Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in the World

Most stressful jobs in the world

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the most stressful jobs in the World. We all live in a very hardworking world. People are doing various jobs in the world to have an earning for their family. When it comes to earning more in life, people will do any job in order to get it. There are various jobs in the world that people are doing nowadays with which the live. Some work for other, so are into business. But, what we need to know is that each job has its own tension and pressure.

Work pressure is a very dangerous thing which can affect our lives. It is nothing but the amount of work which we have to do within a short period of time. People get stressed a lot due to work pressure and also there have been many health conditions gone bad for people with too much work pressure. When you get into the stress of too much work, your whole body gets affected to it. It is a known fact that our body requires equal amount of rest as we work.

The more we work, the more we need rest. But, due to the stress we have in our jobs, we are not able to get rest properly and all our body parts are working continuously for a long time. This will make our body cells gets tired soon and there is a chance in we falling ill due to this. Also, recent studies show that such stress due to work for a long time can even lead to death. Here, we will see some of the most stressful jobs in the world which people are doing and are facing a poor health condition.

Top 10 most stressful jobs in the World

Here are a few major stressful jobs in the world that people are doing:

1. Police

The childhood dream of many, especially boys is to become a police officer once they grow up. Whenever children go outside and meet any police officer, they get amazed and will always try to become that person. Whenever we see any thriller cop movie, we also thing that their job contains all the thrills that is exactly shown in the movie. But, when it comes to reality, we must know that one of the most stressful jobs that are present in the world is that of a police officer. Whenever a case is given to an officer to handle, he must collect as much as proofs and evidences as possible.

The officer will get strong pressure from their senior officers if the case takes so much time to be completed. The main issue with such cases is that the officer must make sure that all the evidences that they collect about the culprit has to be true. If not, they will arrest the wrong person and the real culprit will escape. Also, if the case gets unsolved, there is a high chance for the officer to get suspended. So, one of the stressful jobs that people are doing in the world currently is that of a police officer.

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2. Reporter

Another job which contains a lot of pressure right from the moment you begin your work for it is that of a reporter. When a task is given to the reporter to handle, the person must reach that particular destination as soon as possible and must collect the maximum information. Also, the reporter must make sure that all the information that is collected from the place is true. If any false news is published in the channel, it will become a criminal offense and the channel will lose its reputation. Also, there will be cases when the senior at your office will call you suddenly regardless of whatever be the time, and you must report their as soon as possible. Some days you might be forced to work both day and night. Therefore, being a reporter is also a stressful job in the world.

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3. Fire fighter

This is not only a job that is stressful, but also is a very dangerous one. Being a fire fighter is not at all an easy job. Even though you are well trained for the job, the missions that you get will be of high risk and you must have the full courage to solve it. This is a 24 hour job and you will be called for it any moment. Even though you worked throughout the day and is taking rest at night, if any emergency occurs, there is a high chance that you will be called to solve it.

There have been many cases in the past in which many fire fighters who gave up their lives for the safety of others. Missions will be of various types such as fire rescue, rescuing from water, rescuing from any dangerous areas, etc. The person must have the courage to do all the missions that are given to them. So, this is also a very stressful and dangerous job in the world.

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4. Military officer

We all are very much familiar with the job of a military officer. It is considered as the most efficient and respectful manner in which one can serve the nation. But, we must also realize that it is one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs that are present in the world. Military operations are very dangerous and must be done with utmost care and dedication in order to make it a success. Same like the fire fighters, this is also a 24 hour job and you will be called for it at any time. Missions given to you will be very hard but you must be able to solve it as early as possible. You will be well trained to do all the missions properly, but it will be very stressful too. Therefore, this is also a very stressful job in the world.

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5. Coastal guardian

This is also a job that comes under the military service of a person. The job of a coastal guard is nothing but to guard the coastal area that is provided to them by the officer. The most important part of this job is to have a very high observation skill. They must always be aware if everything that is happening around them. If at all any crime happens at the coastal area, the guards are the ones who are in trouble for not taking maximum care and precaution. Also, there are many cases in which such coastal guards losing their jobs due to the mistakes that happen from their side which led to any crime. So, this is also considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

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6. Doctor

We all are very much familiar with doctors and have got chance to visit them due to different health reasons. We must know that the job of being a doctor is not so easy and it contains a lot of stress and struggle. First of all, a doctor is a person who has to study a lot and must be always observant and careful. Even a slight mistake from their side can end up taking away the life of a person.

There are tons of diseases which occur to people across the world and doctors are the ones that rescue them. But, we must know that it takes a lot of risk for a doctor to complete a surgery successfully. If at all something wrong happens with the patient, the doctor is the one that is cursed and he/she will be affected by it for their entire life. Therefore, being a doctor is a very stressful job.

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7. Nurse

Same like doctors, nurses are also a group of workers who faces a lot of stress due to their work. Nurses are commonly known as the angels who came from heaven to save the lives of the people. But, we need to realize the fact that it takes a lot of risk and effort to be a good nurse. Patients can be of different diseases. Some may have highly spreading diseases and some may have something else. As a nurse, it is their responsibility to make sure that not even a single person will be affected by the disease. Also, they must take of the patient in such a way that they are given complete care. So, being a nurse is not an easy job and is very stressful.

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8. Event manager

This is yet another stressful job that is seen in the world right now. The job of an event manager is nothing but to execute an event with the resources that are provided to them. Events will be of various types. Starting from small ones such as birthday parties up to big ones like marriages all are done by such people. They must make sure that not even a single mistake occurs from their side which makes the user unhappy. Therefore, this is also a stressful job.

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9. Electrician

Another dangerous job that deals with electricity is that of an electrician. An electrician must be a person who is always careful with what he deals. He is doing a job that involves high amount of risk. If the electrician gets to work during a time when it is raining, the risk involved in his job also increases. He must be very careful while doing his job. Therefore, being an electrician is also a very stressful job.

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10. Chef

We all consider cooking as an easy job which all, especially women can do. But, we need to realize that being a chef involves high amount of stress and tension. When you work in a hotel as a chef, you must make sure that the food cooked there is healthy. If at all a person falls ill due to that food, there is a high chance for the hotel to be closed down and the chef will be arrested. Therefore, being a chef is something which is very stressful and has to be done with utmost care.

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