Best Relationship Advice for Men and Women

Best Relationship Advice for Men and Women

The best relationship advice for Men and Women are discussed here in the best relationship blogs written by our top authors. Loving someone or being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily have to feel like being in a movie where you have to go to fancy restaurants each day or book an overseas trip for your partner. It means going back home with a warm feeling knowing that you’ll get to meet the love of your life after a long and tiring day at work. It can mean getting to see your partner’s face as you wake up in the morning.

A relationship is a connection that people feel among themselves. It may be through blood or even through marriage. Just like you don’t forget to take your car out for servicing and maintenance as soon as it’s due, you must remember that your relationships need effort too. Being a man in 2020 has a completely different meaning than it did decades ago. Men are no longer seen as merely breadwinners, but they’ve come to embrace the idea of ‘equality’. The bond between two people is like a finely oiled machine. As long as it is given maintenance timely and oiled properly it continues to give proper output. Thus, each partner is required to put in effort.

10 Best Relationship Advice for Men and Women

Here are top 10 relationship advice listed below for men and women,

1. Listen

Best Relationship Advice for Men

Two very similar words are present in the English language: hearing and listening. While hearing is merely allowing your ears to perceive the sound present in your surroundings, listening is trying to understand and comprehend what is being spoken. Many great problems can be solved by listening. At times there are continuous fights between partners, many of these can be resolved if you decide to listen. Your partner will feel as if they’ve been validated and that you care. This isn’t a basketball game where you’ll lose if the other team scores that three pointer.

It is a relationship which you have tried hard to build. You don’t always have to agree to being wrong but merely assuring the other person that they’ve been heard matters. Why not try saying “Okay, let’s try to spend more time with each other?”

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2. Speak

Best Relationship Advice for Women

Just like a volcano if you keep bottling up every emotion, every thought inside then you’re bound to burst sometime. It is okay to voice out your opinions whether they are about how your partner takes the entire blanket while you sleep or anything else. The stigma that “Men don’t cry” has been there in society for a long time. Why is that crying, an emotion that is considered healthy by medical science shunned by people? It has long been associated with weakness, however if you decide to spend your life with a person then your lover deservers to see and support you through all of your emotions.

They deserve to hear what makes you sad, what leaves a smile on your face, about the thing that leaves you trembling with fear and everything in between. Once you speak out your mind, your partner can see your true feelings.

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3. Stay original, Stay You

Best Relationship Advice

What was the reason that she fell in love with you? Don’t remember her telling you how she loved your toned body? It is important to remember all of this. Keep pursuing your hobbies and interests because that’s what attracted your partner in the first place.

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4. Keep making efforts

Relationship Advice

Just because you celebrated your second anniversary together this year doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to stop making efforts. It’s never the big things but the small things that matter. Not every one falls in love with a big bank balance or an expensive car, to many it’s the small gestures that you make which moves their heart.

Countless times, women reminisce about how their partners would take them out on dates, open the door for them or make coffee for them as they woke up in the morning. It’s when each party is making an effort that a relationship thrives. Who wouldn’t want to feel special by their loved one? It does not entail to spending a huge sum of money to surprise them but things like asking them if they wanted help while washing the dishes that counts.

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5. Always get nagged? 

Best Relationship Tips for Men and Women

As a popular belief among people, nagging is only associated with women. Many men complain of being nagged to the brink of feeling frustrated and angry. Although nagging may feel like a reminder of all the things you didn’t do but there is much more going on beneath the surface. Usually it’s because women feel unappreciated and neglected that they use the indirect method to tell you instead.

Rather than saying that she’s worried about feeling unattractive she might nag about how you come back late and don’t call her. You merely need to be patient. It’s important to make your partner feel appreciated and needed. If they prepare a warm dinner for you, keep the house clean and cater for your need then you can also thank her for it. And the same goes for you, don’t be the one to nag her if she hasn’t done some chore or if it isn’t to your liking. Either do it yourself or talk to her about it. Allan and Barbara talk about all this and more in their book ‘Why Men Lie and Women Cry’.

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6. Honestly, not insincerity

Best Relationship Tips for Men

It brings us immense joy when our partner trusts us, stands by our side even if someone else might not believe us. This trust is only built up with honestly. We must all make sure to be truthful with out words and actions. If you don’t think you’ll be able to buy groceries the next day because you have a meeting till late then just say it. Don’t just accept it in. Because if you fail to deliver, then the next time you say you’ll do something, your partner will be skeptical about it.

Even when you’re just starting out in a relationship it is better to tell the truth. If she finds out later that you were merely lying about how you’re a very good cook or how you like dogs or that you like to go out every weekend then it only brings differences in your relationships.

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7. Be clear about your choices

Best Relationship Tips for Women

All of us are different individuals. We have grown up with a different set of values and beliefs. One person might love dogs and go out for photography during weekends. Whereas, another person might adore cats instead and like to sleep in during their holidays. It is important to understand that each person, similarly, looks for different things in their partner. It is okay to be assertive about your choices. If you are only looking for a casual relationship then it might be okay but if you are planning for long term then make sure to be careful.

If you accept your partner precisely as they are, with their strengths and their flaws, then you will be more content living your life. Instead, if you don’t express your choices early on then you begin imposing them later. You might think why they don’t go out for walks every day or create endless expectations without realising that you want your partner to do what they never really liked, be someone who they never really were.

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8. Make time

Relationship Tips

It is understood that your job is important to you, that you have a lot of stress because of those endless deadlines and meetings. But that does not permit you to forget your other responsibilities. The second you said ” I do” or accepted to date someone, you must realize that you are responsible for someone other than yourself too. You have another human being who is out there getting affected by the choices you make and actions you’re doing.

It isn’t only getting up to work to meetings anymore. It isn’t mornings to studying to assignments anymore either. You have to consider your partner as well. You have to make time to do things with them. You have to free up time, try to meet deadlines sooner so that you can go home and eat dinner with your lover. You should make time for a small picnic or something. Just knowing that your partner is taking out time from their busy schedule can make you happy.

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9. Respect

Best Relationship Tips

Not everyone is a business tycoon nor is everyone a software engineer. One person might be a doctor while the other might be a carpenter. Each person has his own struggles and worries. However while we stay consumed in our own world we tend to forget that our loved ones are also battling their own wars. It might not be a sword fight but each person has their own things to stress over. That doesn’t change even if your wife is a home maker, she also does a lot of work so that you live comfortably in your house. So always respect your partner because you might be a couple but that does not give you any right to question their dignity. Respect everything they do and so you shall receive in return.

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10. Last but not the least, know your worth


Always remember that you are a human being just like every other. You deserved to be treated kindly, respectfully and compassionately. You shouldn’t settle for less anytime. Even if you are unable to find someone who will treat you right doesn’t mean you should stop searching. As long as you treat yourself the way you wish to be treated then the universe will bring you to people who deserve to be with you as well. When something doesn’t feel right with you, whether you are being cheated on or they treat you like a money machine. One way or the other, you have the right to walk away and find someone who will treat you the way you want.

These are not only advice for a romantic relationship but for any kind of relationship. You must bear these in mind whether it is your family or friend in perspective.

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