What Should Every Girl Have in Her Room?

What Should Every Girl Have in Her Room?

In this article we are going to talk about the What Should Every Girl Have in Her Room? Our home is our safe space; a place where we can totally be ourselves. Our home is a place where we are the most comfortable being in. And in that home, we have our own room, which is no less than a personal paradise. Our room is not just four walls and a ceiling; it is a space which has seen us growing, going through all ups and downs of our lives.

It has seen us dancing in happiness and sometimes wallowing ourselves in sadness. Our room has everything we need to get through our lives, even more so since this pandemic has forced us to stay in our rooms almost all the time. Their room is special for everyone, but to a girl, it’s her safe haven; away from all harms and dramas of this world.

Top 10 things every girl should have in her room

A girl keeps all her secrets tucked away safely in her room. You get to know a lot about a girl just by seeing her room. Every girl decorates her room with mostly essentials but also some very extra things, but she wouldn’t give them away for anything. No matter what happens in the whole day, they come back to this room and they love it. As mentioned above, girls have a lot of things in her room, but if you’re designing your room or designing a room for a girl, here are some things that are a must to include.

1. A Huge Wardrobe

A Huge Wardrobe

Ever heard that a woman loves to shop despite having a lot of clothes already? That is true for almost all the girls. While there are girls who don’t like shopping unless it’s absolutely necessary, there are some other girls who enjoy shopping more than anything; it’s like a stress reliever. Now when you shop at that rate, you need a wardrobe to store all those clothes, shoes, bag, accessories and what not. In fact, it’s not about the size of the wardrobe; you can have the hugest wardrobe and still have it get messy all the time. It is about how you organize your wardrobe.

Most used clothes on one side, clothes that are not used much on the other side, hangers for party clothes, cupboard dividers for shoes and a drawer for jewelry and accessories. Space optimization is the main point here. This way you get a lot of space and thus a reason to go on a shopping spree and what’s better than a shopping spree!

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2. A full-length mirror

A full-length mirror

Everyone has a dressing table in their room for keeping all our skincare and daily use products. In fact, having a dressing table is very important. Those moisturizers, perfumes, nail-paints, make-up products need their own space in the room. The dressing table is like the second, mini version of our wardrobe which contains a lot of essentials. That is why, having an equally organized dressing table is very important to find the things we need as quickly as possible. But having a dressing table with a full length mirror is like a blessing-in-disguise. A full-length mirror doesn’t usually go in the washroom, so what better place that our room. Having this mirror near a window where natural lights reflects on it is like a cherry on the top. So make sure to have a dressing table and a full-length mirror in your room.

3. Bookshelf


If you are a girl who loves to read, then this point need not even be mentioned, as it is a given to have a bookshelf in your room. Having a study table in the room can be very helpful, but it cannot be counted as a common necessity. It depends on the personal choice of the girl. But having a bookshelf is a must. No matter what age we stand at or what whether we are a student or a working woman, we need a bookshelf in our rooms.

It not only adds to the beauty and décor of the room, it is very helpful to keep all the study or work material at one place rather than having it scattered around all over the room. Our room will end up looking very messy which we definitely wouldn’t want. So, make sure to add a bookshelf to the list of things every girl should have in her room.

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4. Lampshade


Having a lampshade near your bed or on the nightstand can be very helpful. A nightstand is a mini-table you have at your bedside. Every small item that you need to keep handy can be kept on the nightstand. Whether it’s a diary and a pen or your portable charger or a water bottle which is the greatest essential, all of it is what a nightstand is for. If you have a light switch far away from your bed, a lampshade can come in to very useful. Also even when you just want to create a calming atmosphere to read a novel or watch a movie or even work in peace, a lampshade is all you need for those moments.

5. Pin board

Pin board

Having a simple piece of art that you like looking at can help you calm you mind down. But it’s very difficult to find such a piece of art at a reasonable price and there is always a possibility of getting bored of looking at the same thing over the years. That’s where a pin board comes in. A pin board is a surface you can pin anything to using small board pins. The best thing about a pin board is that you can design it in whatever way you like. It’s your personal canvas and your very own art piece. Polaroid of family and friends, to-do lists, calendar are some of the few things you can pin on the board.

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6. Indoor plants

Indoor plants

Who doesn’t like a room with beautiful décor. There are many things you can use to add beauty to your room. But undoubtedly, there is nothing as subtle as plants.

Not only do they look amazing, they are good for your health as well as the environment. So why not have something in your room which is beautiful to look at and also good for you, health-wise. Having plants in your room can sound like adding another task to your lives of watering and taking care of those plants. But you can choose indoor plants which require very little care like a cactus or a succulent.

7. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

While still talking about the décor of the room, another thing that can make you calm down is having an enticing-smelling room. A subtle beautiful smell can make your room even more inviting and a place you want to stay at for long hours. Although this can achieved with the help of air-fresheners, they can be irritating as well. Not everyone can live with the smell of air-sprays. So having scented candles lit up in your room can not only make it warm and cozy, it will permanently make your room smell amazing. Plus, scented candles come in small glass tumblers which are not only great to look at, they can also be reused. With having a lot of time in our hands during these lockdowns, you can make your own scented candles.

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8. Sanitary Products

Sanitary Products

This goes without saying that almost every girl needs sanitary products. It’s more important than having a wardrobe full of clothes. Although it is a huge necessity, we can often forget to stock up our pads and stuff. Sanitary products not only include pads or tampons, it also includes all the other necessary stuff; stuff which is essential in any case, but even more so while going through menstruation. It includes a water bottle as women tend to get easily dehydrated, a heating pad for the cramps, a tissue box for all the mood swings and a stock of favorite chocolates and snacks. As mentioned earlier, her room is a safe haven for a girl. It is required the most when they are at their most vulnerable state during the menstrual cycle.

9. Food cabinet

Food cabinet

Although this is not specific to girls, it is a must have in a room. While we are forced to stay indoors, we are anyway stocking up all the necessities in our home. Why not in our room as well; how cool would it be to have our own food storage that can be used when we are lazy to get out of rooms and search for something to munch on! Having a place in our rooms to suffice our midnight cravings without waking up everyone else in the house is so convenient.

Having a water bottle in our rooms is a big necessity but having some snacks handy whenever required can also be an answer to our many problems, including the cravings during our menstrual cycle, when we also want to stay away from everyone and have zero human contact. It would be great to not having to get out of your room to fulfill those cravings.

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10. A good Wi-Fi Connection

A good Wi-Fi Connection

Having a good Wi-Fi connection in your room and till your bed is all a millennial needs. Adding the scene of working from home to the equation, Wi-Fi is the most important thing in our lives. Staying connected to our friends, family, teachers, classmates, and colleagues can only be achieved by having a good connectivity. It is very important as all the classes have turned online, all the work has gone online, and all the meet-ups take place on video communication websites. Thus having  wifi connection is a necessity.

These were some of the many things that you would find or should have in every girl’s room. No matter the age, a woman needs what a woman needs.

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