What to do When You Miss Your Girlfriend in a Long Distance Relationship?

What to do When You Miss Your Girlfriend in a Long Distance Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the when your girlfriend in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are proved to be the most difficult relationship for any couple. Not only does the unmarried but married couple crumble down when it comes to being in a long distance relationship.

Whether it’s because you have to attend a meeting, have to go on a business tour, have to meet your parents and won’t be able to come back for a while or maybe going for your further studies, if you have no choice but to leave your other half behind for sometime, it could be difficult for the both of you to carry out the relationship as perfectly as you were able to do when you saw each other on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how you thought before that ‘ does long distance relationship even exist in this digital age? ‘. It is always difficult to live a thousand miles away from a person you used to meet everyday.

As a result it’s only normal that you miss your mate while away for work. And also, it could be difficult to get through to them because of the distance and time difference which makes this situation even worse than it already is. And then starts the whole cycle of bad stuff such as the ‘tension’ between you both, ’emotional distance’ and the biggest of all – ‘jealousy’. No wonder, most of the long distance relationships fail.

But if you look at the bright side, long distance relationships are also the strongest relationships because they require a mutual loyalty, honesty, trust and understanding between both the partners. If you both are able to get through this, then congratulations, your relationship is the strongest. So, just hang in there. Try and communicate everything with your partner and let them know how you feel.

What to do when you miss your girlfriend in a long distance relationship?

Below we are going to tell when you miss your girlfriend in a long distance relationship. But what to do when you keep missing her? Let’s see the following points to understand how to solve that! Following are the ten points that might help you when you are missing your partner in a long distance relationship. Here we have discussed what to do when you miss your girlfriend in a long distance relationship below in detail:

1.  Call her when possible

Call her when possible

Now, this might sound the obvious one but it is the most important point to make you as well as your partner feel better in a long distance relationship. In most of these relationships, people fail due to the time difference and no time to call each other. Therefore, call her whenever it is possible and mutually pick a time to call each other everyday. And it doesn’t matter what you talk about. You can ask many interesting questions, starting from ” What’s for dinner? ” and ” How is work? ” to ” How is her dog doing in the new place? “, or anything like that. Being in touch, even if it is just calls, will help feel the distance between you, smaller.

So, whenever you miss her, call her and talk about anything to everything. Tell her about your problems and ask her about her’s, talk about how you both will get through this.

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2.  Do right by her

Do right by her

When you feel disheartened and miss your girlfriend, another thing that you can do to lessen the pain and thoughts about her is to do what she would do right now if she was with you. Like watch her favorite movie that she would have dragged you to watch with her, cook yourself the meal that she loves to cook for you, paint your room her favorite color or dress up and wear the shirt that she thinks looks good on you.

Do right by her as much as you can such as visiting her grandmother just like you both did before your long distance relationship or walking through the park you used to walk everyday with her. These things will make you as well as your girlfriend so happy and proud and will make her think that you are spending your time on the things that she cares about.

3.  Text her!

Text her!

Another very obvious point is text her when you miss her. You might feel that this is the silliest point that is mentioned here, but most of the times we call our partner to check up on them but they don’t pick up maybe because of the time difference or maybe they were busy but texting them is another story. By texting them, i do not mean that you should text them the normal texts like ‘ why aren’t you picking up the call? ‘, ‘ are you busy? Should i call you again after sometime? ‘ or ‘i miss you! Please call back whenever you get free! ‘.

When i say text her, i mean pour your heart out and type her whatever you have been feeling without them. Honest texts like when you miss someone has a whole new impact on your partner. Sometimes, they are feeling the same but are not able to tell you because of some unknown reason. So, if you write them a honest ‘miss you’ text with your loyal feelings, it could help you and your partner to open up a bit and talk about it without any hesitation. This will both help you emotionally with your long distance problem but also will make your bond strong.

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4.  Keep distracted

Keep distracted

Well, if you have tried calling as well as texting but were not able to get through to them i suggest you try to distract yourself until they reply you back when they get free time. Distracting yourself can be hard when you are missing someone who is so close to you yet so distant. Your mind keeps on coming back to your girlfriend and everything reminds you of her. But come up with things such as keeping yourself around people so that you do not start thinking about your girlfriend.

Get yourself other hobbies like painting, cooking, writing etc, so that you merge yourself so much into them that you do not feel alone without your girlfriend. Better yet make her some handmade gifts for when any of you have a chance to visit each other, and surprise her with the same. Gifts, that too, handmade have always been closest to a girl’s heart. So, this will not only distract you but make her happy too.

5.  Don’t be jealous

Don't be jealous

People mostly tend to become the jealous type in the long distance relationship. They miss their partner and try to call them but can’t talk because of other issues and slowly and steadily, without even knowing about it, they start doubting their partner. If you miss your girlfriend, don’t be jealous and keep trusting her. Don’t be jealous that they are going out with people while you are not because maybe it could be that it is a part of their job or any other reason. So, before you start getting jealous of your girlfriend, talk to them and try to resolve it.

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6.  Spend time with others

Spend time with others

This is again another way to distract yourself but a very specific one at that. This way is better than any other way as it gives positive results every time. Spending time with others means that you should spend time with your best friends whenever you feel lonely and start missing your long distance girlfriend. Friends always have a way to make you feel better. Whether it is a game of COD, going on bike rides or partying all night, friends always know what makes you happy and so they can help you a lot when you are missing someone. They will not let you be lonely and keep you company by doing things that you like so that your mind is distracted from her thoughts.

7.  Pamper your mom

Pamper your mom

This point might make you feel a little strange because what could possibly be the relation between you missing your long distance girlfriend and you pampering your mom? Well, the answer is there is a big relation. When you miss your girlfriend, you miss the things you did together except for the things that are personal, obviously. So, take your mom to that parlour for manicure and pedicure, take her to the movies just like you would take your girlfriend too. Pamper your mother just like you pampered your girlfriend. This will take off your mind from your girlfriend and would also make your mother happy.

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8.  Reunite with people close to her

Reunite with people close to her

Go and visit her parents and her closest friends whenever you get time. This will keep your bond stronger like before and also, your girlfriend will be happy to know that you care about her loved one’s too. When you start missing her, make plans to reunite with her siblings or her best friend, so that you can talk with them about her and also, you will be able to gain her trust even more by doing so. Girls like guys who are considerate about their closed one’s and so keep visiting them. This will help you feel better as you will know that she will be happy once you tell her about this. So, you’ll miss her less and be happy more.

9.  Journal it out!

Journal it out!

Best way to be able to miss her less is to write your heart out. Writing has always been the best way to distract oneself and is advantageous in many other ways. So, journalising will help you lessen the lonely feeling. Write about everything that you feel and how much you miss her.

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10. Plan dates!

Plan dates

Do things together but apart. When you miss your long distance girlfriend, the best way to help you in that case is plan out virtual dates together. Things like you both cook the same meal, watch the same movie or play an online video game together. You both will be happy and feel a little bit less lonely.

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