10 Best Car Rental Companies

Best Car rental companies

In this article we are going to discuss about the best car rental companies in the world. Planning for a trip with friends or family but unavailability of vehicle and no drivers agreeing to come with you at the last minute because of peak season is the reason to cancel your trip. Why not rent a car online and self- drive it to your destination. Car rentals are everyone’s preference when they do not own their personal car and just plan to drive and escape the regular routine. What makes it difficult is the selection of the best and the most trusted car rental service be it offline or online but with the increase in access to internet, online car rentals are on a boom.

10 Best Car Rental Companies

Here is a list of some of the best car rental companies you can have a look at before booking your next car for a long weekend.

1. Cheaptickets

Top Car Rental Companies

How about a website, which helps you plan your trips, book hotels, make bookings for your flights and rent a self- driven car or a taxi at the same time. As soon as you visit the website and opt for car rentals, it asks for basic information about the pickup point, the dropping point and the time of pickup and drop-off.

Once the search results are displayed, you get a whole lot of filters to make the best selection as per your need and the amount your pocket allows you to spend on the car during the vacation. One can select the type of car like mini or van, capacity of the vehicle, free- cancellation in case your plan changes at the last minute, pay later options, price range, the company you are renting your car from, or even some very particular specifications of the car that you want to drive as per your convenience and comfort.

In case if you are looking for add-ons like a navigation system or a toddler seat, you have an opportunity to ask for the same at no extra cost. Read the policies and rules and book your ride. Because, at the end all that matters is the driver’s comfort and the happiness of the passengers traveling.

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2. Priceline

Best Car Rental Services

It is one of the most popular sites amongst users to rent a car because of the comparatively lowest prices from all the other platforms, which aid you in renting a car. They have tie- ups with a large number of car- rental service providing companies, which, ensures the best availability of the car at your desired location across the globe.

It has multiple feature like addition of a driver in case you don’t feel like driving, adding of equipments as per the need of the driver with disability, ski- rack or an infant seat, multiple and easy payment options, wide range of car options available from economy to luxury, damage coverage policy for the worst situations where your car gets damaged in an accident or stolen, which would cover up your expense up to some extent, policies and guidelines and special coupons which might offer you special discounts, making your trip cheapest of all. There is a long list of features the site has to offer, so make your choice and enjoy your holiday.

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3. Autorentals

Top Car Rental Services

What if you are given a comparison between companies provide rental services and you can make your own selection as per the best price they offer? Autorentals is the destination where you can compare and select not only between the categories and between filters available for the cars but also between the prices quoted by several companies offering the services. It provides the best daily rates the companies have fixed and works in the maximum benefit of the customer.

The company covers almost all the major cities across the globe. Once you make your choice, it redirects you to the booking page of the vendor providing the service. The process and the user experience to make a booking is quite simple and well- organised. You can also opt for the subscription if you are a frequent traveller to know about the best prices they offer through e-mails. Enter your details; select for a damage policy if you want, confirm and get set go.

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4. Rentalcars

Rental Cars

What if you are visiting a new city or a country and need to book a car for yourself but have no idea which point is the best and most affordable? This website gives you the range of pick- up points along with the prices quoted from the dealers of these locations to give the best experience to its customers. They provide you with a map to understand the location and make your selection. Unlimited kilometres, filled up petrol tank, good cancellation policy, damage cover policy as an addition and supplements for more convenience. It covers 160 countries worldwide, which makes it accessible at every location.

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5. Momondo


Momondo is a website which itself does not sell air tickets or hotel bookings or the car rental deals but act as a mediator to connect the vendors and the customers for no extra cost. It has come up with an excellent concept, where you can select your car and look for all the available suppliers, their customer ratings, prices, packages available with or without policy, mode of payment and the cancellation policy. Comparison always enhances the chance of grabbing the best offer. One more feature, which might increase your chances of booking through this website, is earning Qpoints and vouchers, which will provide you with special benefits on your next purchase.

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6. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a well-known brand for buying affordable and cheap flights but who knew it also offers some great car rental options too. The website focuses the most on providing the cheapest of all prices to the valuable customers. They have the best feature of arranging the search results in the order of cheapest to the most expensive car available in the list. Filters like any other website are definitely available here as well and making the search simple all the time. The interface and the display of the website is quite impressive and very clear. There is a very clear description given for all the cars, about the supplier and the most important customer ratings and reviews. It redirects you to the webpage of the vendor providing the service after selecting the required car.

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7. Zoomcar

Zoom Car

Zoomcar has got some amazing features like the fuel cost included and if you get it refilled, they compensate for the sae, there are no hidden costs, flexi price packages as per the customized demand, travel permits for all across the country is given to the cars, an efficient 24*7 assistance body and the most important damage cover policy in circumstances when all the options look infeasible. They provide you with an option of self- pickup or dropping the car at your desired location. The website also comes with an mobile application and the interface is very unique.

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8. Ecorentcar


Ecorenter is one of the best car rental service provider, which serves Corporate executive car rental and employee transportation, travel agents, tour operators and event management companies to fulfil their transportation needs at all times. They have their services in almost 100 cities and a vast spread of cars from economic to imported Mercedes. They have collaborated with Europcar providing access to cars in around 130 countries of the world. It has its own uniqueness that it is a very good platform for the event managers and tour operators to bond with them and provide excellent services to their clients.

9. AutoSlash


Do you believe, there is a website, which only provides offers, discounts and vouchers for car rentals and does not rent a car? As the name suggests the website aids in slashing out the prices of your car rental. It asks for all your rental details like any other site and a form where you can select the groups you are currently a member of like the Association Memberships, Credit cards that you own, Frequent flyer programs, Frequent renter programs and Warehouse clubs to find the best possible rates for the user as per their qualification in these memberships. AutoSlash analyses all the relevant information and generates the best possible vouchers and offers for maximum profit of the user.

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10. Revv


Revv is one more best car rental company which provides delivery and pickup services with unlimited kilometres, brand new cars, no extra costs, limited liability, insurance cover for damages, all time customer support and fast booking with a beautiful interface. They have speed governors in some states of the country to avoid chances of accidents. They have choices of with fuel or without fuel availability of the car as per your need.

Car rental is getting very comfortable and convenient with online websites growing more and more in every country. It only takes to select the right car as per your requirement and the trusted platform to avoid yourself being trapped in a fraud. Comparison charts and matrices give the users excellent platform to make their purchase and get the best deals.

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