outflow of water to make it more fun and interesting.

This is a festival which also has a large chance of resulting in injuries and for this very reason, it has a set of rules and regulations to be abided by, including the throwing of only mashed tomatoes to avoid causing severe injuries to anybody. But all in all, this is a must experience the festival as it is unique and will leave you wanting for more celebration and happiness.

3. Holi

Popularly known as the festival of colours, this is a festival celebrated by Hindus across Asia and even by the people of Nepal. It is a festival which will keep your energy and spirits high. It is a beautiful festival celebrated by people from all different cultures and brings them together, eliminating any sort of differences. This festival marks the beginning of Spring season and brings along with it a lot of hope and gives you something to look forward to enjoying.

The celebration of this festival starts with the tradition of burning away evil and ends with people being drenched with colours and water. It also involves delicious and mouth-watering treats to keep you going and celebrating this wonderful festival of colours. It is the perfect balance of showcasing your culture and traditional values along with a party and celebratory vibe in the atmosphere, giving you the right mix of both the worlds.

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4. Rio Carnival

Rio de Janeiro, being the capital city of Brazil is known for its festive culture and practices which keep the atmosphere filled with celebration and joy. It is a five-day-long carnival bringing out the truest essence of Brazil and showcasing and living the culture over there. It has around 2 million people on the streets, to be a part of this wonderful celebration and witness the greatest and most looked forward season of the entire year.

The streets are flooded with people dancing and singing to their tunes and the atmosphere is filled with cheers and chants, keeping up the energy high. Long groups of presentations take place along with parades of themed and masked performances, in quirky and funky costumes. It is a must witness festival because of its grandeur and the scale at which it is celebrated brings out so much unity and joy among all the residents.

5. Carnevale di Venezia

Carnevale di Venezia

It is celebrated in Venice and is a two-week-long event celebrated with high levels of grandeur and being a part of this festival will let you witness some of the marvels of the culture in Italy. The core of this grand event is the tradition of wearing masks and being dressed in quirky attires, to make its huge gathering into one community and celebrate the spirit of joy and togetherness. This festival is accompanied by a detailed display of a variety and mixture of masks and traditional attires, appreciating and recognising the intricate designs of the mask makers.

It also has several concerts, street performances and themed performances on the streets, making it an immensely popular and highly celebrated one. It also has a candle-lit boat parade which is highly anticipated by the participants and is one of the most sought-after events in the entire schedule of the parade and the celebrations.

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6. Songkran Water Festival

It is celebrated to mark the Thai New Year’s national holiday and is celebrated with great zeal and importance in Thailand. Apart from its fun aspect and celebratory traditions, this festival is filled with a lot of values and culture of the people of Thailand. A major part of this festival is the water being used, which is symbolic of the tradition of washing away all your sins and bad luck and starting fresh for the next year.

It is a huge festival in Thailand and many citizens spread in different parts of the world come back home to enjoy and be a part of this grand celebration, marking togetherness and unity. Another important practice followed during this festival is the respect and reverence paid to the ancestors and their traditions and passing on of such values and culture from one generation to another. It is a beautiful festival filled with an abundance of happiness and joy.

7. Lantern Festival

This is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking views you would ever come across. The festival is celebrated in Taiwan and it is one of those experiences in life that will leave you awestruck and speechless. It is so beautiful that you will be completely drawn into the world of magical lights and lanterns and you must be physically present to feel that magic because no amount of words are enough to put across the beauty of this festival.

With thousands of lanterns descending and ascending into the sky, it will create the most unforgettable image in your head. It features a wide mixture of lamps, varying in shape and size and floating smoothly across the sky. This beauty of this festival is even more enhanced by the LED lights and other light shows.

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8. Coachella

This is like the king of all music festivals, which has gained so much popularity over the years of its celebration. It hosts lakhs of people from different corners of the world who gather to witness and be enthralled by the delights of music and dance and sway to the tunes of a vast variety of music and sounds. If you are a music lover, this is a festival you would not want to miss. You get to meet and interact with so many people and share your common interest and passions and celebrate with high zeal and passion.

You can witness people with different styles and fashion sense and experience the music and performance of some of the greatest artists ever. It also has a high number of celebrity attendees and is famous for the variety of music styles it offers including rock, indie, pop, electronic dance music, and much more.

9. Harbin Ice Festival

Harbin Ice Festival

If you have an inclination towards art and sculpting grabs your interest, this is one of those festivals which will allow you to witness some of the greatest sculptures ever carved, that too out of ice. This is celebrated in China with a high number of visitors and is the greatest ice festival ever celebrated. It leaves its visitors mesmerised by the intricate and exquisite works of the sculptors all out of ice.

You will be surrounded by ice sculptures and even be able to witness castles and statues almost 20 feet tall, made of simple blocks of ice. The night time is the most desirable time to visit and experience this beautiful sight and the scenic beauty of the festival will leave you speechless.

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10. Oktoberfest


This is a festival celebrated on a very large-scale in Munich, Germany bringing almost around 6 million visitors to experience and live this festival. The grandeur of this festival has even tried to be replicated across some other cities, but if you want the real taste of this festival, you must visit the Oktoberfest in Munich. It comes along with a great variety of good music and a plethora of good food to satisfy your taste buds.

You get to learn about the rich culture and history of the city and be a part of this amazing celebration which extends over a few weeks. You can even witness costume processions, cultural displays, fun shows, and get a full hands-on experience which you will never be able to forget. There is also a provision for the visitors to indulge in some fun games to keep them engaged throughout their visit.

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