Top 10 Romantic things to do with your girlfriend

Romantic things to do with your girlfriend

In this article we are going to discuss about the romantic things to do with your girlfriend. Life would be happier when a girl enters into your life. She is the girl of your life who is going to share your feelings, life, joys, sorrows, failures, success, and more. Having a girl to take care of us, our life, our career, and to share our thoughts is a blessing. As a man, never miss to impress her and insist her that you are always there for her. But care for her and finding a way to impress her is quite a challenge for every man.

Most of the man fails to impress his girlfriend with astounding ideas. Never think that your money and costly accessories are enough to satisfy her. The real man will put effort to impress her and to care her feelings. True feelings with a cup of romance will help to create a persisting bond between both of you. Water your relationship with true whimsical feelings to grow your bond as a strong tree. Find a way to romance even in the silly things that she does. But how to have a romance in the correct time is the confusing question for every man. This article helps you by suggesting the top 10 romantic things that you can do for your girlfriend.

Top 10 romantic things to do with your girlfriend

Find a chance to romance with her in complex situations like finding a fiber among the complex roots. Here, I list the top 10 things to do for your girlfriend.

1. Give her weird and personally trait name

Giving a special name to your loved ones makes them feel special. But be very different in giving her name. Choose a name that is special for both of you. The name should be awkward like booty, boo, bunny, and more when calling her in public. Weird names have the power to create a romance between you while calling her in public. Call her with a special name that describes her appearance, or her character, or her lifestyle. It will make her think like she is yours.  Calling her with your special name gives her a special feeling inside. The name should be significant and secret between both of you. Let your weird names tell her how special she is in your life.

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2. Kiss while fight

Kiss while fight

It is an exigent task to convince her when she is angry. A girl becomes a devil while she is fighting with you. Have an equal argument with her when fighting is good for a relationship. But be an expert in stopping her fights. Let your lips convince her angry and melt her. Kiss her when she is brushing, cooking, arguing, working, and in random situations. But the most romantic thing that a man can do for her girlfriend is kissing her to shut her mouth. The best way to stop her shouts is occupying her lips without letting her to open by the simple sudden kiss.

Say sorry just to make her happy even you don’t know what’s wrong. Give a long kiss till her angry melts and forget her problem. Fights are the tricks to have a romance after convincing her. Kiss while fighting is considered to be the most romantic kiss than kissing her in a moonlight dinner.

3. Astonish her with random surprises

Astonish her with random surprises

The girl will get more warm feelings towards a man when she began to think that there is a man to take care of her needs and feelings. Surprise presents are the way to intimate her that she will be remembered by you all time. Gift her that creates long-lasting memories for her. Spend your time to make her special. Think a lot to identify her favorites. Surprise her with random gifts. It is not necessary to bring a costly gift for her. Even a little rose will make her astonished. Arrange a surprise dinner for her frequently. Gifts include waking her up with your coffee. Surprisingly fill your refrigerator with her favorite foods. Gift her your own time. Have a surprise visit to her working place.

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4. Remember her important days

Remember her important days

The man needs to face crucial effects when he forgets her girl’s birthday and her important days. Never forget the important days of your life. Remember the dates like her birthday, first meet, first love anniversary, first dating, proposal day, valentine day, and some more important happenings in your life. Present a gift on her important days that withstand for her life everlasting. Remembering her favorite and important days will insist that you are caring for her happiness. Not only the days of joys but also remember the days of sorrows. Remember her menstrual days in that she will be in extreme pain. Care her in those days. Bring chocolates, her favorite foods to console her and make her comfortable. A tricky way of intimating your care for her is remembering her important days.

5. Disturb her while cooking

Good cook

There is a strong bond between the romance and cooking in the love life. The best situation that a man and her girl can do romance is at the time of cooking. Disturb her with your cute tortures when she is preparing food for you. Hug her from behind when she is busy in her kitchen works. Help her in chopping vegetables It will create a circumstance to be romantic with your girlfriend. Spend a time to cook for her. Cook together and spend your time together. Most of the gentlemen prefer to spend time together in their kitchen. Don’t order here for your favorite meal. Make your favorite dish together.

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6. Watch episodes together

Watch episodes together

Watching episodes and favorite films together at nights is more romantic than dating in a moonlight restaurant. Prefer to watch the favorite series and movies together always. Never watch the episodes alone even it is interesting. Pack necessary snacks and dishes before starting to watch episodes. Share your favorite meals and dishes with her when watching episodes. Watching the movies together will make her remembering you whenever she watches those films again. Share a blanket and sit together under a blanket when watching. Despite you are unstoppably willing to watch your favorite movies or series, wait for her to watch together.

7. Have flirt talks with her

Have flirt talks with her

Having a deep and meaningful conversation will make the relationship healthy. But having romantic and flirting talks will create sweet and cute little memories. Have some flirt talks with her. Let your flirt talks make her blushing suddenly. These talks have the power to create a lifelong cherishing memories. More than the meaningful and healthy conversations, the stupid and flirty conversations have a key to impress her deep. Fill her with memories that are sweeter to remember whenever she thinks about you.

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8. Write a letter for her

Write a letter for her

Though several online social media are available to impress her, writing a letter for her in the digital generation is the worthy thing to impress her. It will reflect your time taken to care for her. Tell her how your life turned into magic when she entered into your life. Describe your feelings when she is with you in that letter. Compliment her in the letter. Register your thoughts and your love about her through this letter. Intimate your special care by writing a letter despite presence of several digital ideas.

9. Ride long together

Ride long together

Take a long drive together for having some privacy and special time together. Mostly prefer to ride on a bike to shower her with your love. It arranges you the time to share your woes and joys with her. It allocates you some time to spend some personal time together with her. Often go for a long drive to nourish your relationship and to create some romantic memories. Teach her to ride your bike or to drive your car. Ride together for a long distance on the coastal areas to feel the warmth of the love.

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10. Hold her hands while walking

Hold her hands while walking

Travel your life with your best life partner together. Hold her hands not only in your walks of life. But also hold her hands when walking on the beach. Holding her hand on the public will make her feel special and secured. Walk together for a long distance to share your memories. Holding hands when walking not only gives her a secured feeling but also, it will give her romantic feeling inside. Never leave her hands on you all walks of life as well as your walking on the beach.

Your soul mate is the best gift for your life. She is the girl who fills your life with happiness, memories, and achievements. She is playing a good supportive role in molding your life. As a return, give her your love and affection to her. Show your love through your actions. Even a small effort to make her feel special will create a huge feeling on you. Be the man who treats her girl for his life as his princess. Make your girl feeling blessed to have you in her life. Shower her with your romantic feeling to nutrify your relationship healthy.

Article by : M.Swetha

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