Things to Know Before Buying a Car

Things to Know Before Buying a Car

In this article we are going to talk about some important things to know before buying a Car. It is people’s dream to buy car. Every man plans on buying a car at some or the other point of his life. 85 percentage of American households own a car. The world is obsessed with cars. Also, in today’s date owning a car has become mandatory. People need car to pick up groceries from the market, transport senior citizens between places and many more reasons. But one must consider few things before buying a car. We will see them in brief now.

What are some important things to know before buying a Car?

Here is the list of some important things to know before buying a Car are discussed below:

1. Budget


You can buy a car starting from approximately 1 lakh. So, before you plan to buy a car, fix a budget. Choose a budget that will get you a car without hampering your financial stability. Buy a car within your budget. If you are looking for a high-end car that is out of your budget, you can always postpone the plan. If you cannot postpone the plan, you can also think of a second-hand car. Also make sure you buy a car that fulfils your needs. Do not buy a car just for the sake of having a car.

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2. Finance

Car Finance

Now that you have decided and fixed a budget, it is time to plan your sources of money. You can either buy a car with your savings or take a loan from bank. If you take up a loan you have to pay instalments every month along with the interest but all your savings will be with you. If you plan on buying a car entirely funded from your savings, you won’t have to pay any interest. Also, you can fund the car partially with savings and partially by loan.

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3. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

This is the first priority of most of the car buyers. And I feel this should be the first priority of all the car buyers because it helps reduce air pollution. A car with higher fuel efficiency can help reduce carbon footprint on the planet earth and also save a lot of money. Some luxurious cars have a fuel efficiency of 7-8km/lit while some have a mileage of 22km/lit. So, decide the car that you are comfortable with with comfortable fuel efficiency.

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4. Brand

Car Brand

There are numerous car brands to choose from. Study the cars of each brand neatly before deciding on one. Talk to your friends and relatives about it. Read reviews on the cars that you may have shortlisted. If some relative of yours has a specific brand that interests you talk to him about the car and ask his reviews related to the car.

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5. Dealer and service centre

Car Dealer and service centre

Once you have shortlisted some cars or brands, check if a dealer is available in your city or close to your location. Because if a dealer is not available close to your location, then you may have to buy it from some other city where a dealer is available. Along with dealer, you must also see to it that the car that interests you has a service centre close to your location or no. because you will be needing to service your automobile every 6 months. And if a service station is not available then you may have to travel to other city where the service station is available.

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6. Transmission


Yes, transmission. In the olden days this was not an option, but now you can choose between manual and automatic gear transmission. Brands like Maruti Suzuki, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes and many other brands provide both kinds of transmissions. Some are comfortable with manual transmission but some are happy with the new automatic transmission. Although driving an automatic transmission automobile is quite convenient, they give less fuel efficiency as compared to manual transmission cars. So, it is suggested that you take a test drive before you make an actual deal.

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7. Safety features

Safety features

Before buying a car get to know the safety features installed in the car. There are so many safety features like the air bags, Anti-Lock Braking System, shatter resistant glass, stability control and many more. Some safety features that are mandatory in an automobile are the seat-belts and a fixed number of air bags. The additional safety features vary depending on the car model you are choosing.

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8. Engine capacity and power

Car Engine capacity and power

If you want a car that has great pickup and wish to go zoom past the other cars on roads, you can go with cars with a higher engine capacity and higher Brake Horse Power. But if you are going to drive the car mostly in cities and internal roads then you can go with a low power engine. Because you won’t be needing powerful engines on city roads which are brimming with other vehicles. But on the other hand, if you frequently travel between cities or on highways then you can think on buying a car with higher engine capacity. The other drawback of engines with higher power is that they give relatively lower fuel efficiency.

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9. Maintenance

car Maintenance

Expenses do not stop once you buy a car. There are many factors that needs to be taken care of after buying a car. You will have to service the vehicle every 6 months, you need to change engine oil every 6000km. you will need to change the tyres after every approximately 20,000km depending on road condition and driving skills or when the tread wear indicator is flush with your tread. And good quality tyres do not come cheap. The maintenance cost of diesel cars is more than petrol cars. This is because the engine oil and other parts used in diesel car are costlier than petrol cars. So, you must also think about this before you seal the deal.

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10. Resale value

Car Resale value

After a few years you may fall in love with some new car, but won’t buy it because you already own one. At such times the idea of selling the car can make home in your mind. So before buying a car get an idea of its resale value. The life of a petrol engine is greater than the life of a diesel engine. But on the other hand, the resale value of a diesel car is higher than that of a petrol car. So, you must consider these things also before buying a specific car.

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Buying a car is a huge and important investment. So be a bit choosey and alert before buying one. Ask all your doubts and queries related to the warranty period or anything else to the dealer before you confirm your booking. There are so many websites and blog spots available on the internet related to automobiles. Take out time and go through these online portals carefully as they may have all the latest news and information related to the car that you have shortlisted.

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