How Can I Be A Good Father?

How Can I Be A Good Father?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I be a good father? Being a great father for your child comes with a hell of a lot of responsibilities, expectations to fulfill, and good parenting.

How to be a good father?

If you are someone who is going to be a father soon or someone who thinks he should learn to be a good father then this article will give you the top 10 practical ways to become a good father.

1. Build your character

Build your character

You must know the fact that human beings learn from what they see just like a chimpanzee because we are apes. Human does bad actions, kids will copy that! So, if you are soon going to be a father or you want to be a better father then you must adopt good habits. If you are someone who is addicted to smoking and drinking then don’t expect your child to be a saint who will not indulge in addictions, if you have the habit of wasting time then your child will learn that from you, and similarly if you have great habits such as early riser and early to sleep, keep yourself fit and try to gain knowledge to improve yourself then your child with copy these and put these habits onto them. So, you need to build your character because your child’s character depends upon your actions.

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2. Be a friend to your child

Be a friend to your child

If you want that your child would be someone who will share all his personal and private experiences, dreams, and desires with you then you must know how to develop a healthy friendship with your child.

Now many of the fathers will say I am a father and I will act like a father, I deserve some respect, and what if my son/ daughter does not obey me as a child if I try to develop a friendship with them? It will not happen, you are a father and you will have the father’s position, but what happens in many conservative families is that the parents don’t understand their child what is happening to them emotional, what are their child’s desire, is your child going through depression?  When you become a good friend to your child then you will know everything about them and the chances of your child getting into depression, social pressure and bad habits will be minimal.

3. Be emotionally connected to your child

Be emotionally connected to your child

As a father, it is your duty to develop an emotional connection with your child. As a father, you will be naturally concerned about your child’s fear, anxiety, greed, desires and if you want to get a deeper understanding of these qualities of your child then emotional connection plays the most important role.

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4. Play games with your child

Play games with your child

 One of the easiest ways to understand your child’s nature is to play games with them. Outdoor games as well as indoor games to grab the opportunity to spend time with them. Prefer outdoor sports more than indoor because that will let you understand your child’s character because sports ethics determines the character of a person in real-life situations. You will get to know whether your child is aggressive, peaceful, or balanced.

Also playing games lets your child open up with you. He/she might tell you if they have a crush in their class or if they do not like their school/ college. Many details are not share be individuals with their father because they think that as a father you will judge them and playing games is an activity where people are doing it for fun and no one is judged as a result people open up themselves emotionally and remember three types of person know you closely

Your partner, your colleagues/ friends, and someone with whom you play sports.

5. Be an active listener

Be an active listener

When your child is a toddler their nature is to open up with people. They are excited and curious. When they are asking you questions, pay attention to that in detail whether it is a good question or a stupid one because listening to their questions and experiences will let you understand what influences them the most. Are they learning good values in life? Are they going in the wrong direction? Is he/ she learning something wrong in school?   Your patience while listening to them and your answers and conversation will shape up their personality. Of course, you don’t need to be a Guru on everything but your goal should be to teach them good values in life always and to be a better person.

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6. Don’t compare your child with others

Don’t compare your child with others

As humans our nature is to be rational, believe it or not, we are always comparing things. Few examples are my friend earns more than me,  my brother is taller than me, I am a better husband as compared to my brother. Comparisons are actually great as it lets you see things as it is. You are more practical and down-to-earth. But in your child’s growing age do not compare him/ her about their abilities with others. Few instances are his best friend got better marks than him, he is a better sportsperson than his friends, my daughter is the best singer in her class. Never do these.

Whether the comparison gives positive feedback to the child or a negative one, never let them know how you are comparing, obviously, if your son someday got poor marks in class then you have to compare his marks with the rest of the class but do not blame your child for his performance. He/she is your child it is your responsibility as well to help him/ her to be better at something. Let them know where they are doing right or wrong but never blame them. Help them when they need your help.

7. Never decide your child’s career

Never decide your child’s career

Deciding on a career for your child is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make as a father. In the 21st century, the major reason for your child’s depression is getting into the wrong career path. More than 70 percent of the population regret their career decision and after a certain age, everyone blames their parents that they went in the wrong direction in their career due to parental pressure.

I am sure you don’t want your child to blame his father when you are not there to support your child anymore. We all know you and I both have a limited time on the planet and we should live this limited time doing what we love. As a parent, your job is to find the best potential career for your child, not one decided by you that was your dream once but you want your child to fulfill that dream.

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8. Educate your child about finances

Educate your child about finances

The most important thing that decides about our quality of life is not our profession but how we handle our money. Is your child spending his pocket money on stupid games, partying frequently, buying unnecessary expensive stuff to make him/ her feel good? Now is the time for you to step up and start your lectures… haha finally you got the opportunity to give lectures to your child. Teaching your child about personal finances and the concept of savings at a very young age is extremely important. As parents, we tend to pamper our children and give them everything they need but it is not the right approach to grow your child. Your child needs to understand the value of money and what it takes to earn every penny.

9. Teach good qualities to your child

Teach good qualities to your child

What do I mean by good qualities? Good qualities can range up from behavior, self-respect, politeness, attitude, respect for others and the list will go on. Basically, as a father, your goal should be to teach your child to be respectful to others, don’t let ego get on their head if they are early achievers in life,e and to be self-sufficient and independent. As a father, you would not wish to see your child be cocky, disrespectful, underconfident, and dependent on others. Because the truth is you will not be there for your child for the lifetime so teach your child to be self-sufficient until you are there for your child to support them whether financially or emotionally.

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10. Teach your child to accept failures

Teach your child to accept failures

In our life, we are always expecting that things should go our way. We should always be successful whether it is about finances, academics, personal goals, or relationships but the reality is when we hit puberty and start getting the sense of sexual attraction we want to propose that cute girl or handsome boy but in most of the cases we either get rejection or breakup in our first relationship. You do not crack your dream job in your first interview.

None of the successful entrepreneurs have become successful and achieved their goals in the first attempt. In life, we always see the tip of the iceberg but we never realize the hard work, patience, and failure underneath the surface. So failure is a constant thing in our lives and we have to learn to get back from the setbacks and stand upon our feet. This is the most important quality you should teach your child as a father…

We believe that you will be a happy and proud father one day. Just keep patience and everything will be fine.

All the best…

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