Why We Should Read Books?

Why We Should Read Books?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should read books.Books are in themselves a unique world waiting to be explored. Reading books has always been understood as an essential value to be encouraged and preserved throughout life. Books portray life. It renders a shape to the deepest human feelings. The various genres of books include fictional, non-fictional, educational, motivational and many more.

Why We Should Read Books?

There are lots of reasons that describes why we should read books daily. We here list some of the advantages of reading books.

1. Increases your knowledge

Increases your knowledge

Books open to you a cup of knowledge waiting to be swilled by hungry souls. There are books being published on every topic known to man. It provides information on all possible concepts and ideas. Knowledge can be provided by every book, be it educational or fictional. The various genres like historical, biographical, educational and others provide access to information about the past, present and the future. Even after the advent of technology and electronic gadgets, people continue to depend on books to refer to details. The lofty libraries around the world exemplifies the same. Manuscripts and other ancient books remain important even today.

Scientists continue to extract multiple layers of meaning hidden in them. This denotes how important is the knowledge provided by books.  Apart from the textbooks taught at schools and colleges there are additional texts available. Reading them widens the range of information available for us. It is important to gain such extra facts to be outstanding. Even reading fictional books can be useful. They portray the human psyche in a realistic way. It is not academic knowledge alone but awareness about human beings and their personalities that are provided by books. A person who reads widely might seem to be far more experienced than their fellow-beings.

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2. Broadens your mind

We live in a society which inculcate certain values and instructions that aid us in leading our lives meaningfully. But in such a world, various superstitions and wrong practices may also creep in, creating a narrow-minded society. We are only aware about the limited world owned by us. This limits the knowledge available to you. Books are an effective path towards widening your perspectives. We read and understand about people all over the world. We become acquainted with different cultures, gets to know about their value system and practises.

As we have even read about the minority classes, their experiences, discrimination they suffer and traumas they undergo. Understanding the feelings and emotional of the outcasted people of the society opens a new perspective untouched by the common mass. Numerous reformists and revolutionists of the past were able to raise their voices against injustice because of the wide knowledge they acquired by reading books. It motivated them to stand against the superstitious beliefs of the community. Those people were book lovers which gained them knowledge on the importance of reformation and change and awareness about including all people.

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3. Increases your vocabulary

Increases your vocabulary

Books are built of words. It introduces to you a massive store of words. Reading books would definitely help increase the vocabulary. Even if the words are unknown to us, the contest in which it appears help us decipher the meaning. Multiple encounter with the same word familiarizes it to you. A superior vocabulary can improve your text creating an elegant and superior appearance. It helps you express your ideas and feelings in a more accurate way. The right choice of words is essential especially when writing an academic paper. An improved vocabulary creates a flow while writing, making your task easier.  Reading books is the easiest method to increase vocabulary as it does not require extra time and energy.

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4. Enhances your imaginative power

Enhances your imaginative power

The ability to imagine things is a skill. It is at most times an inborn talent. But the imaginative power can be enhanced by reading books, notably fictions. Fictions like poems, novels, short stories and novellas opens an alternate universe before the readers. The readers are pulled into a fantasy forcing us to live and experience the creation of the writer. This opens a new realm of imagination to the readers. Books breaks all walls making the readers soar heights they have never hoped to travel otherwise.

Books provides a chance to peep into the lives of people from all strata of society. We are taught to imagine the wildest and most frantic of things. This imaginative skill can be made use of in several ways. Imagination is the key factor behind creativity. Creative ideas are born out of a person who can think out of the box. Books trains us to do exactly the same. It motivates us to look beyond others. The range of imagination found in books cannot be discovered elsewhere. Movies, paintings and videos brings before you a visual performance.

Viewers are asked to view the demonstration of someone’s imagination. Books here provide you the added advantage of visualizing in your mind. You are to build your character from the descriptions they provide. It has no barriers. This is another reason why reading books are to be encouraged. Reading should be motivated among children for the same reason. This will develop their creative brain apart from improving their vocabulary and intelligence at an early age.

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 5. Increase concentration

Increase concentration

Reading books is a method to increase concentration. While reading a book, a person removes himself from all outer disturbances, immersing fully in the process of grasping the information in the book. This quality is more prominently noticeable in people reading a detective novel or such adventure stories. They may spend hours reading, unaware of the time that lapse by.

This happens because of the magnetic power of a book to hold the reader’s attention with the captivating words filled in the pages. The concentration developed through reading effects all other actions of life. It can train you to focus your attention for a longer time even when involved in some monotonous work. With the increasing use of electronic gadgets, the tendency to get distracted has also become greater. Reading books becomes an effective solution in such situations.

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6. Entertainment


Among the numerous entertainment activities pursued by people, reading can be considered the most rewarding. Reading books is one of the hobbies that provides leisure as well as knowledge. It is this very fact that urge a booklover to jump to another one immediately after finishing a book. Every other advantage of reading book comes involuntarily while entertainment is the primary factor that triggers a reader. It is the thrill of reading the story that compels a person to spent hours over a book.

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7. Stimulates the brain

Stimulates the brain

Reading is an exercise for the brain. Exercise for the body is mandatory to keep it healthy and fit. The exercise required by brain can be provided by reading. It sharpens the cognitive responses and stimulates the brain. It also improves memory power. While reading a novel, we encounter numerous characters. Collecting and storing multiple facts at the same time enhances memory. There are people who even remember the dialogues spoken by their favourite character.

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8. Increasing speed

 Increasing speed

Reading books continuously improves the reading speed of a person. A person who read books can move their eyes faster thus comprehending more detail at a short time. This skill becomes extremely useful when encountering reading comprehensions in competitive examination. A regular reader may grasp the idea better. Improving the reading speed is also necessary in studies. A person who is able to grasp the content faster will always have an upper hand in every sector. They would also turn out to be excellent communicators. A person who reads extensively will have the ability to convey an idea more efficiently and thus cause an impact. Many prominent speakers are excellent readers too. The wide knowledge gained by reading and the exceptional vocabulary enables them to influence the audience by holding their attention for a long time.

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9. Improve our skill in the area of interest

Improve our skill in the area of interest

Reading enables us to realize our area of interest and to improve our skill in the desired region. A person who reads widely becomes aware of numerous skills and interest. Exploring more into them can help the reader improve their talents further. A person interested in marine life can obtain a wide range of information and related facts by readings books related to it even before he/she can have a real-life experience. This helps them excel better than other people. Reading creates an intermingling of cultures.

A person obtains information about the whole world. This sense of knowledge is useful in deciding our area of interest and on how to succeed in achieving the goal. Books also acts as inspiration for many people. They bring to our view stories of numerous people who struggled hard to achieve their dream. The lives we read in a book give us a sense of how the world is and teach us to overcome the obstacles. They also inspire and motivate us to chase our dreams.

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10. Reduce stress

Reduce stress

In this busy world, it is an act of relief to pick a book, find a solitary space and explore the characters inside the text. When caught between the work pressure and family issues, there is no better solace as that is provided by a good book. A fiction can always take you to another world, a motivational book can inspire you to face the challenges, a thriller can distract your mind from being pre-occupied with tensions and worries, a historical text exemplifies the incidents from the lives of past heroes. Every genre of book is sure to lift the reader away from reality. Thus, a book is the best medicine to be prescribed for stress-relief.

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Books opens a new universe, an alternative world. The man who finds it will never yearn for a better companion, for books are the best amigos one can have. A person who carries a book with him hold a life. Try to develop a habit of reading. It would benefit you in every way.

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