What are some interesting questions to ask a girl while chatting?

interesting questions to ask a girl while chatting

In this article we are going to discuss about some interesting questions to ask a girl while chatting. Dating a girl or being in a relationship with one is very nice and it gives a great, warm feeling of being loved. All living things like to exist in pairs and so do we humans. Every guy out there wants to be in a relationship with the girl of his dreams. And if you make the proper impression then there is no such thing as “out of your league” for you. The first impression is really important if you wish to even score a date with a girl. There’s no need to act like somebody else, be really fake, etc. just be yourself and truthful, because nobody likes liars.

There a lot of guys who use textbook tricks to get girls interested in them, like acting uninterested or showing off when they are around. Here’s the thing, all of these things could work if you are in high school, but the same tricks cannot help you score a date as you grow up. You need to up your game for getting the desired results. When you are in a nice club or a fancy restaurant and want to score the perfect date, remember that just pretending will not help. If there’s a girl that is really good looking and you want to ask her out, make sure that you let her know in a very subtle manner that beauty is not the only thing that made you ask her out.

Let her know she is really attractive and not just because of her looks. Compliment her for her energy, sense of humour, her way of seeing life, her attitude. Anything that will let her know that you are not into her for just her looks. Another important point to remember is that most of the guys get very nervous and start to say very uncertain things like I don’t know, what do you want to do, where do you want to go, what do we do now? Women are more into guys if they are sure and certain about what they want. Decide where you want to take the girl before approaching when you want the date to be well. Make sure you do not go up to her, stammer, and sabotage your chances of getting the date. If she is not on board with the plan, you can always meet at a common point later.

Do not try to get over-friendly with the girl and end up being friend-zoned. That’s the worst possible outcome if friendship is not something you are looking for. Make sure that your intentions are very clear when you decide to approach on a girl. Do not make her feel uncomfortable and irritated by asking her the same things over and over. Have very positive vibes about you when you approach a girl so that she knows you won’t be a big turn off.  Many guys do the mistake of asking girls out just for the sake of the validation and this is something that nobody will like. Don’t get too pressurized to say the right things or to do the correct things, it is very natural to mess things up, just learn to own up to your mistakes and make sure you do not repeat them again.

When you do gather all your courage to walk up to the pretty girl at the counter, make sure your proposal for the date is enticing, don’t make it too pale or boring because that will speak a lot about your personality. Use your own words but make sure you use them in a very clever manner. Don’t be the guy who copies lines from films and series just to impress her and then get busted later. It is just too obvious when you use lines form series or films. Take her out on a pretty exciting and interesting date, take her out for dancing, or for karaoke.

They are both great dates even if you’re the world’s worst dancer or have the voice of a crow. Smile and own it, it will make both of you have the time of your lives and will make her want to go out with you.

6 Interesting questions to ask a girl while chatting with her

In case you go up to her or meet her online and run out of things to ask her, but you also know she’s special and don’t want to lose her, here are some great questions that will make her want to talk to you more. These are the perfect questions because they are neither too common nor too personal as to make her feel attacked.

1. What are your thoughts on the whole made for each other concept?

What are your thoughts on the whole made for each other concept?

Asking a girl you just met and want things to move ahead with, this is the best tailored question. It will not only give the chance for the two of you to exchange thoughts, but it will also make things clear to you about the type of person she is. Is she too clingy?  Is she too casual? Is she the if you date me, you marry me type of person? Is she looking for something serious or just wants a fling? They answer a lot of questions about her and will also keep you in your limits. It will help you from not keeping a lot of hopes only to be broken in the end. Asking her this will open a portal directly to her heart and she will want to talk to you with more interest and enthusiasm.

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2. What’s your favorite travel destination?

What’s your favorite travel destination?

This is the classic and very hard to ignore question, because a travel destination will have some emotional attachments to it. There could be sentiments like she had been there as a child with her parents, she had her first kiss there or any other reason. She will open up to you about the emotion behind and will find you more trustable. This is also a great question to ask because in case things all work out well and you guys end up in a relationship or end up getting married you need not screw your brain over where to take her for the holiday season. Travel destinations also speak a lot about the personality of the individual, if they choose a place like Venice it will mean she is a very religious person or a person who is very much into art and architecture. If her travel destination is a place like Paris it’s obvious she’s a romantic person and if she chooses a beach place, she’s a party person and likes to live each day like it’s the last.

3. What makes you the most emotional?

What makes you the most emotional?

Feeling emotional is a thought cannot be expressed in front of everybody. Asking the girl about things that makes her emotional will tell about her deepest fears and secrets. She will open up to you about her past. Talking to you about things that make her feel sad will make her know she has somebody she can open up to, it will also help you know about the things that will make her sad and make sure you won’t be the reason she gets sad again.

She could end up talking to you about her sad past, her previous relationships, her biggest fears, or even the demise of someone close to her. Comfort her and make sure you let her know you will stand by her side in such cases. Another very important thing, when she is opening up to you is to make sure you don’t act like a jerk and make her feel uncomfortable. Listen to her closely, empathize with her and make sure knows feels your presence there not just physically but even emotionally.

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4. What do you do when you are happy or sad?

What do you do when you are happy or sad

Things that people do when they are very happy or very sad speak a lot about them as an individual. When you are in a state of complete happiness, some people thank god for it. Some make sure they don’t forget the moment and live it to the fullest. They throw a huge party, invite a lot of people and party. Likewise when they are sad, some people try to distract their minds by changing their perception about it, some go very dramatic and start wailing for even small issues. Some have a complete mental breakdown and cease to think straight while others even feel they are totally wrecked. What they do how they react speaks a lot about them as an individual and might even help you decide if she’s the one or not.

5. What is your bucket list?

What is your bucket list?

A bucket list, for those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a list of things you want to do before you die or grow old. It could be anything from travelling the globe, doing adventure sports, meeting new people from different races, etc. It is a very personal thing, and talking about it is a green flag that she is actually giving you a chance and you have your shot at it. Just make sure that you remember it and if she happens to be the girl you’ve always wanted to meet, help her complete the list. Yes, it is too filmy but it’s totally worth it.

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6. If you knew when you were to die, what will be the first thing you would want to do?

If you knew when you were to die, what will be the first thing you would want to do

This is another very interesting which can lead to having very interesting and enjoyable conversations. This will help you realize her wildest dreams and desires. It is always fun to know what a person desires the most, and if that person is your somebody special then it’s definitely worth knowing.

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