Top 10 Most Popular Outdoor Games in the World

Top 10 Most Popular Outdoor Games in the World

In this article we are going to discuss about the top most popular outdoor games in the World. Human beings have come up with a wide variety of things to entertain themselves and to keep themselves busy. But one of the best ideas of man were the invention of various games. It provides entertainment, helps to stay fit, helps to socialise and also helps to develop skills such as team management and problem-solving.

A number of different games have been developed through years and they have been modified from time to time. Every game has got a history of how it first developed and how it turned out be what it is today. The main purpose of most of these games was always entertainment and as a leisure activity. But now games have been evolved to become much more competitive with nations competing against each other. Games are also chosen as a career option by many who have shown excellence in their skills and games.

Every game requires multiple skills that should be developed through constant practice and hard work. It requires perseverance and determination. Sports and exercise are very essential for both physical and mental health. Sports in addition can also help you develop many cognitive skills and can make your brain sharper.

Top 10 Most Popular Outdoor Games in the World

Here is the list of top most famous outdoor games in the World :

1. Football (Soccer)


Football is a team game played by over three hundred million people all over the world. It is always the favourite sport of majority of children and even adults. The sport also has the highest television audience.

The game basically involves eleven to eighteen players kicking a ball to score a goal, to put it in simple words. The main skills involve tackling, passing, catching and kicking. The game also requires a lot of stamina and strong and flexible bodies.

2. Badminton


Badminton is a game that involves hitting a shuttlecock across a net using a racket. It is a very popular sport with almost two hundred million people involved in the game. The games is especially popular in Asia. It is a game that is often played by families and friends for fun.

It is commonly played in singles and doubles, the former being a one on one game and the latter involving two teams of two. The game requires swiftness, agility and great concentration among various other skills. Although it may seem to be an easy sport badminton requires a lot of skills and a lot of practice.

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3. Field Hockey


Field hockey is a very popular sport played over 100 countries. The game is played by two teams with each team having ten players and a goal keeper. It usually involves hitting a small, hard plastic ball with sticks to score goals. The stick is usually made of wood, carbon fibre or glass fibre with a flat face for hitting the ball. The game requires great focus, great team effort and quick thinking.

4. Volleyball


Volleyball originated in America as a casual sport played by families and friends in backyards and beaches. It is a team sport that involves two teams of six players each. The aim of the game is to hit the ball using your arms and not let it touch the ground. The teams score by grounding the ball on the other team’s court.

The basic skills include serving, passing, attacking, blocking and dig. These skills have to be mastered by the players through years of practice. The game requires great strength and also quick movement.

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5. Basketball


Basketball is one of the most extensively played sports and it have gained so much popularity due to superstars like Michael Jorden and Kobe Bryant. The game involves two teams of generally five players, trying to shoot the ball through the other team’s basket or hoop. The players advance through the court towards the defenders hoop by bouncing the ball while running or walking. This is usually referred to as dribbling and there are many techniques employed to evade the opposing players during advancing. The game requires great team work, agility and also great stamina.

6. Tennis


Tennis is a very popular sport played extensively by both men and women. It is a racket sport that involves two players or two teams of two, generally. The game is played by hitting the tennis ball, which is a hollow rubber ball, using the racket to the opponent’s court. Both players needs to return the ball to the other’s court, trying to drive it in a way that makes it hard for the opponent to return it. It is an Olympic sport and played by millions of people worldwide. The players require agility, speed and great perception to ace in this game.

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7. Cricket


Cricket is a quite popular game having tournaments and leagues organised throughout the year. It is a game that involves two teams of eleven players. It is usually played in a large ground with a pitch at the centre, which is 20 metres long and has got wickets at each end. Wicket is three stumps with two bails in top of the stumps. It is a bat and ball game. The team chooses to bat or ball, the preference to choose is decided on the basis of a toss. Aim of the teams is to score the maximum while batting that is by hitting the ball using the bat. And bowling team tries to take wickets and dismiss each player of opponent team thereby reducing their scores. When 10 players are dismissed the next innings start and the teams swap roles.

It is a very interesting game and can get quite lengthy. There are various ways to dismiss players in this game. And the runs scored from each hit depends on the extent to which the ball has moved. A batsman can score fours and sixes with a shot long and high enough. The sport requires great skills and proper training. Right coaching is required to excel in this sport along with great hard work.

8. Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table tennis can be vaguely described as playing tennis on a table. This game also involves hitting a ball using rackets, smaller ones, to the opponent’s court while trying to let him lose the ball. The game can be played in singles and doubles. Table tennis has been an Olympic sport for years.

The game requires great speed and fast reflexes. There are various types of strokes one can adopt while delivering the hit. Players often try to spin the ball as the spin can cause the ball change its direction and makes it hard for the opponent to perceive the change and give a hit.

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9. Baseball


Baseball is a bat and ball game and involves two teams of nine each. The two teams take turns to bat and bowl, trying to score the maximum while doing the former and trying to not let the other team score while doing the latter. The player of batting team hits the ball delivered by the bowler or pitcher and scores runs by advancing around the four bases. The fielding team has to try and prevent their opponents from scoring runs. This game requires special skills and techniques that can be developed through proper training and practice.

10. Golf


Golf is not a competition sport. It is club and ball game in which the players use the clubs to direct the ball to holes on the ground. The game is played on a vast terrain that does not have a standardised limit. The game is played generally with a series of 18 holes and the aim is to finish the game with the lowest number of strokes.

This is basically a recreational sport. The game requires great perception and precision. It does not call for great strength or stamina, but requires great skills and lots of patience.

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