Why We Should Avoid Eating Junk Food?

Why We Should Avoid Eating Junk Food?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should avoid eating junk food? Junk foods are snacks we all keep eating all the time. Proper definition of junk food can be foods having low nutritional value. This includes all fast foods like pizzas, burger, wraps, rolls, samosas, Maggi etc. They all are mouth watering and good appeal towards our taste. It has gained popularity because it is tastier than healthy foods as well as cheaper than it.

All of the junk foods are easily accessible and can be ordered from any food corner making it more popular. We can even make it easily in our home. These all factors add up to make it as good option for food. But have you ever wondered that why is it called junk food? Junk means extra and useless. All the delicious junk foods which are becoming favourite of everyone are meant to be destroy your health and give you extra calories as the name means. Regular consumption of junk foods may lead to various disease.

10 Reasons why we should avoid eating junk food?

Eating junk foods may help you to get some taste and to improve your mood but it can be terribly affecting from inside. Thus, these are 10 best points are to avoid eating junk foods:

1. Depression


Eating junk foods has became one of the reasons of depression among the youths nowadays. We ignore the factor that eating junk food can lead to depression but it is scientifically proved fact. During puberty, children goes through many hormonal changes which in turn lead to mood swings and anxiety attack. As a responsible parent, it is necessary for parents to give their children healthy diet to maintain hormonal balance. The chances to face depression are increased by 58% when the essential nutrients are replaced by food like junk food. This is why we should avoid eating junk foods.

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2. Brain damage

Brain damage

According to some research, eating junk food for a week can cause memory loss in rats. Junk food is source of extra calories and in turn extra fats. Higher consumption of junk foods can be dangerous for brain in particular. The useful fats present in the brain is replaced by waste fats produced by eating junk food which effects the functioning of brain. The normal messaging mechanism is hindered due to waste fats leading to slow reflex by our brain. Some studies conducted on animals also show that there is decrement in ability to learn new skills which can become another serious issue for human beings. Therefore, junk foods should be avoided.

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3. Heart diseases

Heart diseases

As the junk foods are source of calories it leads to increase of cholesterol and triglyceride levels in our body. This increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels poses major threats to heart. They increase the chances of heart disease like heart attack or heart failure. The fats that are gained due to consumption of junk foods accumulate in different parts of body causing obesity. Obesity is defined as the weight above that is considered to be healthy, often measured using body mass index (BMI). More the obese the person, more the chances of suffering through heart attack. Hence the intake of junk food should be reduced.

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4. Kidney damage

Kidney damage

As the junk foods contain high amount of finely processed salt, it increases the salivation and secretion of enzymes enhancing your cravings toward junk foods. High amount of fats and salts from this junk foods increments the blood pressure affecting the function of kidneys. The kidneys are troubled as the purification of blood of a junk food eater is difficult due to high content of oils and chemicals. Thus, junk foods should be avoided.

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5. Decrease metabolism

Decrease metabolism

Metabolism is defined as set of chemical reactions that occur in the cells of living organisms to sustain life. In layman terms, metabolism is something related to ease and speed of digestion of food. We often hear that metabolism is responsible for shape and structure of body. The ones having fast metabolism digest their food quickly and are generally lean and thin. The ones having slow metabolism digest their food slowly leading to obesity and fatness.  When consumption of junk foods is increased, the metabolism is decreased which leads to obesity as mentioned above and this obesity leads to heart disease.  Therefore, avoiding junk foods is always a good option.

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6. Other health problems

Other health problems

As the junk foods are source of waste fats and calories, they are unable to provide body with necessary nourishment like carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. This makes the body lazy and fatigued. Junk foods may fulfill your tongue and stomach desire but can’t give you energy to do work properly. People who consumes junk foods on regular basis tend to perform bad in comparison to person consuming healthy food. As the oil and salt contents in the junk food is high, it helps to bring pimples to your face. This is another disadvantage of junk foods and reason to avoid it.

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7. Unhealthy cooking process

Unhealthy cooking process

To make junk foods cheaper and readily available, it is made in very unhealthy manner. You can’t even imagine the dirty way how junk food is prepared. Even if the food is made in open stalls in front of you, you never know the ingredients used are not expired or not good for use. To make it cheaper, junks foods are made with ingredients of lowest quality available. As the rate to maintain cleanliness and hygiene can cost much, they don’t even bother to clean the place of cooking. Therefore, junk foods should be avoided to maintain a good health.

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8. Low quality food

Low quality food

Junk foods are different from the foods prepared in the home with love. It is made with the purpose of gaining maximum profit through it without taking into consideration of the quality of food. Hence to get maximum profit through minimum input, they use low quality ingredients with no attention towards the health of the consumer. The utensils used are not properly washed and even the stale food is served in some food corners damaging your body functions by consuming.

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9. Money waste

Money waste

Eating junk foods is becoming common among the youths. Whenever they meet, they plan to eat these junk foods. Other age groups are equally active in consuming junk foods. These junk foods add extra load to your budget. Many people spend good amount on these junk foods out of their salary and pocket money. As the junk foods are addictive, they tend to make habit of spending money in wrong way. Reducing your fast food habit can help you to save lot of money. Another reason to avoid junk foods.

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10. Dependent


Those who consume junk foods have habit to eat out frequently. They never try to learn cooking which is a drawback. This results in dependencies on others for your food demands. As long as fast foods are not avoided, person can’t become self-independent and always be dependent on others for hunger. This may end up on being hungry when there is no source of fast food available.

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These were some disadvantages of junk foods and can be good reasons to avoid it.

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