Top 10 Most Developed Cities in the World

Top 10 most developed cities in the world

In this article we are going to discuss about the top 10 most developed Cities in the World. Each and every city is different and unique in its own manner and as many times we visit some place we take along some or the other memory with it; every place is unique in its own way and we can’t deny with that, there is one or the other specialty or something to remember about every place.

Well, if you have been thinking about knowing what some developed cities in the world are, probably you’ve landed the perfect place.

Top 10 Most Developed Cities in the World

Here is the list of most developed cities in the world:

1. London

Most Developed Cities

I think you would have expecting this name in the league; well you expected right and here it is; many of us would have started to know foreign cities and the first well known place in our head would be London itself (can be other name). I think we are all well familiar with this name.

We are all well aware with the craze in youngsters and even the elder ones, all of them want to go to London and this city has got numerous things to be appreciated for; this city holds a lot of number of international students as we all know that this place has got some of the best universities and institutes to study, if we look into the flight services then it’s beautiful to say that this place has got a great concentration of people coming from all over the world and is being considered to have the most buzzing airport and busiest as well.

2. New York City

New York

When we have already listed it in the most developed cities then it’s just not favorable to mention the category rather talk about what are the other aspects that has to be given some try; the very first thing that makes NYC one of the best because people from all over countries visit this place and the it is considered to have the best taste of all other cuisines and no doubt having its own to be the best one amongst. It is one of the best places for those who love to eat; you are going to find almost everything you can think about your country.

I think it’s not new to take the name of famous “wall street” if we are talking about NYC in terms of industry; and also Wall Street being considered the financial hotspot across the globe.

We also can’t deny this place being the most developed as it contains a huge number of billionaire and is also considered to be the richest place.

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3. Paris

Top most developed countries

London to Paris… Paris to New York… if you’ve heard this song (song from the movie London Paris New York) then definitely we can count it to be the sensible song, as this contains three most developed cities in the world.

When we are talking about Paris how can we dare to forget the great Eiffel Tower, I mean when one spells out “Paris”, the very first thing that comes into our mind is Eiffel Tower; this has got a different beauty add up for this place. This place is much more famous for couples and comes in the first priority when they decide to go some place. Many of us also have dreams to go here with our loved partner. How can one deny when it is about getting proposed below this tower.

Although this city is also famous for its French cuisine; being the most developed city it is indeed a greatly beautiful place.

4. Singapore


Again one of the beautiful place, also believed to be one of the best place to raise your kids as health care is awesome here. As we know it is one of developed place to visit and has got all the beauty we can expect also if you are from Singapore then I guess you know that they can fly any place they want to.

Being one of developed place, this has got one of the best airports with a lot of facilities and unimagined things available. I think you have got my hints; I am talking about the most famous Changi airports equipped with best infrastructure and other stuffs, you can simply Google it because it’s won’t be easy mentioning all of them. And it’s really great to mention that overall 90 percent of Singapore residents hold internet connection with them, the telecommunication services are remarkable here.

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5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The very first thing to mention is the great connectivity for travelling is present over here, they have got almost all sort of transportation available for people which makes it really very easy for people to travel within, so the place that has this great transportation then for sure they are fast and this comes out because it is one of the best developed countries with a lot of technology involved in day to day life. Being the most developed also makes it a cashless country making everything so smooth and the very first is the money transaction; it has also one of the lowest tax charges and that’s what makes it reasonable to mention this place here.

6. Toronto


One of the developed country and also is in the list of places with best quality of air, we all know that we just compare development is equal to pollution, but surely that is not the case here in Toronto as it has a remarkable air quality. We are all well known with this bike station (cycling) that we can also see in IIT Bombay campus, yes that’s not something confined there rather it’s a culture indeed.

We must also note that healthcare services aren’t meant to be a place where those who have low income can’t afford. This is what shows how developed this place is and no doubt environment is also good.

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7. Tokyo


There’s some reason why this has been counted as well, Tokyo is counted to be the safest city as well; of course developed doesn’t only means the one with advanced technologies but also with advancement is safety as well. So Tokyo stands in the line. You won’t imagine but development here has led to be the reason behind the flights rates are cheaper and you can be really surprised with the hotel rates there, as they are really cheap than you think; many five star hotels are low in rates but that’s really great. Also the train connectivity is remarkable here which has to be no doubt having to be counted along our way.

8. Amsterdam


Amsterdam, sounds really cool pronouncing this name (no intent to hurt the rest names of places); well one of the major thing that’s really known here is the start up culture and the respect and opportunities that are available for them. So it’s quite obvious that this place has to be the one of the developed ones as it’s major is start ups that basically indicates the fact that they are so idea driven place and how can a place not be counted into the most developed when its known for the very main culture and that’s “start up”.

This place is mostly focused in technology and has most of the starts ups in this field only; in fact even here the transportation and connectivity is really good.

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9. Seoul


Before saying anything; let me mention this has got the world best internet speed; considered to have the best speed and internet connectivity over here, which directly shows how greatly this place is developed. To being ranked the best in terms of internet shows it all that how well advanced and developed they are because in today’s world it’s all about internet of things and related with it then internet connectivity is the sole reason behind development as well.

This place is also known for having the best airports because they are the once equipped with everything that can make this place top the list and the basic reason behind all these is just because they are so well developed.

10. Boston


Boston is well known for its student culture and is best for them; in fact this can be counted to be the best reason behind its development and students are the future of any place.

In fact this is considered to be a place where start ups and research is the most happening thing; and I think that where this is considered to be the thing going on then definitely this has to be counted on and students, research and start up; I mean what a great combination this place holds. So this has to be placed into this list and no doubt this is a place that every student who dreams to go abroad has a place in their brains.

We have tried listing the best, but this league continues because day by day figures are changing and no one can hold control over time. We can’t just say that the ones that are not mentioned aren’t good enough but these places are mostly known for their development goals and I guess none of these would have been new to any of us here. So every city holds one or the other great thing but we can consider only one for now and that was development; I mean this is what everyone runs behind and does everything for.


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