What Are The Things To Thank God For?

What Are The Things To Thank God For?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the Things to thank god for? Human beings often misinterpret their positions in this universe. They think that they are the ultimate. The powerful beings think that there is no one who can defeat them. Middle class groups do not have enough time to think about the almighty. Those people, who do not have much in life, are the only ones who thank god for each and everything they receive in life. Sometimes they get side-tracked by the greed of money and power that human beings have come to manifest a lot nowadays. But we shall never forget that there is someone up there, looking over at us at all times and they know whatever good or bad we have done in life.

What are the Things to thank god for?

We are so busy in trying to make the best of our lives or sometimes, just barely survive that we have forgotten about that ultimate power that has created everything. It is not important anymore who is looking over us or who can change our lives in one click. We think that there is nothing that can harm us if we keep ourselves safe. We forget that anything can happen in our lives if he who stays above us wants. Some people have even refused to believe that there exists a god but it doesn’t matter. They continue with their work of balancing out this world and do not care about some mere human beings not believing in them. No matter what kind of people we are, we must remember to thank god for our lives.

1. Life


We cannot thank enough about having a life each and every day. Human life is so variable and replaceable that we should take remember to thank the almighty for making us wake up each morning. They can end everything with a click of their hands and here we are taking pride in having a superior human life. Animals cannot speak do not lead a civil life and humans look down upon them. It is not our achievement that we have taken birth as a human being. In fact, we should not feel proud of being superior to any other human being. We all are creation of god and they did not send us down on earth to classify his creations into different groups.

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2. Family


Family is the most important part of our life. We can of course survive without a family but what life would it be where we are not loved by our parents and have a unique banter with our siblings. No matter how much we grow up, we would always need out family by our side. When we have them with us, we often forget about their essentiality and take them for granted thinking that they are never going anywhere. But when that gap has been created among a family it can hardly be filled. Always remember to treasure your family. Everything else in life comes and goes according to its time limit of staying, but family is constant. It will remain with us till the last breath we take on this earth.

3. Health


People who are suffering from some chronic disease or some physical disability truly know how lucky those people are who are physically healthy. We can have the most precious of treasures with us but if we are not healthy, what use does all the wealth would have? People have lost everything they had while trying to recover from irrecoverable diseases and have not found anything. So your health should always be top of your priority list. We should always thank god for having a healthy body and mind as we can never thank enough for it. Each and every day is a reward so do not take it for granted and also do not look down upon those who are suffering. It is not by choice.

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4. Company


The kind of company we have in our life affects us a lot. Our character, our general behaviour depends a lot upon the kind of people we usually hang out with. Human beings get trapped in peer pressure a lot, so if our peers are the kind of people who encourage us to make a bright future for us and not go off-track with our actions. But if our company are the kind of people who just want to enjoy life without working hard for it and do harmful things, then we also get affected by that and start doing things which are not god for our life and body.

So if you have that kind of company who would be there for you at every up and down of life, who would give the right advice, who would never let you go off-track and someone you can always rely on, they you should thank god for having them in your life.

5. Basic facilities

Basic facilities

Now there are some people in this world who cannot afford the basic facilities for themselves and their family. For the most part, it is not their fault. Sometimes the circumstances push us into these pitfalls that we are not able to recover from them and do not get provided with the bare minimum things to survive through life. There are many people who work so hard just to have one meal in front of them. So if you have these facilities, a permanent roof over your head, good food on your table, a chance at education to have a bright future, medicines if you ever fall ill and the other luxuries in life that you think are the basic necessities, then consider yourself lucky and thank god for being born to a privileged lifestyle.

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6. Opportunities


Life is all about opportunities. If you grab a good one, you would turn your life around, but if you miss out on one, your life can go downhill overnight. Never miss out on an opportunity and consider s something below you. If you are completely confident that you would get a better opportunity than the current one, only then pass it on. Grab onto an opportunity and make the most of it. You never know what your life would turn into.

Sometimes, there are very few opportunities that come our way. We keep looking for them but it seems like all the doors have been closed and you are locked inside a room of darkness. So if god has opened a door for you, go through with it. It is the god at the end, who would help you when you really need it. But you also need to work for it so that he can help you.

7. Hope


Human beings are nothing without hope. They would be lifeless while being alive if they lose hope. All of us have hope in our lives about something or the other. We want something and we have faith in it. Sometimes god pushes us into such situations that we are just attached with one last string and if that breaks, we would be shattered. So understand how important keeping hope is and thank god every day if you have something in your life to hang on to. Some of us might have faced some situations in our life when we thought that dying would be better than this, but at the end we got through it because we had some hope and god guiding us. Thank god for not having your life getting hopeless.

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8. Lessons


Some people curse at god when things don’t go their way. They blame them for sending such difficulties and hardships their way and not helping them get through it. But this is not true. God does send hardships are way but there is always a reason behind it. You might not understand this while you’re stuck in a situation but in future, you would understand how those difficult times had helped you. All the difficulties have a reason to be carried out in our life as it is not worth living without the ups and downs. So no matter how hard it seems, take those hardships in a positive way and learn from them. We shall always learn from our mistakes and the times when we thought that life is unfair. Thank god for those lessons as you only grow after learning and become a better person.

9. Second chances

Second chances

Opportunities are very important in life. They help us make the most of our life and make it worth living. But what happens when we missed out on an opportunity or couldn’t make the most of it? It could be reason to your life going downhill, but it cannot always remain there. It has to go up some time. That is what second chances are for. You might not recognize them as your life-turning moments but these are the times that turn your life 180 degrees and make it a lot better. We should always thank god for sending these second chances our way otherwise we would have always remained in that dark room.

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10. Fate


It is often said that fate is a very dangerous and complicated thing. It can turn a beggar into a king and a king into a better within a mere few hours. Our whole life depends on what is written in our fate. It can change if we decide to change ourselves but fate also plays a lot of role. Luck has to be on our side to achieve something. If you have accomplished something in your life, never forget to thank god for walking with you and giving you those things. Hard work pays off but so does having a good luck. Often, we don’t get something that we wished for and blame god for it. We should not forget that he might have something even better in store for us than what we were wishing for. You never know!

These are the things we should always thank god for and remember these!

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