What should I do on my phone when I get bored?

What should I do on my phone when I get bored

In this article we are going to tell you about what to do on phone when you are bored. Boredom is the part of life as nobody can remain busy all the time. One feels much difficult to pass time, in addition, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So having a small robot in our hands how can we get bored? We are going to discuss 10 things to do on a mobile phone while feeling weariness.

Sitting in a park, waiting for food, no mood to sleep at night, no work to do, sitting under the scissor of a barber in salon, feeling dizziness, and many others can be some boring moments. Pick the phone and be familiar with technology to use it in different manners such as self-care, learning, enjoyment, and money-making. These will help you not only in passing your boring moments but will results in beneficiary points also.

What to do on mobile phone when you are bored?

Let us throw light on the 10 topmost productive ways to use the phone:

1. Watch informative videos


YouTube, the world wild used platform, is the best method to obtain information on a plethora of topics. One can access to any online course with HD video quality. The special bonus point is that it is free of cost. Whenever you get time, you can serve any YouTube channel whichever matches with your interests. After subscribing, you can get the latest updates of that particular topic from the same channel. You can learn grooming as watching a video of someone who is making a hairstyle makes it a cup of tea for you as well to do the same. You can learn about any topic among the innumerable aspects of technology. If you are lacking somewhere in the self-development field, you can access to any motivational speaker through his/her videos.

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2. E-Reading

Read Blogs

Reading is the best habit which everyone must inculcate. But some people lack it due to either shortage of money or the inconvenience of time and space. You may not know that you are handling uncountable books and other documents on your phone. You can download any Google books in your android to read at any time even without an internet connection. Books can be about the academic curriculum, self-improvement, fiction and nonfiction, history, mystery, a biography, technology, and so more. You can read articles or blogs, reviews of some products, and e-newspaper on any web browser. You can download an application of book summaries collection from Play Store. It not only saves money which you usually spend on bulky books or other material but also provides free knowledge irrespective of irregular time and place.

3. Play games

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone for students in school

Besides work and learning, enjoyment is also necessary. Enjoyment is not only for children but for adults and old people also. One can download any game according to one’s level and interest. The best platform is Google Play Store. Play Store is flooded with games and it also gives a preview of its applications in images. After going through a little information regarding the game, one can download it. There are games to sharpen and freshen up the mind and creating the logical viewpoint in mind. The games can be a motor race or maths reasoning. Some of them are Pokemon go, polytopia, falcross- puzzle game, Florence, and sodycross-fun crossword puzzle. These can rejuvenate your mind when you are stressed up with your work and sitting idle at one place.

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4. Watch movies


Are you waiting for an opportunity which will tell you how to pass time a long period? So watching a movie is the most relaxing time pass. Nowadays films are of such type that time passes within the blink of an eye. A film with a mixture of comedy, romance, and action is subscribed ubiquitously. Netflix is the best option to watch latest movies online in any language of the world. Bollywood and Hollywood are the most prevailing movie industries.

Punjabi movies full of comedies are also popular in many corners of India. To take a break from the hectic schedule to freshen up the mind you can watch a movie on Sunday to pass 2 to 3 hours easily. This type of entertainment will give you so many ideas to intimate with your friend. Additionally, if the movie is an inspirational one, it will impact your mind for a long period of time.

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5. Listen to music

Listen songs

Only a rare person will dislike the listening music. The modern industry of music is quite alluring that no one can resist temptations to listen to disparate types of songs. The deft singers and the instrumentalists with the specific knave attract everyone with their talents. Majority of people have their favourite singers whose voice acts as a stress buster for them. By typing only two words of the song you can access to the full audio song, even with lyrics in video song on your screen and can download within one click. You can create a playlist of the favourite songs on the phone and listen to them whenever feels bored. You can also listen to many documentaries on any topic in order to widen your knowledge and listening skills.

6. Create a blog

most popular blogs on the internet

No doubt a mobile phone entertains everyone, it also helps to impart knowledge and in return gives the opportunity to earn money. Amid the methods of earning money through technology, managing a blog is one of them. You can create your blog by learning through a YouTube video or a website. If you create a blog in the website blogger at the beginning of your career, it gives the opportunity of not to invest even a rupee. You just need to have a knowledge and experience about some particular fields to share with myriad people around the world. The content should be helpful to the visitor of your blog. The more traffic is on your portal, the more chances to earn money you will get. Thus, it will pass your time in a productive manner.

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7. Create a YouTube channel


As you have already read about the YouTube platform in the first point, you know its benefits very well now. Instead of just watching free videos you can create your YouTube channel yourself. If you have a talent for music or acting, you can upload videos of your singing or acting on the channel. The more people like your talent, the more your channel flourishes. It can give you name and fame as many people have become the international personalities by digging out their talent on the YouTube platform. Besides, you can also record a video of your drawing and upload it to teach others as well. Some other topics can be teaching English online and tips and tricks to become successful in some specific fields. The last two topics are the highly-searched words in the search engine these days.

8. App development

App development

Developing an app seems to be a cumbersome task but I can make you sure that if you really want to do something it is much easier than you think. It needs some basic knowledge about the coding which you would know very well since your alma mater. Even a student of matriculation can manage an app. You can start creating it by mustering up some kind of information on your topic. An application can be a health tracker, a diary, a collection of audiobooks or reading books, a bundle of quotes, a game, a translator, news updater and so on. You can take it as a part-time business and also entertaining purpose to pass time by performing something new which you have never done before.

9. Learn a new language

Learn new language

Mobile phone is the object which can teach you any language of any culture around the world. It comprises of thousands of sources such as applications, websites, and channels to teach you a language in different ways. You can choose any method according to your convenience. By installing the applications which give daily a few new words in the morning can help you to boost up your vocabulary. The video sessions on YouTube give the latest updates about the grammar sessions.

Some applications help in communicating with any foreigner to improve the speaking fluency. You can listen to TEDx talks, podcasts, documentaries, and audiobooks to improve the listening power. Interesting coachings are offered on the tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. You don’t need more to feel worthless in front of the people who are proficient in English or any other languages. Immediately learn the rules from basic to advance on any platform through your mobile phone.

10. Use Pinterest


Pinterest is globally used application which needs only registration and no cost. One can find any type of content according to the interest on this site. The only categories you will choose while registering will be displayed on your screen whenever you surf this app. It consists of images, GIF, and short videos. You can also digitalise your content on Pinterest to share with more people. Companies can promote their business through it. It often gives information about movies, recipes, products, ideas, health, designs, grooming, personality, and so many others. It has a feature to find anything not only through keywords but by scanning image also. Browsing the Pinterest is a great method to pass a short period of time.

Summing the article, you do not need more to undergo the dismissive boredom, keep these 10 ways into your mind and apply them according to your suitability of time and place to be more productive than usual.

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