What to do when your Phone Falls in Water?

What to do when your Phone Falls in Water

In this article we are going to discuss that What to do when your Phone Falls in Water? : Be it a rainy day, or a flood, or a mere slip of the hand, if one’s phone falls in water or in any way comes in contact with water, it can cause sever damage to the device and at times, it can also be permanent. Therefore, there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to try and repair or revive one’s phone, few of which are given below.

What to do when your Phone Falls in Water?

Here are the 10 steps to follow when your phone falls in water discussed below:

1. Dry the battery

Dry the battery

If due to certain reasons, one does finds themselves in a situation where they have a wet phone or a phone damages by water, one must immediately dry out the phone. If it is possible, one must remove the battery and the other internal parts of the phone and dry it using either a paper towel or a micro fibre cloth. Do not try to use an artificially heated system such as a heater or a hair dryer as it might cause the batteries and other parts of the phone because the excessive heat might cause damage to the several parts of the phone.

It is important to dry out even the crevices and corners and not doing so will lead to the moisture to damage the ports and and other parts of the phone. Many newer models of phones do not have physical batteries that can be removed and are in-built. In such cases, it is best to seek professional help or advice.

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2. Switch off

Switch off

Once the phone is retrieved from the water, one must ensure that their device is switched off and the battery removed. If the phone is switched on, it can cause greater damage to the phone. Thus, before completely drying one’s phone, it is important to switch off the phone and because the process of drying takes a number of days, it is best if the phone remains switched off. Trying to see if your phone is working and switching it on before it has completely dried will result in further and more severe damage of the phone. Hence, switch off the phone immediately and though it is difficult and tempting, try not to switch it on for three to four days.

3. Remove everything

Remove everything

As soon as the phone is removed from the water, immediately switch your phone off and remove the SIM card and micro SD card or memory card from the phone. If there is any serious damage caused to one’s phone, in order to try and preserve all the data and contacts on the SD card and memory card, it is important to ensure that no harm is caused to them. Thus as soon as the device is out of danger, remove the SD card and SIM card so that the water does not permeate and damage them. Because if the phone is beyond repair, one can buy a new device. However, SIM cards and SD cards have years of important data on them and hence cannot be risked.

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4. Rice


One method that is often used to dry a phone if it is damaged by water is by keeping the phone in a container or a ziplock bag filled with rice and kept in the sunlight for the duration of two to four days. This method can be a little messy because if the rice gets deposited in the crevices of the phone, and there is remainder moisture for a long time, the sunlight can cause a  mess. At the same time the rice can cause severe damage to the screen as they can scratch the screen of the phone. Therefore though there are dangers involved in this method, it is a very effective method to dry one’s phone and prevent severe damage to the phone.

5. Vacuum Dry

Vacuum Dry

It is very important to ensure that all the water and the moisture is completely out of the device and no moisture remains. Therefore, one can try the method of Vacuum drying to remove all moisture from every crevice, corner and crack in the phone.One must be extremely careful while enabling this method as there are several dangers involved in the same.

Today there is advanced equipment that is especially developed for devices such as phones, laptops and other technological devices and handsets. There are small and designed especially to clean technological devices. Therefore, if possible, one can use this device to dry the water from the phone so as to not cause any severe or permanent damage to the phone.

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6. Sunlight


Sunlight is a natural dryer. Once the phone is retrieved, one must ensure that all the water from the device is completely drained out and dried. This can be done naturally by keeping the phone in an airtight container or an airtight or Ziplock bag and leave it in the sun so that the natural sunlight can drain the water and prevent any further damage to the phone.

7. Waterproof Cases

Waterproof Cases

In today’s day and age, smartphones are built in a manner that needs to be preserved and protected. These phones can be severely damaged by a mere crack and thus it requires for sturdy cases to protect them. Today, one can easily find waterproof or water resistant cases that protect the phone from any damage if it is caused to encounter water and other dangers. These water resistant cases are easily available on several online as well as physical stores and it protects the phone and does not allow water to permeate through the hard cover into the internal workings and mechanisms of the phone. Having one of these cases can prevent any damage that may be caused from the water.

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8. Be Prepared

Be Prepared

One can not predict the future and cannot avoid any possible circumstances or damages that may occur. Thus it is always better to be prepared. Just as we look into insurance schemes for most aspects of our life, one must also get an insurance for their phones. Today, smartphones are very expensive and though they come within a warranty period, if there are certain Sever damages caused or certain terms and conditions that are deemed unsuitable, one can completely lose their money. Thus, in order to be prepared and aware, one must get their phones insured and if a calamity might cause one’s phone to be damaged, they may save something. Though not the entire amount, they might save a little portion of their hard earned money.

9. Seek Professional help

Seek Professional help

If all the steps are taken to try and repair one’s phone after retrieving it from water and it still does not work, one must take it to an expert or to a mobile servicing and repair centre. These people are experienced and aware of what they are doing. They can take the right measures and try to employ them to repair your phone and if it is beyond repair, they can tell the user what the major issue is and what could have been done differently.

They can take a look into the internal functioning and mechanisms of the phone to find out what is truly wrong and what can be done to solve this problem. Therefore, upon trying several steps, if one’s phone does not switch on or has certain faults or problems, it is best to take the device to a service centre and seek their advice to see what must be done.

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10. A new device

A new device

If one’s phone is irretrievably damaged and nothing can be done about the damage caused, one must invest in another phone. In today’s day and age, there are several phones that are built and programmed to be waterproof. Thus if one is investing in a new handset, it is better if they do so in a long lasting, durable and sustainable one. Waterproof phones might be a tad bit on the more expensive side, however, they serve a notable function and avoids several dangers and damages.

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It is important to keep in mind that these methods may not always work. The probability of reviving and repairing one’s phone after it falls in water depends on several factors such as the severity of the condition, the number of hours that the phone remains in the water, the precautions that are taken, etc.

Therefore, in order to completely avoid the  permanent and absolute damage of one’s phone, there are certain precautionary methods that can be taken, such as the usage of waterproof cases, regular cleaning which is an important factor in the maintain of phones because the collection of dirt and dust can cause a build up and the retainment of moisture which can in turn severely damage the phone. Other precautionary methods that can be employed are, avoiding the temptation to take your phone to bathrooms, pools, etc.

Overall, if one takes proper precautionary methods and follows easy steps to take care of and maintain their phone, it’s preservation and durability will be a smooth sailing and easy process.

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