What should I do on my 40th birthday?

What should I do on my 40th birthday?

In this article we are going to discuss about what should I do on my 40th birthday? So that you can also get some ideas for things to do on your 40th birthday. Self Birthdays are normally very special days for a person, however among all the birthdays that one celebrates in life, some of them have a greater significance. The 40th birthday is such a day in a person’s life that marks the transition of a person into a new decade of his/her life, one marked with added responsibilities, pressures, and joy.

What should I do on my 40th birthday?

Several people cannot fix their minds regarding how to spend their 40th birthday, and hence to help them out this article highlights the top 10 experiences that one can have to make his/her 40th birthday a truly memorable one.

1. Look at one’s previous pictures

Look at one’s previous pictures

On someone’s 40th birthday, one must look through his/her picture album which will enable him to relive all his memories. Such past images which are very rarely glanced at during our daily busy lives, fill us with a feeling of nostalgia and happiness. It refreshes one’s journey throughout the past 40 years of his/her life and thus fills the person with a sense of inspiration and confidence. It attaches an emotional feeling during one’s birthday and further teaches the person to be thankful for all the facilities he/she had been provided by the people closest to him/her, for the past 40 years.

It also reminds him of the various incidents, experiences, and achievements during the past 40 years of his life and hence motivates him towards achieving more for him and his family in the future years. Also looking and re-experiencing the memories increases the wish within oneself to enjoy each remaining day of their life to the fullest and give all efforts in their future endeavors. Hence going through past albums is a good idea on someone’s 40th birthday.

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2. See a good Theatre Show

See a good Theatre Show

Seeing a live theatre show is not something that people can often experience in today’s modern busy world, especially in the middle ages like 40, as generally one is under huge professional and life pressure at that time. However, taking some time out and watching a live theatre play is one of the purest forms of entertainment that one can ever experience, as all that he can see happening in front of him is live and such glimpses of natural performance adds a separate joy to one’s heart.

Thus enjoying a good theatre show should surely be on the top of one’s priority list as it’s the most ancient form of entertainment involving live and flawless performance of the talented on-stage actors, who splendidly perform the task of putting forward a live performance. Though theatres are irreplaceable and have a special significance, if one is unable to enjoy a theatre show on his/her 40th birthday then watching a good movie can be the most suitable alternative.

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3. Watch A Live Concert

Watch A Live Concert

Live Concerts are the most electrifying and charming situations a person can ever experience. Watching a Jazz Concert at a nightclub consisting of talented and flawless instrumentals is surely the most enthralling and amazing experience one can have on his/her 40th birthday. Being a part of such a live performance will surely enable one to temporarily forget all his problems and stresses in life, and will cause the person to get completely immersed in the environment.

Moreover, the live music performance will surely exert a soothing effect on the person’s mind, causing his/her mental state to be calm and joyful after experiencing the high adrenaline-rush concert. Hence attending a live concert is surely one of the best possible things that one can experience to make his/her birthday memorable, as for general people it is not often that they get the opportunity to enjoy such live performances with the amazing ambiance of the spectators.

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4. Perform a Dare that you always wanted to perform

We all have several dares in our life, that are either given to us by some friends or relatives or are just the things that we want to desperately experience in life, but are scared to perform. Wheel for the ones still possessing such adventurous dares in their lives, there is no better time to complete and fulfill them, than your  40th birthday as now you possess the perfect combination of wisdom, experience as well as enthusiasm in your lives. Moreover such dares may seem too hard to fulfill in your future life due to health issues and increasing personal and professional pressures, and hence your 40th birthday is the best time to fulfill your dares to make the day even more special and memorable.

Such dares can be any adventurous tasks like Scuba Diving, Paragliding, or Bungee Jumping, something that is quite different and adventurous from the daily busy and mundane lifestyle. Hence performing the desired dates is one of the best ways to make one’s 40th birthday the most memorable one in his/her life.  

5. Book A Spa Getaway

Book A Spa Getaway

In the modern age accompanied by great hustle and hectic lifestyle, a person is normally under immense stress when he is around his 40s. Hence to obtain an escape from the hectic and chaotic world and to rejuvenate himself/herself physically and mentally one can try out an elite spa on his/her 40th birthday. An elite spa will ensure complete body massage and treatment, thereby enabling one to get rid of all physical tiredness and stress, thus enabling one to rejuvenate oneself and experience the best physical condition. Therefore to spend the 40th birthday relaxing one should not hesitate in researching the best affordable spa nearby and visiting there for a physical refreshment.

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6. Visit A Calm And Less Chaotic Place

Visit A Calm And Less Chaotic Place

It is not always big buildings, hotels, and infrastructures that can provide you bliss, but one can surely attain bliss, spirituality, and mental peace by visiting and spending some time in a calm and quiet place. Such places may include less crowded beaches, hills, valleys, or even beautiful parks, places which are calm and have a natural beauty thus capable of rejuvenating and refreshing oneself. Spending some time alone on the 40th birthday can surely add more value as it makes us realize our mental state as well as makes us realize how we are incomplete without our dear ones. Hence spending some small moments of our 40th birthday away from the daily chaotic and busy lifestyle and surroundings can be an idea worthwhile and it even enables us to enjoy the rest of the day with our near ones with a refreshed mind.

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7. Spend Time With Family

Spend Time With Family

Birthdays do not feel like special days in solitary company, but the same day seems so special and worth remembering when we are with our respective families. Therefore wherever you are and whatever you do, you must attempt to spend your 40th Birthday with your family. It is because, in the 40s, people are generally self-independent and live separately with their better halves and children, becoming almost out of touch with their parents.

Hence during a special occasion like the 40th birthday, one should attempt to spend his/her day with his family, especially his parents who are the most responsible in him being able to achieve whatever he has in his life. Hence one must attempt to spend time with one’s family during the 40th birthday of one’s life as celebrating birthdays with family is a completely different experience than celebrating alone, and witnessing everyone becoming excited for yourself is too precious a moment, not to experience in a lifetime.

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8. Take Future Resolutions

Take Future Resolutions

The age of 40 years marks the starting of a new decade in one’s life, a decade which is full of responsibilities, stress, happiness, and struggle at the same time. After spending 40 years of one’s life gathering experience about the world, people also generally gain the maturity to realize what should be done for future prosperity on an individual and his/her family’s scale. Hence on one’s 40th birthday, one must use all his experience and wisdom to make certain future resolutions with grit and determination, that ensure the betterment and prosperity of him/her and their family. Though resolutions can be made during any time of the year, making them during one’s 40th birthday can turn out to be extra special as it provides extra determination to fulfill them.

9. Have a Special Meal

Have a Special Meal

To celebrate one’s 40th birthday, one must have a great meal once in the entire day, to refresh and freshen up one’s mood. One must have delicacies and culinary items that he had craved for his entire life. Such a great meal which is much special compared to other days is a great source of happiness for most people, as the primary objective of people working is to be able to get their daily food. Such special meals become even more special if one can have it in company with his entire family, and it is enough to make one’s birthday very special as in the modern busy lifestyle one hardly gets time to have a great meal with one’s entire family.

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10. Donate Funds For a Cause

Donate Funds For a Cause

At last, the 1 to-do thing that I included in one’s 40th  birthday is donating funds for a good and noble cause. It is because apart from all personal enjoyments and refreshments with families, one must show some concern for the society and unfortunate people in general. Only a life indeed lived for others is a life worthwhile, and contributing as per economic capacity for a noble and greater cause, keeping aside personal interests gives one perhaps the greatest feeling of joy and satisfaction. Hence to make one’s 40th birthday special, one must contribute some economic support as per capability for noble causes like helping the poor, contributions in relief funds as well as for development and betterment of orphanages and other similar causes.

Thus the above article highlights the top 10 things that one can do to make his/her 40th birthday a special and memorable one.

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