What to do when you miss your Boyfriend in a long distance relationship?

What to do when you miss your Boyfriend in a long distance relationship?

In this article we are going to discuss some things to do when you miss your boyfriend in a long distance relationship. It is rightly said , that time and distance tests your relationship. There are many couples , who are separated in different cities, countries or different time zones. This can make it difficult for them to reach out to each other and communicate. It can be so because of various personal or professional commitments. Not everyone is the ideal cut out to be in a long distance relationship. Sustaining a long distance relationship requires a lot of dedication, commitment and affection towards your partner. It can really at times test your patience and tolerance level.

When you are in a long distance relationship with your boyfriend it is natural to miss him and crave for his presence. You miss  holding his hands, or feeling him close to you, hugging him , teasing  him, you miss talking about anything and everything to him, sharing your everyday small details about life, going out on dates with him, you miss the physical touch and intimacy . You miss being funny and sarcastic with him. You miss the satisfaction of being in his presence . You miss irritating him with your weirdness . You miss the times he would hold your hand and  pull you close to kiss you all over. You miss the way he looks at you and feels contented about it. You miss spending time with him. You miss going on walks with him and essentially you miss everything that you love doing with your partner.

Being in a long distance can be difficult but there are ways to keep yourself optimistic and occupied throughout the time so that you don’t let negative feelings sink it.

10 Things to do when you miss your boyfriend in a long distance relationship

Here, we are going to discuss 10 ways to help you cope with being in a long distance relationship. So, just dive in.

1. Have an optimistic thought about your feelings

Have an optimistic thought about your feelings

When you are in a long distance relationship, it is but natural to  miss your boyfriend and so you should not try to suppress your feelings in anyway. It is very important for you to acknowledge the feelings in the right sense and not feel wrong about it. Just enjoy  the energy passing through you.  Don’t try to avoid it or run from it and distract yourself. You’re lucky to have someone who loves you and so do you.

You’re lucky to know him, love him and  be with him. When you are missing your boyfriend way too much, recall and rejoice in all the good memories you have with him, all the happy moments you have spent with him. Close your eyes and visualize your partner . Cherish those memories, those laughter’s and happiness. Focus on the positive aspects that life has to offer. Be grateful for his presence and your relationship.

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2. Let your partner know about your feelings

Communication is the key to maintain a strong long distance relationship. It’s  important to stay connected, to talk to  each other about your feelings, know what the other person is doing or going through and let them know how much you must them. If you miss your boyfriend  a lil too much give him a call if that is the appropriate time and let him know you’re true feelings. In situations like these video calling works wonders.

If not, you can always send a nice sweet message via any social media platform or you can even email him or if you like writing letters you can even do that for him. But again, it is essential to understand that long distance relation is a very sensitive situation where if you are making too many calls or texting him way too much it can complicate the  relation furthermore. So try and avoid too much of it.

3. Pen down your feelings

Pen down your feelings

One of the best ways to relieve yourself of  your feelings is to write it down. Maintaining a diary or a journal can prove to be a really good choice.  It can be your true best friend in times like these where you can pour you heart out and talk to your diary without any restrictions or the fear of being judged.  Sharing your thoughts and feelings makes you feel better and helps you deal with it.  It will give you the solace that you have been looking for. Just try it and see the change for yourself.

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4. Understand that separation is temporary and you will get over it

Understand that separation is temporary and you will get over it

It is very essential to be optimistic in your approach and understand the fact that is only a phase of life that will eventually pass. One day or another things will change for the better and you will be able to reach out to your partner as soon as possible. Together, you and your partner can come out of this long distance relationship even stronger and better. You just need to be hopeful and keep faith in your love. It is only a matter of time. You will meet him soon so you should not be too hard on yourself or even think negatively about the situation.

5. Plan your next date

Plan your next date

In a relation of long distance little efforts become the source of major joys and happiness. Being in a long distance relationship is  a good time to plan your next adventure. If you have something to look forward to, the whole process of spending days and days without your boyfriend can become less of a torture for you. Planning the next date keeps your hopes up and your Faith high. It  makes you look at the brighter side of the situation. Thinking about all the things you would do when you meet your boyfriend for the next time,  keeps  you excited and motivated to deal with the pain of missing him. You can even check on his schedules and  plan on surprising him.

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6. Spend some quality time with your family and friends

Spend some quality time with your family and friends

Go out with them for lunch or dinner and talk to them about your feelings. They must have gone through the same in their lives and will relate to you . You can even Play games with them or go shopping or watch movies and do things that helps you unwind a bit and feel relaxed. You can even be active on social media so to distract your mind.

7. Go creative – Send gifts to your partner

Go creative - Send gifts to your partner

While missing your partner too much in a long distance relationship you can always plan on sending him some surprise gifts. These gifts can be personalized, sent online or even something that you have made yourself. You can use your time effectively to make something creative like a painting or a handmade card or a handwritten  letter or even a video or photo album or anything that reminds you of him. The gifts will be a token of your love and affection and also remind him of you every time he will look at it. It will make him feel even closer to you when the actual distance might just be killing inside. You will seek happiness and effortless affection while making something for your partner.

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8. Take of walk down the memory lane

Take of walk down the memory lane

Whenever you miss your  boyfriend have a look at your pictures. Pictures hold some or the other kind of funny, weird or loving stories with them and when you are looking at it you will be able to recall and relive those moments once again. You will feel  so much contented and satisfied after doing this that you’ll be able to witness the change in yourself. Looking back at your good memories will only make you feel happy. If you want to see your partner right away, you can start sending him pictures of your daily routine and ask him to do so as well. In this way you can keep connected and even have a look at each other while trying to miss him less.

9. Distract yourself into something productive

Distract yourself into something productive

The only way to stop yourself from constantly missing your partner is to keep yourself occupied with some or the other work. While you focus on doing your work the whole part of missing your partner  will take a backseat and will help you relax a bit. You can indulge yourself into things like cleaning, cooking, doing exercise, reading, writing, dancing or singing or doing things of your interest. You can also utilize this time to sharpen your hobbies rather than just sitting and reminiscing about your partner. Being occupied will make you feel less lonely and more satisfied.

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10. Self Care

Self Care

Being in a long distance relationship can be strenuous and harmful on your physical and mental health as well. If we miss someone way too much and is not able to direct our energy into something else we might even end up being depressed. Not being able to meet or talk to your loved ones can be difficult on you and even lead you to overthinking and negative approach. All of  it then affects your peace of mind and makes you feel insecure. So while in a long distance relationship it is paramount to take care of your mental and physical health. Do some yoga, exercise or spend some time reading motivational books or  indulge into some recreational activities to keep your mind , body and soul healthy.

Being in a long distance relationship with someone you love can be extremely difficult but just knowing the fact that he is going to be there with you in all situations no matter what and that he trusts you and loves you with all his heart, makes it a lot easier to live without him and also motivates you to be strong. Also, Always remember, you are strong and with love you can come out even stronger.

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